Matt Bushman Post Game Interview against Washington 9.21.19

receiving game. He is with Lauren Mcclain. Lauren: All right, Matt, tough loss but a bright spot. 89 yards and a touchdown late in the third. Take me through that almost interception touchdown for you?>>We practiced that play a ton. It was open early, but Zach had to step up. That cornerback made a play and the ball fell in front of me and I just grabbed it. It is hard to celebrate and be super pumped when it should have been an interception and down 20 points. Lauren: You didn’t show much emotion.>>I wanted to get off and get going. There is not much you can celebrate down by so much. Lauren: Washington has a great defense. What impact did turnovers make this this game?>>I think we made them look a lot better than they truly are. There were a lot of mistakes. I had a couple of mistakes I’m not happy about. As an offense, we didn’t do too well. Those mistakes made them look like world beaters. Looking forward to Toledo. Lauren: You had a tough September, coming out 2-2 against good power five teams. If you look at the beginning of the season 2-2 after September, what would you say?>>Any team would hope to be 4-0. I don’t think many people thought we would be 2-2, beating great teams. Wins are great, but, yeah, we want to win as many as we can throughout the rest of the season. We will learn from our mistakes. Lauren: In September you had the highest of highs and lowest of lows. What is the state of the football program now?>>I think we are determined to prove that we were better than we showed today. We felt pretty bad for ourselves and it wasn’t fun. We are determined to focus on Toledo and do all we can to beat them. Lauren: Your head coach Kalani stake walked off the field, he was still clapping, he thanked the fans for being here. You went into the locker room. I’m sure it wasn’t all happiness. What was his message?>>The same thing. He is always says we have fans, parents, family members flying out to see us so just when it is game time you have to be focused on game time. When it is family time, you have to be focused on family. You can’t let it hurt the rest of your weekend.

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