Neil MacGregor: 2600 years of history in one object

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  1. @SpaceChronologyCom

    without religion you would not have half of europe writing
    without religion you would not have the hindus numeral system 0123456789 10
    without religion you would not have a writen clue to any historical writen event
    without religion man would never of got of his fat ass and pushed his way through life!

    it was not the greeks athiest that started the ball roleing on science,maths,mussurements calculations.. it was the hindus and egyptians and both did it because of faith!

  2. 1 at the time of hinduism and buddhism it was utopian style living with sex,love,peace,happiness

    2. how would their be technology if their was no calculation formulas? thats was created by the hindus aswell as the dgits 0123456789 10 hindu numeral system

    3. history was ONLY writen down as record of mapping of humans and dairys of kings which once again started in india with the vedas

    we are both imply except mine are vastly more probable BECAUSE ITS ALREADY HAPPEND! but thanks for the theory

  3. Fuck Islam I am an Agnostic Palestinian who was born a refugee, in Lebanon, and I know what my ancestors suffered from.. Fuck Judaism and Islam, all this shit is because of the Hebrew God… Read real History to understand what happened in 1948, "pussy" and "faggot" aren't the proper way to study it!

  4. Very interesting talk but the speaker makes two major misrepresentations regarding the nature of the current Iranian regime:
    1 The speaker states of "many women in senior positions" in Iran today whereas as a matter of fact women are not allowed by the misogynous tyranny to even be judges. Thousands of women including young teenagers have been murdered by "execution" or under torture and rape and some by the inhuman method of stoning them to death.

  5. The second major misrepresentation: As a matter of fact, the current regime in Iran is a religious tyranny using pre-mediaeval terrorizing tactics and has murdered tens of democracy and human rights campaigners including Christian bishops and Moslem clergy. Furthermore, Sunnite Moslems, who are the largest community of Moslems in Iran after Shi'ites, are not allowed to even have a mosque in Tehran and many of their leaders have been incarcerated, tortured and some even murdered.

  6. Atheism has been well tolerated by Iranians throughout their history and this can be seen by the veneration some major agnostic or atheist Persian poets enjoy in Iran. This of course has nothing to do with the theocratic tyranny currently ruling through torture, rape, murder and terrorism.

    No my friend. You cannot engrave anything on that ancient cylinder as it is one of the most valuable artefacts of human civilization as we know it. You can make your own though! 🙂

  7. Zoroastrianism forbade slavery, so it's not particularly surprising that Cyrus would do what he did.

  8. religion causes wars. atheism makes peace.

    now find out how and why.
    and tell me, ill tell you whats right or wrong.

  9. Tell that to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. All were fascist atheists who didn't believe in any sort of values and in total killing over 30 million people combined. Now, before you start bashing on religion get your facts straight cause an ignorant person like you should be educated more thoroughly.

  10. clearly the youtube comments section is a fantastic place to voice your atheistic or religious opinions

  11. they killed those who are trying to make religion rise. but its not only one religion. its many and they go against eachother. trying to take over the world with their stories that people actually belive on that non sense.

  12. 1979 Engeland installed Khomenei in Iran to make Iran weak and obtain all it's oil and raw materials. Iran will rise again and we will bring freedom to the whole world.

  13. Cyrus belonged to "The Kamboja Clan", Cyrus as Greeks called Him, his real name was in Persian "Khrush", his Father was Emperor Cambysis as Greeks called him, but real name in Persian was "Camboja"! There relatives ruled parts of Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Russia and Ire-Land the Ire is from Ayran Land all have connection to this. The Vedas and Granth Sahib mention Kamboja! Veda is over 8 thousand years old!

  14. Cyrus real Name Kruush is of Zoroastrian Religion! Many of his Descendants are Sikhs, Sikhs are a Dharma of no Hate, all Love, they do not care if you are not Sikh or Atheist, Sikhs Religion teaches all belong to One Universal Creator God! And Science is one of the Major Names of God for Sikh Dharma! Much of Cyrus's History was destroyed by Islam! Islam hates Zoroastrians, all Iran was Zoroastrian, Islam killed many of Cyrus's descendants, most fled to India, some to Ireland, Hungary, Spain!

  15. This should be watched by everyone who is cutting humanities studies, esp archaeology, at universities. This is why history/archaeology is important; the past is always present.

  16. Point of historical fact. The Achemenid Persian empire did not rule Ireland or have any contact with Ireland. Their Westernmost permanent border was the Hellespont. Any further west and the empire became overextended and was not able to sustain its borders. There are limits to how big an empire can get, it's part of the natural order, expansion comes at the cost of internal stability. Every empire in history that has tried to exceed its natural limits has ended in collapse and catastrophe.

  17. Alan you are correct, to be clear I never said the Achemenid Persian Empire ruled Ire-Land. I said people of that Ayran Clan the Kamboja were a founding wave of the Island that is calle dIre Land, and that lands people named it Ireland for Area Land or Ayra Land! Land of the Ayrans! This probably occurred way before the Achemenid PErsian Empire! That Empire did not Concur Ireland, but rather people of that race or lineage founded that land! Notice many Irish look hotter then the British!

  18. Piss off you fucking liar. Just because you indian dravidians dont have good history like us you are trying to associate your bullshit with us. long live real persians of iran khorasan and tajikistan.

  19. There is literally zero evidence for that theory. The original language of the Irish is Celtic, not Aryan in root, there is no archeological evidence, and with the possible exception of the "black Irish," most Irish people don't bear any resemblance to any of the Aryan peoples.

  20. Alan Horton, you are just a Bigot, I know many Punjabi and they look like many Irish, do not give me this Black Irish thing, North Indian have silky shiny sexy hair! Not kinky african hair that looks brick rubbed!

    Everybody know Irish language is descended from Sanskrit! Ireland is Ire or Ayr land ok! Land of Ire – Ayr! English too is from Sanskrit, so is Italian! Boy u think Wpale white is sexy, nope Carmel Caucasians are the best! Enya looks like many Punjab Indians!

  21. You , Muslim, your Mohamad teaches in Koran to beat women! Islam teaches to cut opposing limbs of Christians and non-Muslims, a terrorist religion.
    Cyrus was not Muslim, Cyrus was Zoroastrian, Punjabi are his Clan the Kamboja!

    No Arbaic Numerals, its Indian Numerals, the Muslim evil, got it from India! India invented Paper! North Indian Aryans do not wish to be Semitic Arabic inbreed cousin marriage degenerates.

    All Cyrus lineage fled to India all Zoroastrians fled, Islam kills all

  22. A racialist supremacist like you does not get to call other people bigots. You do not know any Punjabis who look Irish. There may be some light-skinned Persians who could be mistaken for "black Irish," but no Indians. When was the last time you saw a Punjabi with red hair, white eyebrows, freckles and light gray eyes? Having smooth hair does not make one look Irish.

  23. Gaelic is not descended from Sanskrit. It may be distantly related through Proto-Indo-European, but that is not Sanskrit, that's a hypothetical shared root language. Your amateur etymology of "Ireland" is not supported by any evidence, and is purely guesswork on your part. The closest actual approximation is that "Eire" comes from a Proto-Indo-European word meaning "fat." Nothing about it being from Sanskrit.

  24. English and Italian are not from Sanskrit. They may come from Proto-Indo-European, but that is not the same as coming from Sanskrit. Saying that any European language comes from Sanskrit is like saying French comes from Spanish.

  25. There is no evidence that Sikhs are descended from the Achemenid Persians. Sikhism was developed in Northern India thousands of years after the Achemenid dynasty fell, and is based on some elements of Hinduism. Sikhism is not based on Zoroastrianism. There is no "dharma" in Zoroastrianism, it is not Hinduism. The two religions may have shared a root many thousands of years ago, but they were distinct by the time the Vedas were written.

  26. I have read a great deal about the Islamic conquest of Persia. It happened during the Sassanid Shahanshah, not the Achemenid. The Achemenids had been gone for over a thousand years by that point. The Zoroastrians who refused to convert fled to India and became the Parsi ethnic minority. There is nothing about them fleeing to Ireland or Spain, and they wouldn't have been able to. Those countries were too far afield, and were already theocratically Christian and wouldn't have accepted them.

  27. You have to remember that at the time of the Islamic conquest of Persia, Europe was already Christian, and that Christendom had even more hatred for Zoroastrianism than it had for Islam. The Sassanids and the Byzantine Empire had been at war for centuries, they hated everything about each other with every fiber of their beings, and each viewed the other's religion as nothing less than devil worship.

  28. For Sassanid-era Persians to get to Ireland at the time of the Islamic conquest, they would have had to trek through hundreds of kingdoms and empires whose people and governments had been conditioned to see them as the walking embodiment of evil. Right off, their way West would have been blocked by the Byzantine Empire. They migrated to India because the way East was the only route of escape.

  29. Bigot there are tons of Persians who are mistaken for Russians, Irish, Italian, Greek, Many Afganistani even look like Irish not black Irish, White Irish! , tons! What u mean light shin color has nothing to do with it. Otherwise Africans would bleach there skin and lok better, oh they do bleach it in Africa and they look even worse with lighter skin! Its facial features that determine attractiveness

  30. How insulting of the Irish that there nation is named for Fat people! When truth is is named after the Ayran Race Land Nation founded in Punjab of long ago like 60 thousand years ago, Sanskrit is probably 100 thousand years old. THis is why Caucasians and Mongoloids have silky shiny hair, and Caucasians be they Indian have bouncy hair, but Africans have brick rubbed kinky hard to manage and care for hair

  31. You are engaging in presentism. It is only in a modern context, in a culture where food is as abundant as ours, that there have been any negative connotations to fat. In most ancient societies, fat is a symbol of status and wealth. It meant that you were one of the few who could afford to over-eat, that you weren't some short, emaciated peasant with his teeth falling out from malnutrition.

  32. Also, I wrote that "Eire" meant "fat," not necessarily "fat PEOPLE." It is highly likely that it refers to the land itself and its productivity, i.e. "the fat of the land." Ireland is well known for being green and fertile. The one famine they've suffered came not from poor soil, drought or poor climate, but from a bacterium that destroyed the roots of a specific plant, and through grossly exploitative British agricultural policies.

  33. The "Aryan race" was not "founded in Punjab." Most of the theories I've heard for the Aryan migration across Central Asia is that it originated somewhere around the Black Sea, but even those sources are vague. One thing that reputable sources do not say is that Aryan culture originated in any specific part of India. There was no Aryan race 60,000 years ago. That was the Paleolithic era, when humans were just beginning to migrate out of Africa.

  34. Also, I assure you that black people don't rub their hair with bricks. This is a bizarre thing you keep repeating.

  35. Again, you have the audacity to call me a bigot when you yourself cannot contain your hatred of black people and their hair. Can you seriously not see how hypocritical this is? There are some Persians who look like Southern Europeans. There are very few who look like the majority of Russians. You have not seen Afghans who look like "white Irish," you are either lying through your teeth or you have never seen an Irish person. There is no resemblance.

  36. I've said nothing about attractiveness. That's a qualifier that you have added. The notion of what constitutes attractiveness varies wildly from culture to culture, and within cultures over any considerable length of time. It is completely subjective.

  37. Alan Horton nope Attractivness is Universal! In Africa all Black Nations prefer Caucasian Hair, Caucasian Noses, Caucasian Lips, every Black Man if givven a choice will prefet to dump a Black woman for a Caucasian Indian Woman or European caucasian woman. Blacks wear Weaves made of Caucasian-Indian women!

    Only some Caucasians are ones who like beastiality so they love to have kinky haired kids, but Blacks they discriminate against half black kids due to bad hair!

  38. There is no universal standard of attractiveness. Traditional standards of beauty in African nations do include strong African features and, for women, full figures. Western standards of beauty have crept in through media, but the traditional standards of beauty from those cultures, before people started reading imported copies of Vogue, were more African.

  39. Some black women in America wear weaves, many don't. Some black men think black women in weaves are attractive, many others think the natural hair texture is more attractive. The reason black women wear weaves in America is Western standards of beauty.

  40. Oh get the fuck out of here you god damn liar. Stop trying to hijack our culture. Why the hell do Sikhs and Indians always try to trace everyone's culture back to them?! You're not descendants of Cyrus. Cyrus died loooong before the advent of Islam.

  41. I'm literally searching all around the internet and have found absolutely nothing to back up your bogus claim.

  42. muslims, zorastrians, jews, christians, and people of other faiths are all made of the same flesh. anyone fostering hate by derogation of a faith followed by billions (some bad, many good).. clearly does not display the zoroastrian belief. muslims believe in one God (one Creator)… please stop yelling (God can hear you without the exclamations) You clearly have never read the Holy Quran nor understand the history. Please, let's spread the message of love as the Creator would have wanted it.

  43. My overweight uncle managed to make the most beautiful pole dancer I’ve seen in my life fall for him as he cheated by using the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s bad but I wish I’d been pleased for him but I want such a sexy girl to fall in love with me. I’m seriously green with envy. Does that make me a horrible individual?

  44. Well it is too bad that Iran still thinks it is okay to imprison, torture and kill Baha'is.  They should look to Cyrus for their guidance perhaps.

  45. This was so interesting about telling the storu of the one relic of 2600years ago and bad relation with Iraq and Iran from ancient to present. I thought when they became islamic, there relation were be better, but iran-iraq war broke my thought. To the tell about this one more, the history of that relic is so spectacle i ever thought.

  46. Iran (Persia) have the most glorious history of the world. On the contrary of Greece, Romans,  Egyptian and Chinese which engaged with cruelty and inhumanity, Iran brings humanity and love to the world. The first human right of the world in 2600 years ego…  

  47. Thank you Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum. The Persian Empire was the first Empire to exist on the edict of respect for all religions. Something the world, and Donald Trump, could learn from. Not to mention, Thomas Jefferson studied how Cyrus put together an Empire made up of different people with different languages and religions.

  48. the verse in Isaiah (which was written before Cyrus took over Babylon but of course he didn't want to say that )  explains why he was praising Marduk instead of GOD(YHWH) of Israel

       I am the God of Israel.
        I am sending for you by name.

    Cyrus, I am sending for you by name.
        I am doing it for the good of the family of Jacob.
        They are my servant.
    I am doing it for Israel.
        They are my chosen people.
        But I am giving you a title of honor.

    I am the Lord. There is no other Lord.
        I am the one and only God.
        But I will make you strong.

  49. I'm not telling you there's no God, I'm just saying that God, is just a figment of your mind. most likely a genetic push for small groups of hunter gatherers to stay faithful to each other. This then as an abstract ends up creating a faith of nature's phenomena and therefore a creator, as best as we could philosophically consider at the time. no evolution. design. however badly, in search of the best way to reproduce genes.

  50. This is how impostors hijack the history to adjust it to some satanic Old Testament (Isaiah and Book of Ezra)! they have removed one-third of Cyrus cylinder and they have attached a fake piece to it to make it compatible with those books and fake stories, as Timothy Potts states it has nothing to do with returning of Jews to Israel. History will remember Neil MacGregor as a liar and as an impostor!

  51. Distorted history, corrupt rulers, inverted world!
    1. Cyrus was Zoroasterian and was monotheist, in Isaiah 45 which is Satanic book it mentions Cyrus as SUMMONED by God of Israel (Lucifer) and its savior (Huge Lie).
    2. In history we read Cyrus was Nabonidus (king of Babylon) successor, while we read on Cyrus cylinder that he mentions Ashurbanipal cruel king of Assyria (Israel) as his predecessor. (Another Huge Lie).
    3. In Isaiah 45 we read Cyrus was breaking the gates of Iron and copper in order to receive riches stored in secret places, on his cylinder we read he seals that hidden secret places with huge melted Iron and copper in order to keep the world from the devilish energies (Gog and Magog). we read the exact same story in Holy Quran and Book of Kings (By Ferdowsi).
    4. Ashurbanipal king of Assyria (Israel) was proud of his satanic knowledge "the hidden treasures of the scribe's knowledge.", Cyrus mentions on his cylinder that before he seal that place with those scriptures he observes those satanic scribes of Ashurbanipal in there.
    5. Satanism or witchery and extraterrestrial entities which was practiced after king Solomon by Pharaohs and Israelite got sealed by Cyrus. So he saved the world from them and from Israel. After that art and philosophy flourished and witchery and wickedness vanished.
    6. In Holy Quran there is whole Surat dedicated to jinn (demons) which goes like this
    72:6 But there were certain men of mankind who would take refuge with certain men of the jinn, and they increased them in vileness.
    God mentions this people as Taghut (means Rebellious) against God and it points to the people who follow the way of Satan. In Quran in several cases God has abandoned man from parting and subduing to these forces. in my favorite verse God says
    No compulsion is in the religion; surely rectitude hath become manifestly distinguished from the error. Whosoever then disbelieve in the devil and believe in God, has gain hold of a firm string which never breaks, And God is All Hearing, All Knowing.
    7. The reason Cyrus cylinder (most important among cylinders) is broken is the fact they wanted to destroy it first, but then they thought Cyrus was a wise man and he had a vast empire speaking many different languages so there is a good chance that he has buried many replicates in different sites for future generations and one might be found at any time. Thats why they did not try to change the text , they broke it and they claim some parts are lost, they thought it would be enough to deceive the world that Cyrus was savior of Israel and now Brits empire is doing the exact same thing, they did not knew that same document exists in Quran and Book of Kings (Ferdowsi).
    8. In Quran god mentions that He created Man from Clay and Jinns form Fire, I learned from my own experience that best protection against microwave mind control weaponry is Iron and copper, and that is the very same reason Cyrus sealed it with huge amount of copper and Iron in order to prevent the demonic energies trans-pass to our world from another world, that is the big secret of so called Big powers of the world nowadays, and they have exploited that in everyday life technologies like cellphone and WiFi. It is counter intuitive but cellphone and WIFI technology is the main reason behind disconnection and it used vastly by governments to control, monitor track, and even murder individuals.

  52. Correction Mr. MacGregor..the cylinder was created after the conquest of Babylon (539bc)..the scriptures of Isaiah date back to 700bc…looks like Isaiah was write when he prophesied

  53. درود کی خوابه کی بیداره ؟؟ – چرا پناهندگان و فراریان برون مرز سازمان دهی نمیکنیم درجشن ۷ آبان روز کوروش بزرگ با پرچم ایران به خیابانها نمی آیند ؟؟ و فریاد مردم ایران نمیشوند هر کس در شهر و کشوری که هستند ؟؟ و اینکه دفتر حقوق بشر ؟ سازمان ملل هیچ است٬ مانند جمهوری کشتاراسلامی٬ از همه چیز و همه جا مگویند – تنها از کشتار و شکنجه ها و گورهای دسته جمی پنهان و کشتار های پنهانی و زندانهای پنهان و فروش سازمان یافته کودکان و نو جوانان و شکنجه روزانه شهروندان با شمشیر اسلام و جهادیون حزب اللای بسیج و پاسدار و فاطی کوماندو و < لباس شخصی های جاسوس مسلمان و کمونیست – و فروش سازمان یافته دختران ایرانی و فروش دل و جیگر بخشها ی تن کودکان ایرانی٬ حراج اسلامی خاک ایران چیزی نگفته اند٬ سخن نگفته… هیچ هیچ نگفته و ندیدند نه فرتوری( نه عکسی ) نه فیلمی نه گفتگویی با فراریان و شکنجه شده گان پناهنده نه فیلمی هیچ در هیچ جا در سایت های رسانها ی سازمان ( حقوق بشر ؟؟) سازمان ملل هیچ – پس از ۴۰ سال شکنجه و کشتار واعدام های خیابانی سازمان یافته مردم در بند ایران… مانند ملا خمینی هیچ و خامنه ای هیچ و ملا حسن وملا حسین هیچ هیچ هیچ ندیدند نه شنیدند نه گفتند٬ چه شاشمان ملل ی = سازمان ملل ی ؟؟ چه کشکی چه سازمان حقوقی ؟؟ اینها همه یک مافیای جهانی اند و بس // آبان ۲۵۷۶ خورشیدی شاهنشاهی >> سالروز کوروش بزرگ جشن سراسری ۷ آبان را به روز بر اندازی جمهوری اسلامی-کمونیستی دست نشانده دگرگون کنیم. هر کس در شهر و کشوری که هست با پرچم ایران بزرگ٬ فریاد مردم ایران باشیم. با هر هزینه مالی و جانی. نه نه نه به حکومت خون آشام داعشی-طالبانی اسلامی-کمونیستی دست نشانده بیگانگان. پیاده به ایران رفتن برای آزادی ایران. ( من تنهایی با پرچم ایران. شنبه ۲۸ آکتبر زمان – سایت ۱۲ نیمروز در شهر مونترآل- کانادا هستم هر کس آمد خوش آمد – خیابان سان کاترین میدان – کاره فلییپ. مترو مگیل. ) Iraj janbazi on Facebook

  54. Since then and the Balfour declaration many historian try to politicize and distort the history and discouraged to mention such. Old testament and all those historical reference to Cyrus and Persia have been hidden from the public.

  55. All the peoples are not only refering to jewish people he meant all slaves somme a of those are jewish thats all, but the name jewish people its not in the document or he will refer to it imediatly….

  56. Couldn't they get him a proper lectern? It's painful to watch him giggle behind that sort of corporate coffee-corner junk table.

  57. Such a brilliant speaker, and such an enlightened and fascinating speech.

    It's a shame most of the people making comments do not seem to have listened. Many already claiming possession of this object and using it to reinforce their arguments.

  58. I hope today Iran have secular, wise oriented rules as US ! US is smell of Iran's ancient beauty. thanks US Constitution that exist thanks Cyrus (Koyroush) Cylinder inspire humen <3.

  59. A great culture destroyed by intolerant, hateful, violent, and deceitful ideology Islam !!! Wake up people, hang your mullahs, join the freedom that Cyrus promised for all.

  60. love the spirit equality,liberty and all ,birds,beasts,animals,plants ,human right for coexistence
    for all species as dis Cyrus

  61. Such an amazing story concerning humanity and a teaching from so long ago by the Achaemenian Persian King, Cyrus! I had no idea how far reaching and involved this particular artifact was and how impactful it was then and even now in affairs spanning the Ancient Persian Empire, The Israeli Peoples and Jewish faith, the United States and affairs over all in the Middle East concerning present day Iran, Iraq. The scope of how Cyrus and the Cyrus Cylinder has affected the entire Middle East and all players concerned is nothing less than monumental and relevant in this astounding presentation! Thank you Dr. MacGregor of the British Museum and thank you TED!

  62. Terry F Bromley, Now we have to see the people who have returned act in a humane & friendly way towards the Palestinians & share the land!

  63. NO not Persia. Persia was simply a pawn just as Babylon was and the Hittite, Ammo-rite, Philistine Moabite and yet were are all of them. They have all faded into history like the relics they are. Yet the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of Israel and His Word remains. And those who the sovereign Lord has used to fulfill His plan for Israel.

  64. This is evidence to the Fact Religions are the most powerful weapons ever created against the human race. Historically effectively creating, and pulling the strings of power while herding the masses off to the Bank and pitting us against each other for centuries to steal from others by way of Proxy WARS..

  65. The reason everyone is confused when it comes to truth, is due to the fact that names are changed to suit religion constitutions of the times.. MARDUK was the name recorded on the cylender and no man has the rights to change the name !!!!!

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