Narrative Writing, Reading Inventory, WEB, & Santa Rosa Plateau Hike – Teacher Mom Vlog #11

hi it is Sunday I’m going into my third week of school joy and I are sitting down right now well I’m trying to lesson plan and she’s playing with her toys but she keeps bringing me I put books in a stack that I’m going to use for a book a day and she wants me to read those to her I know grocery store thing failed I’m not using instacart today we just came in because I don’t need that much stuff and last week I wasn’t really happy with the produce I’ve got it’s close to her nap time she’s getting fussy so she gets the right along today I’m gonna be so sad when she’s too big to go into here hey it’s Monday here’s what we are doing today my kids who didn’t have their writing journals who weren’t able to get up from home received their composition notebooks today and then we actually started a lesson in merit of writing it was our first thing that we did we’re writing narratives about places so I’m using a lesson plan that’s from 180 days and we are writing about locations we’re starting with the short memoirs and they had this idea to write connected to a place our book of the day is I am a story gives the history of storytelling and so we talked about how like things started around a campfire and then we brought that all the way back to us having our circles in the shape of a campfire oh look at this one of my girls finished a book and I had her write a little posting a recommendation for the board I’ve also been displaying this little stack of books just to show off of what I am bringing into the class and my web classes still are not hurting the web curriculum because they’re still fixing scheduled changes we’re doing personal shields I found this one online it even has the directions at the bottom I’ve done this activity before and I’ve liked dinner from scratch but I’m like nope easy peasy it is Tuesday that means it is circles day in my class they’re speaking about favorite rooms because our writing in narratives right now is focused on writing about places are booked for today was Eraserhead that’s about how making mistakes is okay our writing prompt was to describe a scary place they loved that one and enjoyed sharing outloud and our classwork is boring it’s the reading inventory that means they’re doing their test on the computer to show their reading score I’m not making a big deal about it I just said this is just a place you the computer for your lessons and I reminded them that in my class they are not limited by their reading level at all when it comes to books and that I want them just to read about things that they are interested in a web kids did circles and then afterwards we did a paper tower building contest after school we have meetings right now during this time we’re gonna have like elective to do with the kids it’s not like give us five minutes it’s like a mad rush wouldn’t a leadership meeting because of being the web advisor I’m leaving my meeting it’s like almost for something that I said that meeting that I think is really important worth like sharing is there was thing about like we believe every student can learn and I threw in that we also believe every student should like develop socially emotionally like behave I think in schools we talk all the time about how Oh every kid can learn but you’re a good kidding you’re a bad kid and I think it’s important to just have an underlying belief that like if they’re not behaving we can teach them how to behave it’s really hard to find time to work out and cook healthy and do besides just go to school and I want more of my time to be spent with her enough all of these meetings the donuts so maybe I’ll have to or maybe it’ll slow down once the group gets going good morning it’s Wednesday I’m on my way to wait another meeting in class today we read big words as our book that’s why Jamie Lee Curtis and we talked about how it’s a good idea to try to use big words when you can in your writing my writing assignment was to describe your dream house the game is called a conversion tag and then our classwork is the reading inventory my day was three meetings so what else happened today the Wi-Fi went down anybody to use this tech you know that that’s like the worst days in my kids doing the reading inventory on the computer so yeah that killed some stuff wah wah why am i whining I love my job but it’s just too much like I keep forgetting things like my keys in my notebook because I have too much on my mind from going to too many meetings I just want to teach okay not enough teaching work for today keeping sub plans but we’re gonna do a synthetic your’s good morning it is Thursday I am heading all the way to Anaheim for the web follow up 2 hours and 15 minutes later I’m here time to go learn about how to do web all year long these sessions are normally unplugged and like super no techie which sometimes I like in bursts but a whole day of it is sometimes not my favorite it’s also super peppy and smiling I went to the teacher since I was in the fourth grade I had a crappy teacher and I thought I could do a better job than his horse Drake and I started taking on all my teachers stop to get coffee look back there I run into other leaders who are also on that my home my big takeaways from today we’re to make sure that I’m teaching the kids the soft skills and then working with the seventh graders like how to go up and talk to without being like nervous or awkward and I also learned how to set up the meetings and maintain the web relationships throughout the air I also heard a quote again that I feel like is guiding what I’m doing right now it’s structure creates behavior I think that’s why my classroom is going so well right now by the way I haven’t even done rules with the kids like no rules no consequences we are just doing structures and I think that that’s more effective how to do everything hello it is Friday I am back in my classroom after having a set by the way to take my sub plans work my kids did a Frayer model yesterday and just their normal routine if you want to see my sub plans I’ll put those in the link below I’m putting spreadsheets down there with everything I make because I don’t believe in charging for my stuff like I got it from somebody else so I’ll share with you for free um today today is a little bit of a awkward day because we have to get those reading inventories done for class placement are booked for this today is the name jar it’s a little bit longer but it’s a really good book about the importance of like owning your cultural name instead of switching to a American name and my kids are definitely relating with it and one of my girls was like this priest you’re still saying my name wrong so is it what’s a good talking point also notice that some of the kids keep changing books at changing books like my books too hard so now I’m adding in a step where they have to some of them I am having them like read a couple sentences to me not really so I can check that it’s more like so they can check to see if they can pronounce the words in what I like play the game good morning Saturday I was supposed to go to yoga yeah you ready to go okay come on let’s go han and a corn hand that was such a good decision she saw animals she’d never seen before and it was we did about a mile plus and I’d say she walked at at least a quarter mile of it on her own and we sat had some snacks in play with the animals well I didn’t make my goal of not having to go to Costco all month but I had an excuse can you get my glasses fixed and the dogs don’t follow a food budget especially when you re gives them treats all the time thank you for watching the whole thing she’s trying to water those pitiful strawberry plants think it’s just too hot here for all those right now like last week at the bottom of this video I will put a link to a spreadsheet that has the links to all the documents I used in class this week the names of the books everything it will all be down there thank you so much for watching they’re gonna give this video a like hit subscribe if you’re multitasking please pause and go give me a like or a subscribe please and feel free to share this with your teacher friends thanks guys I’ll see you next time you want to say bye-bye

4 thoughts on “Narrative Writing, Reading Inventory, WEB, & Santa Rosa Plateau Hike – Teacher Mom Vlog #11

  1. Love your teaching style! The students are engaged and taking ownership of their learning. Bravo! You are an awesome teacher!

  2. This was a great vlog Natalie! I think it’s pretty neat that you’re using picture books with your middle schoolers.

  3. Watching you in the classroom makes me realize the teacher I had for reading didn't care about her students at all. she would tell us to get or book and read then she would leave the classroom for at leased 30 minutes. I believe if my teach had been like you I would have been more interested in reading today. You're Awesome.

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