66 thoughts on “OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production | Jamie Foxx & Dwayne Johnson

  1. Jaime fox is 50 .Rock is 46 .I like how he calls him a young man even though so close at age . My older brother is 41.I’am 39 and he still calls me kid.

  2. Interesting, they talk about being nice, but, then, they talk about bombing poor, third world countries! Furthermore, no one ever mentions the fact that Latino and black soldiers are usually used as cannon fodder in these wars! PEACE! 🌺

  3. Ooooooouuuuu I wanna know who those “stars” were that blew the Rock off back in the day! Where are THEY now?!

  4. Other than the cursing this was a fun few minutes of an interview.
    To see you two together was such a treat.
    You two play so well off one another. You have to do a movie together one day minus the cursing of course. Could you do that?
    A fun, funny, serious, mind provoking movie together?
    You struck a chord when you spoke about people being so in to their own celebrity.
    I will drop a name, smile. I went to a taping of "Gimme A Break", staring Nell Carter. She did just that; spoke through someone else. Between tapings the audience ask questions through the stage manager or producer and then he would ask her the same question, (that she could definitely here), because she was standing right next to him.
    I said all that to say this, I look forward to hearing about your new movie together around 2020 – 2021 because I know you guys are so so busy. It will take that long just to plan on making it. Oh oh can I be a person that walks across the set, an extra, will you speak to me
    just kidding😀

  5. i remember looking thru magazine in store at pictures of dwayne in wrestling shorts and i turned around and there were 3 other woman oogling tha mag over my shoulder thats when i knew he was gonna b something big dammmmmm rock

  6. Such positive role models who use profanity in the justification of humor and encourage the misuse of men’s daughters as a result of their sexual appetites, but also encourage to be nice to people and treat people with kindness, such a paradox. 👍🏼😑👎🏼

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