Make Money Typing Words in 2019 – 2 Websites that Pay Hourly for Typing

what’s going on YouTube
it’s the non-stop affiliate John RC and in this video I’m gonna be showing you
guys two different websites that pay you hourly just for typing at home so if you
have some typing skills you like being on your computer check these two
websites out and make some money off of it so you guys know me I don’t like to
waste any time let’s get right into it so all you have to do is go ahead and go
over on Google and the first website it’s gonna be called spectrum media so
type that in spectra Mindy and it’s gonna be the first one that shows up
guys spectrum mediacom go ahead and click on that and what you’re gonna want
to do one here guys is just click on careers this is just a little website
that’s in the medical field so it does have a couple different job openings but
what we’re looking for is transcription services what you’re gonna need is
obviously a computer you really can’t do this off your cell phone connection to
the internet and a resume so if you don’t already have a resume ready you
can look up tons of videos on YouTube that show you how to build your resume
so go ahead and forget that ready and all you’re gonna do is go down to here
where it says post resume and you know it’s not for sure that they’re gonna
give you a call or hire you but if you’re looking to make some extra money
why not give it a shot guys it’s not gonna cost you anything you can start
making some bucks off of it and so basically the reason they do this
is because they need real human beings to go ahead and type down adios tap down
videos audios anything that has to do with speaking anything that they need
translated into text that’s what you’re going to be doing for them now the
reason they don’t really like to use robots or you know those kind of
computer box for this it’s because they kind of mess up a lot you know they
mysterious punctuation capitalization so they would rather hire somebody
reowww like you or me to go ahead and do this job now another website you could
give a try is Rev comm this one’s a little bit more linear so I wouldn’t
doubt that you’ll be able to get into this one quick all you do is go on Rev
comm and what you’re gonna want to do is go down to the bottom and so what they
are just to give you a quick background on them they are our transcription
services so real quick if you need anything that needs to be into our
transcript has to be typed out give them a try you
know you can hire them and they will type down any video any of your YouTube
videos and your videos that you want lyrics whatever you want you could go
ahead and hire them to do the service for you or you could join their team
like I’m showing you right now and become a transcriber yourself all you
had to do is go on their website Rev comm go down to the bottom and you’re
gonna want to click on freelancers right here on freelancers it gives you the
option because they actually do have a couple different jobs you could do you
could become a transcription which is typing out getting paid to type out a
captioner or subtitler or a translator so they do have several different things
you could apply for what we’re doing is a transcription for now so just go ahead
and click on transcription so once you get on here all you’re gonna do is go
ahead and submit the application guys they make it real easy for you just type
in your first and last name your email and start your application off and they
of course you’re not gonna get rich off of this you’re not going to be making
you know a boatload of money but it’s a quick and easy way to make some extra
cash if you’re good with typing if you’re like being online why not get pay
for your extra time guys so you could be getting paid weekly via PayPal
they’ll pay you anywhere between two hundred or fifteen hundred dollars a
month now I’m a little bit older now I know I look young still I’m getting
close to thirty years old already but when I was in my teens and I was working
fast-food restaurant jobs you know McDonald’s etc I was not making anywhere
between fifteen hundred dollars a month so I definitely if you’re somebody young
you’re looking to make a little extra money and why not give it a try and make
you earn up to fifteen hundred dollars a month guys and there’s plenty of other
things you can do one here like I was mentioning just go back you could become
a translator or subtitler each one they pay you guys just fill out the
application give it a try and like I said guys they’re just doing this
because they’d rather have a real person like you and me not make any errors
instead of them having a robot to it you know miss periods miss commas
punctuation all awesome between so yeah guys here are two different websites
that you guys could go ahead and give a try
to earn some extra money just for typing line spectra media and rap calm now if
you guys are interested in making a full-time income online if you’re ready
to work from home go down to the description give my number one
recommended online business or try guys it’s what’s helped me start my business
help me learn business help me learn online business because there is a
difference it’s risk free you don’t need any experience to start so you really
have nothing to lose be on your way to quitting your job today
and so that’s it for this video if you enjoyed the content go ahead and
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