Make Money By Typing/Writing $100 To $500 Per Day Easy, Simple, Free!

Want to make 100 to 500
dollars a day literally just typing? I’m going to show you an easy method of how you
can make money $100 to $500 a day typing. In fact, I’m actually going to show you a
special bonus to this where you can make this money without even typing. You can
actually just make money speaking, okay? And you can make this much money every
single day very easily. I’m going to show you right on my computer right here
exactly how it works, how to sign up, who this applies to and how you can get
started earning that money right now. Let’s get it. Oh, my God. The second method
I’m going to show you where you aren’t even making money typing. It seems
ridiculous but it’s real. Now, the site we’re going to be discussing is called text And this guy’s eyes are a little creepy right there. Okay. But it’s I should have links in the description. And if I don’t have
links in the description, type it into Google, okay? But basically, you’re writing
custom content and the way you would get started is you go up here to “I write
content”, okay? And right there, I write content. And what you see here is with
textbroker, you write and you earn money online. So, free to register for this site.
Again, they aren’t making any money off of registration fees. The way they make
money is they work with companies and they list them out right here. They’re
working with companies like staples and eBay and you know, whatever these other
logos are. But the point is, these companies are paying you and putting up
the jobs to write and textbroker pays you, okay? Now, what do you get paid? So,
there’s a couple of different tiers here. So, depending on how good of an author
you are, you can get paid different levels of money. Now, you can get paid
anywhere from about a cent. You know, about one cent per word to 5 cents a
word. And notice this is like a big jump between like 1.4 cents
like 5 cents. Now, what is one cent a word mean? What is 5 cents a
word mean? Like that’s that’s meaningless. Now, let’s put that into actual like
hourly wage numbers just to give you an idea, okay? So, the average person types at
about 40 words a minute, okay? So, you’re not typing for 60 minutes. Let’s
say you’re typing for like I don’t know, 50 minutes, right?
That’s $20 an hour. Now, if you got 5 cents a word, that would be $100 an hour.
Folks, I don’t know how you get up to the five cent a word thing because I haven’t
actually become an author doing this and make enough money. But the point being, if
you can make $100 an hour as a writer, that is fantastic. Now, it’s even better
is this company will give you rewards for each milestone you hit. So, you’re
seeing different milestones. thousand words you get an extra $5. When you hit a million words, you get a laptop bag. When you hit 10
million words, you get a three-night trip to Los Vegas. And they give you bonuses
per quarter. So, this company is really working in your best interest. And this
is a company you can build a large business with. And as a side note, isn’t
it just mind-blowing all of the opportunities there are to work for
yourself. I find it so sinful that we’ve been taught growing up. You know, through
the education system, through the media. That week have to work a job. That we
have to work for a big corporation. How great is it that with the power of the
internet, that we can all be our own boss. And if you think that’s fantastic, just
type in easy money in the comments. Easy money in the comments because I think
it’s fantastic. All of the opportunities available to us these days.
Now, let’s sign up as an author. So, to sign up as an author, they have the
buttons right here. And we’ll click author registration and then we would
click want to sign up as an author to earn money writing content right there.
Now, sign up as an individual and what we’re seeing is there’s 2 big
requirements. So, I said, you know, it’s available to everyone. There are a lot of
opportunities available to every people all over the world. But this one seems to
be only limited to people that are 18 years old and
residents of the United States. Which is another reason why. Hello there our
country. We have more jobs than we have people to do them. So, come over here and
do this job. Or if you live in America which I think 40% of my audience lives
in the United States. Guys, you can start earning money with this right now. So,
sign up. Earn $20, $100 an hour. However good of an offer you are and start
earning that cash. Woo! How exciting is that such an easy way to make money. Now,
I’m going to show you how you can actually do this job without even typing
and you can actually do more words per minute than the average person or even
professional typist can even type. I’ll show you that in a second. But if you’re
enjoying this content, make sure you hit the subscribe button and hit that
notification bell. Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. Like, just slam it. You know, don’t
hurt your computer butt butt slam that notification bell, seriously. Because
you’ll be updated. I go over new ways to make money every single day. Ways you can
earn money online. So you want to be updated about that. Also, you know, I run
my business. I make about a million dollars a month. That’s revenues. I make
6 figures you know, profit. Take-home every month.
Doing a something called affiliate marketing. If you want to learn about how
to do affiliate marketing, make sure to join the money club. It’s $50 a month. I
have a lot of exclusive content for my members as well as I get on live with
you. They’re live streams with me twice a month, okay? Twice a month. Instructions are
click to join and you can join the money Club. And the money Club… And type in
money club. If you love the money Club, in the comments. Because we go over a lot of
stuff. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m pretty good at marketing. I go over a lot
of the basic stuff here. But if you want to become a millionaire, if you want to
become financially free, if you want to ever hope to retire; you have to join the
money club. You have to do some sort of sales or marketing to and actually do
things at scale and leverage yourself. Don’t be beholden to your time. But let’s
check out this next tactic. You don’t even have to type. And that is a very
simple hack. It’s called Google Docs, okay? You’ll see I’m on Docs. And I just typed
in You see right here, okay? And we’re going
to Google Docs. And what we’re going to do is we’re just gonna click start a new
document and click blank right here. And this is a free word processor
from google. But it has a very special feature which is what i’m going to show
you right here. So, let’s check this out. So, I’m going to go to tools. So, we’re going to
go right here. Tools. Make sure you click that. You’re going to be surprised. And we’re
going to come down here. And do you see this? Voice typing, okay? This is it. This is it.
You used to have to pay. I remember the days when you used to have to pay a lot
of money. That software program that did voice typing. But what you’re going to
select is you’re going to select voice typing. And right now, my computer is
using my microphone. Because I’m recording my screen. So, it’s not going to
work. But I don’t think it will. Oh! It works. Okay, very cool. So, the point of
this is look how easy it is. You can make money typing words without even
typing. Exclamation point. Oh, my gosh. That is awesome. So, that’s how you do it. You
can make money typing without even typing. And you can go a lot faster. You
can speak words a lot faster than you can actually type them. So, if you’re
stoked about this, if you want to get started, you can combine these 2
methods and you can type or type hundreds of words per minute. And you can
get paid even more money. Even if you’re at that basic one cent level. You can
probably still earn a hundred dollars an hour if you’re a basic author on the
text broker platform because you are able to speak so much faster than typing.
Because you know a little trick. That was pretty cool. I wasn’t expecting the voice
typed and actually work with my my other microphone working. So, subscribe
to the channel. Hope you enjoyed this. That was pretty fun. And hope some of you
take action. Remember and let me know in the comments. If you’re going to take action
on this, just say, “I’m taking action” because I want to know if what I’m
producing. You know, as a content creator, as a teacher, I want to know if
I’m putting put there is actually going to be used by you. You know, I don’t want to
be thrown stuff out in the air. So type in “I’m doing this” or “I’m taking action”
or… “|I’m doing this” is fine in the comment. Because I’d like to know. do you want me to
talk more about methods like this or what have you? Let me know. Now, either way,
I’m going to end this. Same way I always end it. Drop out of school, quit your job, take
control of your life. Don’t let social media use you. Endless scroll. Let
yourself use social media to make money from the internet. Work for yourself and
do life on your own terms. Enjoy nature kids. Have fun enjoy your family and see
you in the next video.

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