Modern Family Writer Owns Trump In Twitter War

Donald Trump and one of the main writers from Modern Family got into it on Twitter over D. Trumps racism I’ll give you an example. It all started when D. Trump retweeted something and then deleted it immediately because of it’s offensive and also inaccurate nature. So he retweeted someone who had written “Jeb Bush has to like the Mexican illegals because of his wife.” Jeb Bush’s wife actually came into the country legally. and attacking her for no reason is ridiculous and..No, no it’s not no reason cause he hates all Mexicans and so, he thinks “she’s mexican, I don’t really care she’s legal or illegal” to him all mexicans are illegals So she was naturalized in 1979 he doesn’t care, he sees a brown person it’s like “of course illegal, Jeb Bush is going to support”So D. Trump retweeted this and immediately he got some heat for it. Now his drama with one of the writers for Modern Family actually dates back to June, alright, so Modern Family writer Danny Zuker had tweeted him in June the following A picture of a Donald Trump button down shirt made in China So D. Trump had tweeted “I have been warning about China” “since the 80’s. Noone wanted to listen “now our economy is in real trouble” Danny Zucker was like ‘a joke, You’ve always been “tough on china, sir. Particularly the children who “who make your shitty clothes” Shots Fired. So continue Next graphic. D Trump had a great comeback: “Danny — You’re a total loser!” Danny Zuker wrote back “Your insults need work. “Here’s one I’ve been working on: ‘Every picture you post of yourself is a d**k pic’. See?That’s so goddam funny, man, ok and what’s amazing is Trumps not going to get any better. Like his go to move is ‘you’re a loser, you’re stupid’ Now I get it but in order to prove your point you should try to find a cleverer way of explaining why the guy is stupid or why the guy’s a dick. Something clever, but nope you’re not going to get any clever out of D. Trump The rest of this is amazing, because it’s almost like Zuker is like ‘Please, please retort with something halfway clever’, right? Trumps like ‘nope, not gonna do it. Stupid, loser’That’s it. It takes some intelligence inorder to come back with an intelligent insult but he’s unable to do it. So let’s take a look at what Trump wrote back “I can’t resist hitting lightweight “Zuker verbally when he starts up because he is just so “pathetic and easy (stupid)!” Alright.. Clever…But where’s the joke ? What about that is clever. the joke? lightweight, pathetic, stupid..So then Trump tried to attack the hugely popular and successful show Modern Family and here’s what he wrote “Just tried watching Modern Family – written by a moron, really boring. Writer has the mind of a very dumb and backward child. Sorry Danny!”It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. It’s accidentally hilarious. Because he’s being a child and he writes You.. oh yeah.. You’re the dumb one.You’re a child. Sorry, Danny. hahaha. So , I mean, Zuker’s like alright man, you’re gonna line it up. Ok fine I’ll hit this one out too. Danny writes back “Trump doesn’t like the show I work on but then we’ve never tested well with the racist, hypocritical multiple bankruptcy demo”Damn. That’s a good comebackYou see thats a good comeback because he talks about your 4 bankruptcies and that’s embarrassing to you And when he calls him a loser, pathetic and all this stuff, no base Modern Family is an incredibly successful show a successful writer for a successful show with great ratings You’ve got nothing, telling him ‘Da, yeah you’re a child’ So here’s my question. Someone like D Trump who is running for President Should have a campaign manager or a publicist.. someone who leads him in the right direction so he doesn’t make an ass out of himself I mean he’s on twitter, retwitting terrible racist things .. he is having a feud with the writer of Modern Family. You’re trying to run for president of the United States First of all, the fact that he needs someone to keep him in a cage because he’s crazy is .. ridiculous But isn’t anyone trying to tell him… hey, you know what.. maybe .. somebody else can take care of your twitter account for a whileYou know, Anna, your right and that’s what any logical person would think but Think about it. You think this guy is going to surround himself with anyone outside of ‘yes’ men? So the minute you tell Donald Trump ‘Hey, Donald.. Maybe you might not want to tweet that’.. It’s like “Your Fired! Gotcha, Moron, Loser” This ego combined with this lack of intellect is a dangerous combination. It cannot withstand any intelligence within a 3 mile perimeter of him So of course he’s gonna fire all those people and surround himself with sycophants, he doesn’t realize he’s getting his ass handed to him by Danny Zuker in this exchange He thinks he won! I’ll give you the last exchange here. Zuker says “Since you’re unable to manufacture decent comebacks… “maybe you could outsource the job to china. LOL” and I love the #Trumpelstiltskin That’s near genius, man. okThat’s why Modern Family’s an awesome show.Then Trump comes back “Lightweight Zuker is too stupid to see that China (and others) is destroying the US economically and our leaders are helpless! “Sad” me win, you lose. hahaha ‘got him’

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  1. DONALD TRUMP would be an extreme lightweight if his DAD hadn't been rich!!! A person like him would never make anything of himself if it wasn't for his family's money!

  2. Danny Zukar put that racist chump in chekem with his bigotry and bankruptcy I smell the roast well done Danny

  3. The fact that millions see him a messianic savior sends shivers down my back, even Idi Amin was smarter and more presidential than this idiot. Folks, this is the real America, forget about the bullshit developed country that Hollywood has so successfully sold over the years. An idiocracy indeed.

  4. Who cares?
    Honestly, who cares what someone says on twitter? If people judged me for what I posted on twitter, I'd be in prison for a hate crime due to the jokes I post.
    I guess liberals want any excuse to hate someone other than themselves.

  5. Everyone needs to calm down, if you really think Donald Trump will destroy America, you have no faith in this country, and your extremely dramatic. Just fuckin chill.

  6. If you hate fox news for being bias and making shit up or twisting story's so bad they are not even close to the original story Young Turks is the same shit just for the left id still rather watch them because they usually have a decent agenda, but they are full of shit.

  7. How is someone like that even allowed to be a CEO of an international conglomerate, let alone president…

  8. I'm sure Whoever thumb downed this video also has the mentality of a 5 year old ! siting there pissed off watching this as they make fun of trump

  9. The ignorant hillbilly redneck racist who votes for this asshole and thinks they have something in common with a four time bankruptcy, and who is facing criminal charges by ripping off thousands of people with just his trump university scam, need to seriously ask themselves how do you think this con artist is going to personally help you? By buying you a ticket to China to make clothes for him? Seriously America. You are becoming the joke of the world and not a leader

  10. Funny thing is, I always Cenk as the liberal version of Donald Trump. He sounds just as stupid mocking Trump as Trump does with his posts.

  11. It's a joke. This country has become a joke. I mean, how on earth did this guy make it so far? It not only speaks badly of the american people.. It speaks badly of the other republican candidates, how can anyone be beaten by this guy, especially ON A PRESIDENTIAL RACE?!?!
    Trump shouldn't win a debate with a 5 year old. I just don't understand… It feels like a Kafka plot where the completely absurd has become the norm and we question things that are so far off topic that we lose sight of what's in front of us!
    It seems that everything is moving and building up towards a very possible WWIII. The last one we will ever have. Great Britain seceding will also have its consequences, I have a very bad feeling about the near future.

  12. lol…I suggest the Young Turkeys actually watch their own show to see how ridiculous and childish they act

  13. There are so many other stories/events in and outside of America for the media to report on. Why does TYT and all other media outlets give ANY airtime to TRUMP? TURN THE TAP OFF THAT MAD WEASEL AND HE WILL STARVE. Your audience will never vote for him but constant media time keeps that troll alive. On the other hand, I look forward to TRUMP becoming President as he will be the ultimate purging catalyst that will see a terrible domestic conflagration but an end to CAPITALISM. They could have had BERNIE but, as did the Aristocrats in FRANCE and RUSSIA did the AMERICAN/REPUBLIC elite resist change AND THEY TO WILL FACE A HUGE BULLET RIDDEN BLOODBATH. I PITY THE INNOCENT IN THE USA.

  14. I don't know what schools you've all been to, but when I think schoolchildren insults I think classy. Don't downgrade children's roasts, Trump can't achieve that class. XD

  15. And this clown could be president of the most powerful nation on earth. Just the fact that hes the republican nominee is unfucking believable even for them.

  16. "tell a lie enough times and people will start believing it."    That's the game plan for liberals and The Young Turks.  Cenk told 4 lies about trump within the first minute.   Hard stance on illegal immigration is NOT racism but libs know that it gets under conservative's skin so they'll keep saying it.   There is NO evidence that trump is racist.   Name an example

  17. Cenk said Trump hates all Mexicans and thinks they're all illegal.  Typical propagandist lies from a Marxist hoping to smear the other side so that a dem gets in the oval office.

  18. I can not believe how ridiculous and childish Donald trump is. someone remind him he is running to become the United State's president. Come on! I can not be live people actually are voting for him!

  19. Donald trump has vision he is right there is no room for recalcitrant Muslims because Islam is evil hallelujah brethren

  20. Clever and Trump in the same sentence. Not happening. lmfao! Douche on…here's a tampon. Let us change his name to Douche, Douche Trump. I can't see how any of this improved his popularity. Epic Fail!

  21. in a mental hospital Trump can be president 4 ever…..along with all the Napoleons and those other delusional & Criminally Insane.

  22. i bet you young turds are paied off of despley meaningless situations like these. Your talk of inteliggence this and that is pathethic, Plato would throw up if he listened to you.

  23. Trump is a moron! He proves it DAILY at his rallies. He's a whiney baby whenever anyone calls him out and he must try to get the last word. Thing is, he just makes himself look dumber and dumber!

  24. I have now a feeling that stupid people don't recognize other stupid people, what would otherwise be the reason that someone with such a limited brain capacity like Trump gets so idolized.

  25. I have now a feeling that stupid people don't recognize other stupid people, what would otherwise be the reason that someone with such a limited brain capacity like Trump gets so idolized.

  26. whoa, a general polititian running for president. going back n forth arguing.. and tweeting. if you think you going to be president and doing all this. this is insane. Thanks trump for putting hillary inside the white house. this is my first time in history am voting democrat..

  27. Hates all Mexicans? To him all Mexicans are illegals? That is a completely ludicrous statement. Everything is made from China, no big deal. One last thing, This is not the Real Donald Trump on Twitter. You liberal terrorist lovers are just lying to everyone on this channel. Go ahead delete this comment as well. You are breaking MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to freedom of speech.

  28. Can someone explain to me why Young Turks support Hillary? Isn't she lieing about everything and commited allot of crimes?

  29. I like to think his entire team is letting him do this out of pity so that America will understand what an idiot he is.

  30. Trump and his brood need to be incinerated….except his lesbian daughter and that delightful 10yr old son with aspergers…they deserve better

  31. It's time you trumpers stopped calling your guy an "alpha male."
    In the animal world, alphas only require brute strength and aggression to take control. At the human level, it's not only aggressive attitude, but also INTELLECT that is necessary to be a genuine and effective ALPHA leader! Trump lacks the latter and is therefore a dumb ineffectual brute.

  32. Trump makes it suspiciously easy to lob insults his way; having learned how to get attention and divert it from the hideous policies he's perpetrating behind the scenes he makes. We should stop falling for it, but the media can't resist, as he well knows. Having no moral compass, in the footsteps of his Nazi flavored alcoholic father, he has deduced he will win somehow, over Right, for which he has no respect. He is the Devil. He will go down where he belongs.

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