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My name is Monica Dolan. This is my play and you can pronounce the title however you like. And that’s the only piece of audience participation there is going to be. It’s a story-telling piece and it’s a solo show, and I wrote it and I’ll be performing it. It’s about the sexualisation of children, and the pornification of culture. So it’s looking at targeted advertising, and it’s looking at specifically how that can affect children Young people in adolescence, they are always in a position of vulnerability in terms of their identity and self-awareness is something that is creeping in earlier and earlier and earlier. And you know, with all the pictures basically that everyone is taking of themselves There’s a great concern with perfection and the marketers are already there; they already know that. The reason I chose Tessa to tell the story is because this is quite a tough subject. I thought that is more useful for the audience to have somebody that can lead them through Lots of the things that we get embarrassed or shocked about ourselves because of Tessa’s job, she doesn’t get shocked about them; she gets quite enthusiastic about them as ideas. That means that everything is left to the audience to think about and to decide for themselves, and that was really important to me.

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