Mark Wahlberg Gave Post Malone His Film Debut

-Thank you for being here
for this special Veterans Day show, as well. I know you have a connection to
some veterans in your life. -Yeah. My dad.
My dad was a veteran. My dad was in the Army. [ Cheers and applause ] And I’ve had the good fortune of being able to go and visit
our troops in Afghanistan. And I’ve been to — yeah. [ Applause ] But, you know, after I did —
after I did “Lone Survivor”, playing Marcus Luttrell, being welcomed
into the SEAL community, the military community,
it’s — it’s awesome to
really get a first-hand look at the real risk that you guys
take to provide us our freedom. So, I thank you guys so much. [ Cheers and applause ] -It’s truly amazing. I want to talk about
“Instant Family”, but also I want to talk about
this new movie that you’re — you’re almost finished shooting
or you’re filming it right now? -I’m filming now. I’m back to
Boston to shoot in the morning. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -Thank you for taking the time
to come here. You have Peter Berg directing.
-Yeah. -In Boston.
You guys work great together. But then there’s a debut
of a rapper/singer that is going to debut
in your film. Is this true? -Yes. Post Malone, our son.
He calls us both “Dad”. -Yeah, Post Malone.
-Yeah, Post Malone. -He calls you Dad?
-He calls me Dad all the time. -Yeah, he kept calling me Dad. -Oh, I think he would say
it’s, you know — -It’s a respect thing?
-Yeah, or a bit of an insult. [ Laughter ] -Where did you meet —
-Calling you old. -Where did you meet Posty? -Post and I have mutual friends. Most of his crew
are Boston guys. And so we met,
and then he came over to my wife’s birthday party, and we were drinking,
and next thing you know, I’m trying to perform
“Good Vibrations”. I forgot the words.
I drank so much wine. Trying to keep up with Post. But we hung out,
and he mentioned that he wanted to be in a film. And I was like, “Okay, well,
I’m doing this movie, and there’s a really cool part”. And I told Peter Berg, who actually directed
“Lone Survivor”, that I wanted to cast Post, and
they’d never seen him before. And he was like,
“All right, can he act?” And I was like,
“Well, I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out”. And then he showed up,
and Pete was really nervous. And Post, you know,
he likes a beer or two, so he had a couple cold ones
beforehand. Pete was like,
“We haven’t even shot yet”. [ Laughter ] “I think I just saw
a 12-pack go down”. And I was like,
“Don’t worry about it. It’s going to be fine”.
And then we rehearsed the scene. He was just joking around.
Pete was mortified. And then he
absolutely killed it. He’s phenomenal in the movie. -Really?
-Yeah, his first time. I think he could have
a huge, huge acting career if he wanted.
-This guy can do everything, right? And how young?
He’s a kid. He’s like 2– -Except you know what
he doesn’t know how to do? Sleep. -He doesn’t sleep?
He doesn’t, right? -He doesn’t sleep.
I called him. I woke up — you know,
went to bed after work. Woke up in the morning. I just tried
to send him a message. Called me back right away.
He was like, “Hey, you up?” I said, “Yeah”.
I said, “You’re already up?” He goes, “I haven’t
gone to bed yet”. -[ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh. -He’s having fun for all of us. He’s in his 20s, so he
should be able to do that. -Yeah. He came on our show,
we did a bit, and he took me to Olive Garden. -Olive Garden, yeah.
-Yeah. And I’ve never been
to an Olive Garden. -I’ve never been to
an Olive Garden with him, but I met him at Wahlburgers. -You did?
-And I was like — -What, he called you? -Yeah, he was like — his studio
is right down the street. So, I was like, “All right.
Meet me at the restaurant”. And I was like,
“What do you want to drink?” He was like,
“Let me have a glass of wine, a Shirley Temple, and a beer”. I was like, “All three?” -And then all that food?
-He ordered like three of everything on the menu.
-It’s crazy. He did that at Olive Garden.
-And he tears it up. -He really does. -And then, you know what?
The nicest guy in the world. Said hi to everybody,
taking pictures. -He really is a nice guy.
-Yeah, he’s a sweetheart. -I love him. Well, Post, I’m looking forward to
seeing you in this movie. What’s it called, again? -“Wonderland”.
-“Wonderland” is the film. I have a — I could see
why he would be up — still out when you wake up
because someone — did you post a schedule of —
your time schedule? Do you know
what I’m talking about? -I didn’t post it myself.
Somebody posted it. They were like, “Oh, people
are really interested in your whacky schedule” because I get up
really early in the morning and train
and do all my stuff. -Look at this schedule.
-But this is misleading because it says right here — where’s it say —
shower, 6:00 to 7:30. I don’t shower
for an hour and a half. I shower for about five minutes,
and then I drive or I pick — wake up the kids, drop them off, and go to the golf course. There’s other things happening
in between 6:00 and 7:30. -So, it’s not
an hour-and-a-half shower. -There is not enough hot water
in L.A. for a — [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. This is insane. But you do this every day? -I’m doing this
every day for five months. I’m 102 days in now. -Wow.
-So, I’ll be having some wine with Post
as soon as I finish. -As soon as you finish, yeah. What’s the cryo-chamber
recovery? -Cryo-chamber is great
for recovery. Takes out all the lactic acids,
swelling, inflammation. It’s like, you go into this
freezing cold chamber that’s 250 degrees below zero. You go in for three minutes,
you listen to a song, and it just rejuvenates you.
It’s amazing. -Really?
-Yeah, you got to try it. -So, it’s a tank. Is it,
like, gas, or is it water? -Yeah, well I do have
a nitrogen one, but I prefer to go into the one,
the US cryo-chamber, where you go in,
you wear a mask, and you’ve got to cover up
your hands and feet. And you know, go in there
with a pair of underwear. -But what if you —
but just in your undies? -Well, you can wear
other things, but they recommend, yeah. -Wow.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Must get cold. It’s almost —
for me, it’s like being in a daily cryo-chamber. Anyway, what do you do if
you don’t have a cryo-chamber where you’re filming? -You know what, I haven’t
been in one for a while, but when I was vacation,
I was just going in the ocean. 55-degree water. -Gosh. You are so cool, man.
Oh, my gosh. -Trust me. If that’s your version of cool,
you got a problem. -[ Laughs ] No, I mean —
-I just do what I have to do. -You do.
-You know. -The other thing
I was gonna say — -Somebody tells you
it’ll make you feel better, I’m gonna try it.
Except for drugs. -Yeah.
-I tried that already. It doesn’t work.
-It doesn’t work, yeah, exactly.

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  1. Who the fuck is post molane? That guy who doesn't shower and smells like shit to where people have quit cause he smells so bad?

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