OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production | Jamie Foxx & Chadwick Boseman

[MUSIC PLAYING] I want you to get this right now. There is a reason why I have
this on is this is a homage. I don’t know if this is a
panther, but it’s close enough. And the reason I have it on because
this man has been absolutely amazing. Now, I know you may think that
everything that happened to him happened overnight. But this man has been
at it for a long time. I mean, you talk about James Brown,
you talk about Thurgood Marshall, you talk about Jackie Robinson. And every time I see
him, he gets it done. Please start getting your Wakanda on
right now and welcome Chadwick Boseman! Oh, my god, my god, my god. First of all, man, I want
to thank you for coming. I sat with you in my house– Right, right, right, right. –and I’m looking in your eyes. And I know what’s
about to happen to you. I don’t know if you knew. No, I didn’t know. I didn’t know if people would
be receptive to the culture. created– we had to create a culture. Like, when you say culture, like, you
didn’t know if we would get Africa? Right, it had to be connected
to an authentic ritual and spirituality so that
and stayed in the movie. Yes. The studio wouldn’t
cut it out because you don’t have an authentic
Black Panther without that. Wow. Well, I remember also being with
you, and you introduced me to– it was an older brother. And you said, he’s
the new Black Panther. He was like, y’all doing
the Black Panthers? Y’all got Huey? Y’all got Huey P. Newton? Y’all got– but have you seen Huey? Like, who are you playing? And my hair wasn’t long at that point. He said, you need to
grow your hair longer. Because they had Fros. And I was like, whoa. Yeah, my Pops and all them had
put their black leather caps on. And we’re going to stand for
the cause for Black Panthers. I’m like, it’s a different–
this is different. It’s not the same one. When you saw the box office, what
was the feeling, now that you are– take this in, Mr. Boseman, the third
highest grossing movie of all time. Everybody that ever turned their camera
on and said, action and cut, you done kicked their ass. Right, right. I think that’s the part where
I feel a sense of fulfillment. Because I don’t– usually, I don’t
care about what the numbers are. I’ve had the studio
tell me, well, we can’t put your picture on the
international poster because that doesn’t work overseas. That still exists. That idea still exists. So to see the international numbers,
along with the domestic numbers, and they’re, like, almost the same. Exactly. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. That was the thing about it
for me that made me go, aha. Ah! You know, I don’t often do that. But just like– It felt good. It felt good to do it. And you know what? It’s so real. I’ve seen some people who
actually went to Travelocity– I don’t know if you heard about this– Yeah. –and are trying to go to Wakanda. Yeah. Are you feeling what I’m saying? Like, you’re that good. And black folk was like,
hey, man, spring break. We going to Wakanda. We going to Wakanda on spring break. And I’ll tell you, I’ll see
when you– unh-unh, ah– in the thing. I see you doing your stunts. Yeah. That thing look real. Because a lot of times, you
know, they try to teach the star and they don’t really get it all. You box for real. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So if anybody run up
in the club, that’s– It’s a problem. Have you ever had a real toss up? Yeah. [LAUGHS] So cool. It was lights out? It was quick. Oo-ee. You see the confidence? Don’t run up on the panther. Yeah, don’t run up on the panther. Don’t run up on him. The body guards is to
protect you from me. [LAUGHTER] I’m joking. No, no, man, it’s all good. And I appreciate this again. Here we are Off Script. I know– you know what I’m saying–
that your time is precious. But I got to ask you. Teach me how to speak Wakanda. You already can do it. What are you saying? So we got some words here from movies. So you’re going to need a bigger boat. You’re going to need a bigger boat. How would I say that in Wakandan? So I wouldn’t do the gunner. I would change it to, you are going. You are going to– you are
going to need a bigger– You are going to need a bigger boat. Yeah. OK, frankly, my dear, I don’t give
a damn is from Gone With the Wind. I want to see if you can do that– Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. You sound like, sort
of, like Sidney Poitier. [LAUGHTER] Frankly, I– I– don’t give a damn. OK, you talking to me, or [INAUDIBLE]. You talking to me? You talking to me? That’s how I do it? Yeah. No, no. I’m just– Oh, yeah. You talking to me? You talking to me? How do I do that? You talking to me? You talking to me? You talking to me? I am talking to you. You talking to me? I am talking to you. You talking to me? I will talk to you. Are you talking to me? Yes. Black Panther 2, baby. [LAUGHS] An actor is someone that you saw that
made you say, yo, I gotta go do that. Ooh. You’re one. You’re one, you’re one. Dinero– Taxi Driver, Godfather. Yeah, Michael Fredo’s– all
the Michael Fredo scenes. Fredo, you broke my heart, Fredo. See? You got it. You broke my heart. I’m smart. You got it. I’m smart. Yeah. All those scenes. To me, Fredo was one of the
most important characters. Well, he’s an amazing actor too. Yeah. So you very don’t often
pay attention to the person who’s playing the weaker character. Just looking at a film and seeing,
like, what is a good performance. Oh, man. It’s not always about the person
who has the huge spectacle moments. In Ray– Mm. –you and Jeffrey Wright– in Ray– I love Will
Smith in that movie too. Oh, you mean Ali. Yeah. Look, I’m saying, Ali. That’s all right. In Ali. That’s what did it. That’s what did it. Ali. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. When you was in Titanic? Yeah, yeah. No, I’m just kidding. In Ali, Jeffrey Wright has,
you know, plays his brother and has, like, two lines in the movie. So looking at your performances in
that movie– it’s one of my favorites. You went to Oxford. I did. Yeah, the great Phylicia
Rashad, she suggested that we take this classical
training course at Oxford. And it costs quite a bit of money. And so basically, we
went to her friends. And it was like, you know, we have
a group of, like, nine students. And they need some benefactors. Wow. And none of us really knew who paid for
us, because they did it anonymously. Then later on, I received a letter
that said, this is your benefactor. So I was like, what? I see Denzel Washington’s name on there. All right. You know, you– OK. You got an address where
you could write him. It was Denzel Washington. Thank you. Thank you so much for your– you know, I was still in college. You know, I have my own Denzel story. I couldn’t get into the
Roxbury back in the day. And Denzel was coming out the Roxbury. You know, black people
march when they get excited. I was like, Denzel, shit! D, D! And I went to grab him. And he did some kind of
elbow move to the neck. Hold on, calm down. Calm down. All right. I’m just trying to give you props. Anyway, my man, thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Yo, anytime. We’ll take this and come
to wherever you are. And you on the set, we’ll come get it. Listen, Infinity Wars is out. It’s killing right now. Yeah. And we’re going to check out
a trailer to let you know how hot it is right here on Off Script. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dread it. Run from it. The end is near. We’re going to need some help. How you been, Buck? Not bad for the iron world. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. He brought back. Today we don’t fight for one life. We fight for all of them. Avengers Infinity War. When you said we are going to open
Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined. What did you imagine? The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks. [SHOUTING] Everywhere April 27.

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  1. Chadwick Boseman is underrated just like Michael B Jordan. Both of them have been around awhile and have great movies. All three of you men look fabulous and are quite gifted. It is definitely y'alls time to be King. 👑
    Jamie..I am here for your show! You could make a rock have a good interview..

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