Man City 2-1 Chelsea – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – SUBTITLES

Frank, I know it made no difference to the end result but never before a Guardiola team enjoyed less possession in his 381 top flight games than against your side today and he’s come out and praised your courage to play, I know obviously you didn’t win but was it another sign of the strides your side are taking? Yeah maybe, maybe it’s not the critical factor as you say but coming into the game in our recent form and how we’re developing quickly recently I wanted to come here and be brave to compete and be brave on the ball, be brave off the ball and I thought in the first half you saw all that from us today at 1-0 we had a relative control of the game, obviously it’s clear when you’re here that never lasts if you have one moment which they had a couple of moments and but we were playing well and throughout the game there’s a lot of positives but we lost the game so it just shows you maybe at this level of the finer details in the boxes, in both boxes we’ll decide these ones Frank, you talked about the performances your team have had against the bigger teams like Liverpool and then obviously today as well but what do you do to take the next step then to turn those performances into the results you’re looking for? You could never.. like everyone seemed slightly fixated on these couple of games we played we went toe to toe with Liverpool drew in Istanbul and they lost on penalties, lost at home in the league pushing for 45 minutes, we’ve lost today with a very good performance and as I said it’s moments in the boxes and that’s not something that you can actually put down and that’s a rule of going into a game why you’ll win it.. why you don’t, these teams Liverpool and City have been getting results for a long time because they work together, they work hard and those final details maybe they get right and today I don’t think you can come away from that game really and say anything other than there were two really strong teams going against each other and one wins it because of a deflected goal and then a real moment of quality from Mahrez and the rest is pretty much in the balance Anymore? No? Okay Thanks a lot! Cheers

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  1. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Willian and Tammy proves once more they are not good enough at the top level. We need to sign a proper striker and a left footed winger like Ziyech.

  2. You should bring mahrez to your team while pep keeps benching him.. You just saw his qualities and skills so do it lampard

  3. Chelsea lost because they reverted to the way they played in previous seasons. 聽
    1) Playing from the back which resulted in slow movement of the ball forward. 聽
    2) Playing tiki-taka with the ball when under pressure from attackers (Chelsea never seem to learn).
    3) Passing the ball sideways and backwards by the two centre-backs and the left back Emerson, who kicked the ball back everytime he received it. This not only created no forward movement but slowed the game down at a time when Chelsea needed to press quickly ahead to score.

  4. The standards of journalism specifically in football have dropped so low it鈥檚 beyond embarrassing, they should shut down the journalism schools in England like a unpaid electric bills.

  5. Chelsea without (RLC, Rudiger, barkely, Hudson odoi) and lose to man city 2-1 then imagine when mount will start early in second half and RLC playing in 1st half too

  6. As a Chelsea fan, i鈥檓 just disappointed by the two goals we conceded. Again I say Zouma is nervous at the back. Tomori too lax in passing. Emerson was selfish early on. Azpilicueta was the only top notch defender in the match. Kovacic was excellent but lost that passing class when Jorginho got subbed after picking up stupid yellow card. Passing from the back could be better after we scored first. And in 2nd half there seems to be no solution passing from the backline. I hope Lampard can fix these issues

  7. Batshuayi is not the backup striker we need. Loses the ball too easily. Don鈥檛 have the best of touches. Tammy is alright. Just need someone to compete for striker鈥檚 position.
    At the back we need someone composed and comfortable with ball at feet. Something Tomori and Zouma complement each other with. But they are too nervy and making mistakes match after match. Not the kind of defender Chelsea needs.

  8. Mehrez 馃鈿金煡呪毥馃鈿金煡呪毥馃鈿金煡呪毥馃鈿金煡呪毥馃鈿金煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉欚煉

  9. I don't know what part of the game lampard watched that made him think his side played well. No! I completely disagree. Yes we had control of the game but we weren't brave enough to attack Mancity from the midfield. It was more of continuous sideways passes then to zouma or tomori then to kepa. You can't beat mancity thinking the goal post is play g sideways and backwards. Passing options may have been marked out but we need both creativity and courage to take the ball to mancity in a smart offensive way. Our attackers were on holidays today because we could not unlock them. When mancity have the ball, they move the ball quickly offensively. Not one time did they panic aying backwards unnecessarily. We are chelsea. Let's play fearless…

  10. Emerson is not a good defender , he let the team down today and thanks to GOD the coach saw it and changed him ,we must sell both emerson and alonson ,below the standard

  11. Chelsea were sloppy at times and the Lb should know mahrez has weaker right foot should never have let him cut inside to his stronger left foot..this is a game I felt Chelsea should have won

  12. My only problem is Zouma and Tomori for passing the ball between themselves while when are behind what tipe of defenders are they nd are making mistakes by that also if our banned has been left please buy the whole backline nd replace the current ones

  13. Keep a should not think that he s always the first choice nd got big head with those stupid mistakes he makes bench him so he should feel

  14. That was such a great game to watch…both chelsea n man city going at it n turning it on! Chelsea did look the better over all early on, man city just looked a little bit off it, not much though n even though they got back on it n whinging little spat the dummy give me my toys back, scored an offside late goal, which I believe VAR as its useless self stuffed it up…again!, he still had a shocker ( Sterling of course…who else 馃檪

    Even though man city won 2-1, they still look a little bit off it, from last season, juuust a little bit, which is really cool for us 馃檪 give us those 8 points clear! Yew! Thank you! Thank you very much! Seeeya, Wouldn`t want to Beeeya, Yew!

    Best I have seen Chelsea play all season, in the games I have watched of them. Franky n the young crew look like they are really starting to click. You can clearly tell frank n chelsea are newbies though, as man city n pep have been doing it for awhile ( so have we though 馃檪 you could clearly see that over all as well.. looking forward to us playing Chelsea…Bring it on!

  15. I can tell frank is pissed because this is 3rd time its happened. Pulisc didnt show up, kepa is starting to show that he is more worth 20 million not 80. Once again zumoa is also making us all wish rudgur can come back. Emerson didnt look good. The only play who looked great is the one who we truly dont deserve to have. That guy is kante.

  16. Lampard fylosofi is better than Pep.
    But City still the Champion and i think Chelsea need one good cb player and one good striker to score ball like Rashford or kane.

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