LibreOffice-Writer (50) Tabs — Part 1

before i start the video I wanted to
point out that the screen might look a little different specifically the text
boundaries here we’ve got these corner boundaries instead and we can
still turn them on an off as we did before another thing will notice is right above
this text boundary putting your cursor here allows us to add a header we can also add remove it with the
insert as seen in previous tutorials to see what version you’re working with go into help about LibreOffice and you’ll see
that i have three point five point zero and one other thing I will point out here
is, before i could successfully install three point five point zero i needed to go into my control panel and uninstall
my previous release to show how these tabs work we’re going to turn on the ruler by going into view ruler and we also want to turn on the non-printing characters now remember our ruler that we can
change this from inch to centimeter on the horizontal as well as the vertical and
they are independent I’m going to leave mine as inches
If I just hit the tab it shows that i go over about half an inch and every
half inch up here, we see our default tabs to tab backwards we would hit the
backspace removing our tabs to take more control over our tab
placement we’re going to use this little box in the lefthand corner We have four little shapes that he can turn to if
we click on that shape we’ve got our left justified tab our
right justified tab our decimal point tab and our center tab to show how these work i’m going to place a left tab between the one and the two just by clicking on it, a we notice the
defaults all before are left tab have disappeared tabbing over i’ll type something then and we see our tab symbol with a
non-printing character Let’s go down to the next line and i’m going to place a center tab around the three into place that i just click on the
ruler at the bottom I”m tabbing over I tab past my left tab
into my center and it shows a text centered under this tab where’s our first one is left justified clicking on the next one i’m going to add a right tab over at the six so I”m tabbing past the left past the center and it’s going to line up on the right it’s at this time that i want to point out
that the tabs carry forward but not up in the document clicking on the right tab we see that we
have all three tabs if I go up a line we notice that our right tab is no longer available. but we have our
defaults and going up one more we only have our left tab so if you want that tab to apply to the
entire document you might want to do a control+a and select the entire document and then
placing your tabs and it will carry them forward the entire time there is one more tab symbol the centering with the decimal and I will place one here about four and a
half tabbing over to it it lines up the decimal point in numbers sometimes lining up decimal points in text
documents can be very difficult especially if you’ve got multiple fonts or sizes that decimal point tab can come in very
handy now we have our tabs out there we also want to know how to remove them
to remove the tab we would click on the line that we want to remove
the tab from drag the tab marker off the ruler and the tab is gone remember that the tab key is part of the paragraph
formatting – everytime i hit the end of paragraph – after the left, after the
center tab, and after the right tab it started a new paragraph formatting so that’s what we have five lines and five different paragraph
formats a better way for me to have done this would have been tab holding down shift enter means new line now I’m tabbing or to the center tab holding down shift enter tab tab one more to get to that right…. right tab shift enter now we can see the difference while
showing our non-printing characters a end of paragraph and a new line will
look a lot different turning off the non-printing characters they look the
same but here to change or move a tab we would
select the whole thing i can move my right tab in a little bit bring it back out and there’s no problems

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