100 thoughts on “OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production | Jamie Foxx & Denzel Washington

  1. The first one was much better. Denzel's performance was great in both of them but the supporting actors performance was much, much, better in the first one. There was actually good dialogue. But not in this one. Was all over the place with silent villains.

  2. I love Denzel but he can't be dropping wisdom which he himself doesn't follow.

    He's been in so many duds and there have been occasions where he's been in films just to be seen (Out Of Time, Taking Of Pelham 123, Book Of Eli, Equalizer 2 etc)

    Those films weren't particularly good and he basically played himself. So how is he gonna tell Jamie about retaining some level of mystery?

    I no longer look forward to a Denzel movie because I know the dude is gonna play himself.

  3. Inspite of this blabbering fool Foxx, Denzel still maanged to give his pearls of wisdom about the industry. I would say it comes from the Washington gene in part.

  4. The best word of advice in this clip was when Denzel Washington said, " Branding for an actor is being good, not being known!" The real lesson begins around 6:30. Thank you so much Mr. Washington for taking this interview!

  5. I laughed so hard during this interview. I need more of this chemistry somewhere, some kind of way. Do a movie, a play, a comedy set, a long interview….simething.

  6. Discussing fight scenes
    JAMIE: "…all mines comedic. You seen Sleepless, or maybe you didn't."
    DENZEL: "Nah I didn't. (laughs) Is that. … I'm sorry, is that a movie you were in?"
    JAMIE: DAAAAAAMN!!! Interview's over!! C'mon D!!!

  7. Jamie: you've seen sleepless?
    Denzel: no i didn't.. I'm sorry is that a movie you're in??
    Jamie: daaaaamn.. interview is over.
    that was hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. He’s absolutely right, actors who are all over the place lose a lotta mystique. I don’t look forward to Will Smith’s new projects anymore, whereas a few years back I truly felt excited for each of his stuff

  9. "If you drink too much water you'll drown."

    Dwayne Johnson: "Say what now?" Sure, quality over quantity, but Dwayne isn't an amazing actor yet is the highest-paid in Hollywood right now because he's churning them out and they're making billions per movie some times.

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