LibreOffice-Writer (40) Adding a Bibliography

we can now close our bibliography database and enter in our references the text is highlighted just to show me
where we want to add our references there is no meaning behind the
highlighting that’s only to find the area to place the referecne quicker so let’s insert indexes in tables bibliography entry now this is saying – from the bibliography
database and it’s asking us if we want this first
one odt39a we also have our b in there so we want
a and this shows us that it is john smith
the great booktitle we’re going to insert and we want to close this to take a look instead of a number we have this odt39a
that was our key we’re going to change that to a number
and a bit but this is the default so we’re
sticking with this for the moment and the second one just like the first insert indexes in tables bibliography entry from the bibliography database and b – insert close so we see that that we have a our two
from our database referenced let’s put in the third third i’m going to insert indexes in tables bibliography entry but this one i want to enter from the document content and if we remember we want this to be susan anderson so let’s enter that in
by new and now we want to see what this looks like we need to give it a short name we are going to call this odt39c this is a type a book the author was susan anderson the other great booktitle chicago press publishing two thousand eleven to now we’ve entered that into the
document and now we want insert that into our text we can close our bibliography entry now, we want to add our bibliography and we will put that on a separate
page so i am going to hit enter and insert manual break page break okay and this is where we want to insert the
bibliography so we go into insert indexes and tables indexes and tables this time we change the type to bibliography clicking ok there we have our basic bibliography now it’s in there but it’s not quite right first of all i said i was going to make
these numbers and let’s do that right now i’m going to right click in open up the edit index table and i’m going to check number entries clicking ok now we can see these are numbered one
two three let’s go up a check and see these. Yep, one, two, three so those look pretty good

9 thoughts on “LibreOffice-Writer (40) Adding a Bibliography

  1. Hey, me again. I just cannot stress enough how helpful these videos are. I know a lot of people who still write the bibliography at the end of an article by themselves. This should be an obligatory course at every university.

  2. Thanks again and I agree, I think there are a lot more people that can benefit from these videos, but I don't know how to reach them. Maybe I should end my videos with the message, "If you enjoy these videos, tell a friend."

  3. Hello, I been watching some of your videos.

    I do have my own database server using MySQL as the database engine. My question is: Can I use a copy of the bibliography database inside MySQL and use that one instead (not using the local bibliography database) ?

    I have 3 different computers and each installation of Libre office have it's own bibliography database. So I duplicate work a lot trying to keep all 3 computers with the same information inside the bibliography database.

    I would love to be able to use a SHARED bibliography database in MySQL for all my libreoffice installations.

  4. Libre dropped the ball when the did not allow for the database to "easily" be set up for APA format, the most widely used format for bibliographies by people that are required to use them, like every high school and college student in the US (barring a few exceptions).

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