LibreOffice-Writer (53) Inserting a Table

there are a couple of ways to insert a
table into a LibreOffice Writer document first thing we want to know is where our table is going to be placed and that is right
where flashing cursor is the first way I’m going to show to
insert a table is up at this table icon then there’s this arrow down clicking that shows a grid – these would
be the cells in the table. we’ll make it uh… four-by-four now from here, I can either hit enter on the keyboard or left mouseclick i’m left mouse clicking there’s the table going down a little further to leave a
little space in between my two tables i’m going to insert another table looking at this arrow down there is this
more button If I click that it brings up my insert table dialog box
which is the same way as if i just click that icon here we can give that table and name which comes in handy if we’re going to book mark it, use the
navigator, or build a table of indexes the columns in rows are defined by clicking the up-and-down arrows or putting the numbers directly in we are going to come back to the rest of this a
little later except the border i want to point that out the border is ON by default if I
uncheck this and insert my two by two table we’re
going to make this three by three and insert that we see that there’s a light grey line those of the text boundaries we can turn
them on and in the table… table boundaries and turn them back on another way to enter a table is by typing pluses and minuses the pluses will be the vertical lines
the minus signs will be the horizontal and there our table to adjust the with the width of a column
I’ll click on the table i want to adjust – in that column moving my cursor to the side when it becomes a two-sided arrow I left click and drag to the new position this can also be done in the ruler, up at the top notice at the top we also have our
margins for this cell those are standard paragraph margins and they would work for the selected
cell or the entire column if i select the
entire column the quickest and easiest way to select
an entire column is to put my cursor right at the top when it
becomes an arrow-down i select it i can also drag and select multiple
columns the same works for the rows –
I put the arrow to the left and i can select one or multiple rows one advantage to a table in a writer document verses a calc document is I can adjust a single cell clicking on a cell if i hold down control and shift now when i go to this border…
If I drag that in it drags it in only for that cell so i can have different sized cells
on that row i can also split the cells I’m right clicking in the cell coming down to cell and split it ask if i want to split it horizontally or vertically let’s pick vertically.
we can also merge cells selecting them merge and i’m going to adjust the size of one of these rows now if I split this back cell split it asks me if i want to do it into equal proportions or as it decides Let’s do equal proportions we see we’ve got to equal spots I’ll undo that and split again this time we’re going to
not check equal proportions clicking ok now it placed the line at the same height
as the line going across

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  1. Hey Frugal Computer Guy! I'm learning so much studying for a test, but actually I'm learning for life, as most of your tips are also handy for Microsoft Word. Also, I love the end credits music 😀

  2. Great video bro, bounced on my boys keyboard, educating myself in the fine arts of tech. You got a great voice too!
    It's like if Bill Gates had a baby with Jordan Peterson and raised it on flashcards.
    Pls make a tutorial on how to stop cloud people from hacking my
    info-wars-music account.

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