LIVE: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies on Data Collection (C-SPAN)

100 thoughts on “LIVE: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies on Data Collection (C-SPAN)

  1. Why is the comments section full of sense talk just accusation. I feel the people questioning r far more Intelligent than u and me. I wish someday internet crashes atleast for a few months and we have quality time with our own selves.

  2. While hearing the opening statements of the members, I was thinking, "What would I have said if I was in the place of Mr. Pichai?" It went something like this:

    Similar to the American Government, Google comprises of individuals with varying opinions and political stances. To make decisions in such circumstances, we have to rely on a higher code of ethics and morality similar to the Congress which abides by the constitution of the United States. Incidentally, Google's philosophy is an extension of the same.

  3. Shouldn't "free market" capitalist conservative Republicans respect the right of a public corporation to decide internally what it decides to show on its site? What are they suggesting? Regulation? Bust up their monopoly like they used to do up until the 80s? Congress knowingly and profited from allowing these monsters to merge and grow… these hearings are all theater for their voters bitching about silenced voices, blah blah.

  4. google = darpa = cia

  5. Why no sign about CSPAN being sponsored by whole or in part by the US government. Yet I get this message anytime I watch Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan, and Iranian news channels. Maybe you should have not made English the international language if you are scared of Americans discovering the truth.

  6. OMG 3 and half hour answering with so much patience and a smile on every answer, very much clear answers, Now I understood y he Deserve to be the CEO of Google

  7. Political or not…. Just ask Steven Crowder about YouTube's "Non-existent political bias".

     Also, my opinion is that the Committee is asking very detailed questions but Pichai's responses feel very uncaring, flat and vague.

    I also feel that the Democrats are so vigilant and quick to defend Google's neutrality, but I wonder if their positions would be the same if the results were more Republican leaning. (Not blaming Google bias, though I do believe there is a YouTube bias.) I also wonder if it is just a tactic to combat the Republicans on that matter.

  8. I had an question regarding this… How these ppl doesn't know the google collects data? All the search engines collects each and every data from ppl. These ppl asking questions only about how google collects data.. But the fact is "What is the protocol or procedure they are following to secure our data?".

    These ppl should ask this question to all search engine companies including apple. Will they do??

  9. Reason for this meeting : Donald Trump ego 😅
    Congress tried to : own google by pointing any flaws if found 😈
    Pichai tried to : repeat the same answers which he had practised to tell his kids if needed 🤔
    Google is not evil, it's just cunningly nasty 😭
    *man of the video – white moustache guy 😂
    Women of the video – red dress hottie😜

  10. These is wrong im a victim i am worse my life its been hurt these torchering us please stop some help or stop them please

  11. Ah, everyone circle jerking among their own party in the comments. Of course Poe's question was stupid, everyone under the age of 35 could probably tell you as much, but on the other hand Congressman Collins, for example, asked some rather interesting ones. What wouldn't Google collect that they aren't already prohibited from gathering by existent law, such as healthcare information? Why all the evasion around Dragonfly? As a software engineer I understand the opt-in data collection for telemetry and providing better service, but any project that's giving serious attention and resources to even prototyping a system that would help a repressive government exert further control over their people is deeply concerning. I don't think it's too much to ask that American companies hold core fundamentally American values.
    Very interesting stuff, I just wish we would stop trying to see this in terms of party and understand that division is exactly what they (party leaders) want.

  12. what a lying cunt pichai is ! we take privacy seriously hahahahaha and we read each of your emails too, google must be destroyed !

  13. Ive already noticed this. Im notifying everyone i know that ppl outside the country are hacking our devices. Stop invading our privacy.

  14. Indian culture needs to devise an app that programs their own brains to not be racist and a cancer to the human brain🙏 that would benefit society way more than invasion of thoughts and location

  15. Google doesn't need one puny America.If senators cross their idiotic
    level then make it so that you don't use Google.You can't live without google.

  16. What google and the other companies do to protect their users?
    Nothing… because they are made to collect our information, location and spy on us… welcome to jews world.

  17. I think this was a waste of time. As these people know the right answer but still again and again asking the same question.what the hell man!!!!!

  18. Now i know why I've been fool, Google used my Galaxy S7 and my Table 10 A , last year.Yes! It does am a victim. I vow not to used Samsung anymore , for the rest of my life.

    I remembered someone asked me if i was a famous person and why was Google following me?
    Could be, that's the reason my enemies who try eliminating me change their mind?

    Again, if Google does those skims to protect life , not too bad. Nevertheless, we need our privacy.

  19. Mr.Pichai you're a great man, those Congress men should have gathered information from google to question you. I think these questions couldn't be answered by Google but only you could do it….

    Proud of you Man

  20. 2:26:36 heartless asshole. crises is for more important things. i dont like how the judge allowed ted poe to talk to him like that.

  21. Sundar should be behind bars for life, he's helped China jail and kill thousands of dissidents, death would be too good for this human stain.

  22. Unarguably,the best congressional hearing so far…thrilling,exciting & really educative…with humor too!!!

  23. Why am i still being stalked and bothered. And still Broke and Hungry while everyone else still sitting back enjoin this Pathetic Show?

  24. What Laywer can Help me Deal with this un fair system? Anyone? Its been Hell and it shouldn't take for it for me to do all this to get my point across. She's still Super Rich and it seems i continue to suffer.

  25. I do not care if they collect my data
    As long as they provide free services like YouTube and google map

  26. Why does the ceo answer with pre written statements it sounds dead to me. What did the board say before its owner got kicked out?

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  31. I am honestly not sure which is more disrespectful. The kid who was permitted to distract everyone from the remarks of the CEO of a company that not only contributes enormously to the GDP and economic strength of the United States but also contributes in countless ways to technological and scientific advancements that benefit people everywhere. Or the congressmen rudely paying more attention to their phones than to what he is saying only to later badger him with leading questions designed to further their own agendas. Respect is earned. If we are wanting to be shown respect, we need to show it to others. Particularly to the leaders of businesses that have contributed so much to our economy and standard of living. I'm all for accountability but it needs to be done respectfully which is blatantly absent in this hearing. Kudos to Mr. Pichai who remained respectful despite the situation.

  32. Did they even come up with these questions some don't even seem to understand what their asking , not surprised they repeat it many times since the response doesn't make sense either it seems to those who ask the questions

  33. Hillary Clinton 2:50:00 did cut off the face of a little girl and danced wearing her face with Huma after they each had les sex with the child. Nypd has the video from weiners laptop.

  34. I understand why he is the CEO of Google I would’ve said “ Google it “ I don’t know or it’s entirely possible.

  35. Data mining should be illegal or only with consent and if they are using it asked each time you visit a site. Any company, government or politician using a data collection company can manipulate masses over time by personalizing political ads to each individual. They can determine your general personality with over 5000 points of information about you. Who your friends are and what they buy sell or talk to. They can tell which people are susceptible to change their minds, via playing silly free games those fun little personality test that says your a tiger. what products you use, alter what websites you visit via suggestions over months. Health insurance prices even everyday product prices you pay online can vary widely based on how you use the web. These tactics are psychological warfare tactics learned by military's all over the world to destabilize entire nations.

  36. I fail to see how it's even relevant to mention the fact that it is a private company and they can do as they like.
    Didnt we agree some 50 years ago that we should go for free speech, and that it was something we should make the whole wide world embrace? Private companies having the responsibility for social tendencies are just not capable of doing so, and they should be decentralized before it runs out of control.

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