Michael Che and Colin Jost Review Their Rejected SNL Sketches

-One of my favorite
things, of course, is sketches that are written
that do not make it to the show, -Oh, yeah.
-And some of these ideas maybe have not even been written.
-Yeah, that’s true. -Do you have some favorites?
-Even the ones that have been written haven’t really been
written. They’ve been like really,
half thought out. -What is
the Rosetta Stone sketch? -This was when Donald Trump
hosted. I pitched him an idea that he
weirdly didn’t want to do, where he was the spokesman
for Rosetta Stone Mexican. [ Laughter ] So he would teach you phrases
you could say to someone who was Mexican, like,
“You’re gonna build the wall.” -Oh, I see.
-No — no, usted are. You know, whatever.
-Usted are. -What was heroin A.M.?
-[ Laughs ] -That was non-drowsy heroin. [ Laughter ] It was from the makers
of cocaine P.M. [ Laughter ] And it was a sketch that was not
popular in middle America. -Some sketches are just good
ideas and it’s not even funny. -Yeah, that’s a great product.
-That’s just a good product. -Yeah.
-You want to take heroin, but you also want to get some
stuff done. -What was — was it your idea
the origin of screw the pooch? -Yeah. I wanted to do a sketch
about the first guy to ever say the phrase “screwed the pooch”
because an intern one time messed up a coffee order, and I was like,
“hey, I didn’t order this.” And he goes, “I’m sorry
about that, Che. I really screwed the pooch
on that one.” And I said, “what was that?”
[ Laughter ] And he goes,
“screwed the pooch. It means I made a mistake.”
And I was like “no, man, it means, you had sex
with a dog.” [ Laughter ] “And you should probably stop
saying that in a workplace environment.”
So I wanted to just dig into that guy, because I’m sure
he probably had sex with a dog one time and just kept
pretending that it was a mistake that everybody else
makes. -Yeah, that’s like the coffee
thing. We all make mistakes. -Oh, you messed up the coffee?
Now who has sex with dogs? Still you, Gary! You’re still
the only one that’s done that. -Half Viagra?
-Oh, yeah. That’s a fun one. -Well, we kept seeing
these ads — I don’t know if you’ve seen them —
for single packs of Viagra. Where it’s like a weird husband,
and it’s, like, “we’re going on a trip with my wife”
and he’s like, “oh, we’ll pack one single
pack of Viagra.” He’s like, “I want to have sex, but I don’t want to carry
the whole bottle.” -[ Laughs ] Right.
-You know, so on vacation, you can be like,
“you get one shot.” But we wanted to do ads
for half-packs of Viagra. And if you didn’t want to have
sex, you just wanted to make it look a little bigger.
[ Laughter ] Like if you knew you were
going somewhere, like you had a doctor’s
appointment, you know? -Or like a tailor or something.
You know — You wanna…Got to use like,
a stadium urinal. You want people to be…
[ Laughter ] -Yeah. -You know?
-Yeah. Whatever. I still say we should
have called it Viagra al dente. [ Laughter ] -First black guy to boo
Jackie Robinson? [ Laughter ]
-Right. First of all, it was February, and I wanted
a black history sketch. -Yep.
-And I was like, “who was the first black guy to
boo Jackie Robinson for a baseball play?”
There had to be one. I mean, he — I’m sure
he had an error before. -Uh-huh.
-Yeah. Censor said no. -Really?
-Yeah, my favorite sketches are, like, really racially charged.
-Yeah. -Like Chris Hemsworth hosted,
and I wanted to do a sketch where the Avengers save the day,
but in the process, Thor accidentally kills
an unarmed black teenager. [ Laughter ] -He didn’t think that was
on brand? -Yeah, he said it wouldn’t
help with tickets. [ Laughter ] -I think it would’ve
helped with tickets. -I thought it would help
with tickets, too. -You had a — Was it
a CVS game show sketch? -A game show that was set inside
of a CVS that was called “Who Works Here?” [ Laughter ]
-That’s a good one. -Contestants had to buzz in
and try and decide is that you know, an employee,
or a drifter in a red vest? [ Laughter ] -And then, this one you guys
should’ve done. Cecilia Gimenez was a character
that Kate McKinnon played. -Mm-hmm.
-Yes. -And for the actual news story
when she first played him, there was a painting
of Jesus, right? -Yeah.
-…that someone repainted… -Yeah.
-And then, like, to retouch it, and then it looked like
a howler monkey. -Basically.
-It was, like, the worst repainting job of all time.
-Yeah. And then we did one I think
where she did that Cristiano Ronaldo statue
that was in segment two. -Yeah.
-Or the Lucy one — it was like a Lucille Ball where she looked
like the snake character from “Beetlejuice.”
[ Laughter ] And this, someone talked about
’cause they saw — I don’t know if you guys saw
the animatronic Trump at Disney World or something…
-Frightening. -…where she was the one who
designed that. It basically looked like
a way worse Jon Voight. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Melty Voight. So what is the pressure like?
Obviously, every week on “SNL,” there is a certain amount
of pressure. You guys have one
of the all-time greats, Will Ferrell, this week.
-Yeah. Some would say, oh, my God,
cruise control, but you have to feel pressure.
-Yeah. You do, you feel a lot of pressure ’cause everyone
already knows he’s good. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. So if it’s not good,
it’s our fault. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] We’re the ones that’s
the problem, so, yeah, it’s a lot of pressure. Hopefully Will can step up
to it. [ Laughter ] Carry us through
with a cowbell, too. -Well, I especially am grateful
you guys came here tonight because pretty much you’re gonna
leave here and you’re gonna go right upstairs…
-Yeah. -…and write through the night.
I can’t wait for Saturday. It’s always such a pleasure
to see both of you. -Thank you for having us.
-And “Update” has been so fantastic this year.
Keep up the great work. -Ah, thank you, man. -Congratulations
on the Globes, too. You were fantastic
hosting the Globes. -Thank you so much.
Really appreciate it. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Wonderful. -Jost — Jost sent me jokes for
the Globes, which was very nice, and like a day before
the Globes, you had an idea. -Oh, yeah.
-It was unproduceable. -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, I wanted Andy Samberg to play the creature
from “The Shape of Water.” [ Laughter ]
And that he was in the audience and he was falling in love
with Seth as the show went on. And the second time you saw him,
he was in a bathtub on stage asking Seth to get in
the bathtub. [ Laughter ] -And it was great ’cause it
was written like someone who had never been in show business.
-Yes. That’s how I try to approach
every idea. [ Laughter ]
You had the good sense to do like, good, “smart stuff.”
-No, no, no, I — but I did like the idea of like, just
constantly, like, in the middle of, like,
a speech. Like Oprah giving her speech,
Andy being like, “I need water!”
[ Laughter ] I think that was what
the evening needed. -You definitely should have
booed Oprah. That would’ve been the best.
[ Laughter ] -Like, what?
-Get Seth back out! [ Laughter ] Thank you guys so much
for being here.

100 thoughts on “Michael Che and Colin Jost Review Their Rejected SNL Sketches

  1. Black spectators booing Jackie Robinson would have been one of the best sketches of all time if done correctly. I can't believe they drew the line there, but a 5th grade girl trying to seduce their friends dad is quality entertainment.

    Probably for the best. SNL would have let Kenan Thompson play Jackie Robinson.

  2. 1:10 white ppl created a bunch psuedo weird slogans such as 'screw th pooch' , 'lollygag' , 'kissing cousins' ..black ppl are jus hearing these ..th sketch didnt get a green light bcuz no one wants to really explain anything lol..

  3. The Rosetta Stone sketch would’ve also worked if it was Mexicans teaching Donald Trump phrases that he thinks means something else; like “I’m gonna pay for the wall.”

  4. They should just leave and do their own “chapelle show” like key and peele. They have a different style of comedy so it wouldn’t feel recycled and they’d kill it

  5. For me, THE best part of any DNA is the weekend update! Going all the way back to the original cast! Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase with Gilda Radnor. Primo! That's why I watch Seth!! Good times!

  6. Well there will be people who will come up with all kind of excuses when they stand before God who they chose not to believe. What useless excuses will think will keep you out of hell because you put your faith in another human beings wisdom. On that day it will not matter who you are. Your degrees will not matter. Be popular and adored by millions will not matter. Finally Winning the lottery that you were so concerned about but you weren't so worried about losing your soul to hell

  7. I always thought I was funny, but when I watch these guys I can tell they are next level funny. They are brilliant. I guess that’s why they are the professionals and I’m only an assistant to a general manager.

  8. Viagra Al Dente is the best pitch I've ever heard. I was really happy when Heroin AM got made. I also would have loved that bit with Andy Samberg.

  9. As a recovering/ex-heroin addict, I would have LOVED the heroin a.m. sketch. That would be hilarious

  10. Does anybody else get the feeling that the producers were just to afraid to say "Sorry, we're not hiring at the moment", or "Sorry, we're going to have to let you go" to Che? Remember when he was on the Daily Show for like 3 months and you could always hear the crickets hanging out in the audience? I don't know if I've ever laughed at him…. Maybe he fits in as the opening act is some club underneath a bar, but I just can't figure out how he's working at the world's number one improve gig.

  11. Switch the CVS with Bed Bath & Beyond. I worked there for a year and there were days I couldn't even tell who worked there.

  12. Ah so this is why SNL sucks now the censors need to realize they're hurting the show more than they're helping it with a lot of these

  13. if SNL ever goes off the air, they should do three weeks or however long it wud take, and do all the non used sketches no matter how bad or how offensive. And have like every guest star that they were written for. They should do it for free, SNL is an honor and to be on one of the last shows i think everyone wud/shud fly in for a sketch

  14. Seth's impression of Andy is spot on. Also these sketch ideas were brilliant, I wish they wouldn't shut them down. (especial the avengers one)

  15. I just honestly wished we still lived in a world where all these skits could actually come out lol.. that Thor sketch had me rolling

  16. All these skits should have come out, that Thor skecth had me rolling lol.. Chapel days, we need them back.

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