LibreOffice-Writer (32) Multi-Level Table of Contents

in this example i’ve got a multi- level outline for my libreoffice document and get calc and writer as my header level ones then i’ve got group one as my header level two and then my
actual videos would be my video level three so let’s take a look, if I click on calc it’s showing heading one outline one my group one is heading two outline two
the same with this group two his also in outline two you and these don’t have to be personalized they can be your heading two
that’s the same thing I did with heading one i created a heading two and then create a format for it and then as well here we’ve got heading
three and if you look and here organizer linked with heading three and i’ve come down here to heading three and you’ll see that that is outline level three outline numbering so that’s where i’m getting the outline from now while we’re here it might be a good
time to take a quick look at a navigator and we see our headings again are headings
tab it’s telling us that we have twenty headings if I click this open i’ve got calc and writer underneath there I’ve got group one two and
three writer, I’ve got one two and under here we’ve got our video titles and then double clicking on them will take me right to it so it is a link I’ve left the page above this open so that’s where we’re going to place
our table of contents and it starts off the same way insert indexes and cables indexes and tables now we’ve got multi levels to look at let’s changed the title first of all to libreoffice T O C – Libreoffice table of
contents and we can see right here is what it looked like because we’ve got a preview checked and protect against manual changes we’re
gonna uncheck that the entire document and this outline this has to do with
what we saw down at the bottom of our page outline mode index marks we want those let’s just click ok can see how it looks just as is and here we have our libreoffice table of contents and we’ve got our three levels it’s bringing in different looks for levels two and three let’s take a look at this a little more to bring back up that dialog box I’m going to right-click and check on edit index table now looking at the styles we can see level one is going to contents one level two contents two – level three the contents three we can change this if we would like we can set them all to content one so i’ll put level one contents one level two i need to click contents one now the arrow back and it changed it to content one same with level three content one Let’s click okay and we see that it all looks like content one i’m not real happy with this style so I want to change it a little bit i’m going to change contents one right-clicking modify and I’m going to change the font to times new roman and bold apply now they’re all times new roman bold so i’m going to change contents two modify times new roman i’m going to make that regular twelve-point but i also want to indent
this a little bit it’s saying at one twenty we will make this at one thirty-five apply and then contents three I’m going to modify that I’m going to make this times new Roman Italic and the indent and spacing and the other was one
thirty five so make this one fifty apply and we don’t see any changes because we changed our table of contents so to do that we need
to right click index edit index table and now i want to change level two
back to contents two level three back to contents three and click ok so now it’s looking a little more like i
wanted to see now let’s add some links to our
table of contents right-clicking on it edit index table and level one we want to take to the left of the e hyperlink we see our link start clicking to be right of the e in that
little white box hyperlink we see our link end and we can see over on our left it it looks like it’s linked – let’s click ok and we see in our table of contents the blue and we also see the control click to open hyperlink let’s do the same for the other two right-click edit index table now i go down to level two clicking in the white box hyperlink link start I’m clicking in the white box to the
right of the e hyperlink we see our link end afterwards we see it although they are both here we still need to
go down to our level three to the left of our e hyperlink to the right of the e hyperlink okay and now they’re all in there let’s make one more change to our table of
contents right-clicking on it edit index i want to change our title to be the format of my heading to i can’t just click ok I need to click this arrow now i see it changing here and changing in
our preview clicking OK and now we have our formatted multilevel table of contents i will put these documents that we
just covered out on the website in case some of you want to download
them and play with them to get a little more familiar with these topics

13 thoughts on “LibreOffice-Writer (32) Multi-Level Table of Contents

  1. Hi this is good. What really missing is the more basic info. This is the advanced info. A simpler basic tutorital please. I have a basic knowledge of OO TOC. Have even done a 350 page book with TOC. On LibreOffice I can not get any TOC at all. It's mainly the tabs in the Index generator that are abstract and eccentric. Lead viewers to create a TOC with one item. I can't even create one item. As of Aug 2012, no other video or text tutorials of any use for people stuck on the basics.

  2. My videos are numbered and start of very basic and build on the lessons learned in the earlier videos. At my website, I have them grouped by topic so you can find what you need quickly, but many videos depend on information from lower number videos for example, video 32 depends on information learned in video 31, as well as 29, and 26. I know most people don’t have time to go every video, but if you do skip around, you may be missing a key piece of information shown in an earlier lesson.

  3. Thanks for this very clearly and well annunciated explanation of LibreOffice ToC, as well as all your other well done clips (which are nicely organized by the way)! They are very helpful to reduce the LibreOffice learning curve for someone like myself who has moved away from Microsoft.

  4. Thank you for these old quick videos to learn LibreOffice as playlists. Now learning LibreOffice 4. (March 18, 2015)

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