Mistake 10: Failure to proof check (Writing your UCAS personal statement -10 mistakes to avoid)

Hi everyone it Kate Kettle here from
Varsity Scholars and this is my final top tip for personal statement writing.
One of the mistakes that students so often make in the final stages before
submitting their personal statement is that they do not proof check it correctly,
and one of the things that students often fail to do, or don’t know to do, is
to read their personal statement aloud. When you read something aloud you can
instantly hear if it’s well-written and hopefully it won’t jar you’ll be able to
tell if you’ve missed out a full stop or some punctuation, and it would just be
a really good way of recognising whether the personal statement is reflecting you
well and sounding good overall, sounding strong, and so don’t neglect that do you read your personal statement aloud and for lots more tips on how to proof check before you submit your personal statement there’s a whole section on that on my
one day personal statement masterclass which is online, so do go over and have a
look at that I hope these tips have been helpful. All the very best with your
personal statement writing, I hope you get into the university of your choice

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