HELLO GUYS Back again with me Bos Mendreng On this occasion I will discuss about SKIN FANNY CUSTOM / MOD Of course we need the name SCRIPT, this script is guaranteed 100% SAFE and No BAN You can DOWNLOAD this script in the LINK description below, yes guys Before going into the discussion, it would be nice to SUBSCRIBE this channel, guys And don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE so that this video is more useful OUR LET’S LANYUUUTTT After you download the file, we enter the next stage open the file manager Or you can use the ZArchiver file manager application like me You are looking for the script file that you downloaded earlier Or usually in the Download folder Prior to installation there are conditions for it guys hehehe Oke like this guys Select the Original Skin Blade Dancer, so that when you are tabbed, the display is round: v OK GUYS, for installing the skin and the backup file the same, guys Here you find the com.mobile.legends folder Skuylah we try guys Okay guys, does the tab shop or hero look round or not? Okay guys, I’ll try, here I will try to customize it, guys, so as to shorten the time too 🙂 Great work guys For this MOD skin Full Effect and can be used in Rank or Classic matches For the other skill is still standard, guys Don’t be afraid of getting your account banned, because this script is 100% SAFE The fancy skill 2 is red guys like Skylark skin cords xixixi And for the attack hit it is no less cool, guys, there are stars like xixixi It would be nice after watching this video, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, guys And don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE your friends 🙂

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