Learn Punjabi Lesson2 – Gurmukhi Script

Sat Sri Akal ji, Welcome to my LearnPunjabi
YouTube Channel. An initiative by CharmPunjabi.com to promote
Punjabi language, literature and culture. This is my second video on this channel and
in this series of videos we will step by step learn Punjabi language. In our first lesson we got introduced to Punjabi
language and Gurmukhi script. And in this lesson we will learn more about
Gurmukhi script and we will also understand the Course Structure. Let’s start the tutorial with the recap of
what we learnt about Gurmukhi script in the previous lesson. In the previous lesson, we learnt that there
are two scripts of Punjabi Language. “Gurmukhi” and “Shahmukhi”. We learnt that the word Gurmukhi means “From
the mouth of the Guru”. It is consolidated and formally declared as
a script by Guru Angad Dev ji in the 16th Century. He is the 2nd Guru of Sikh religion. Gurmukhi script was designed to write Punjabi
and other native languages. Sikh’s holy scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib
his whole 1430 Angs or pages are written in Gurmukhi script. Gurmukhi script has 35 letters. Direction of writing Gurmukhi is from Left
to Right, similar to writing in English language. Gurmukhi is also referred as “Painti Akhri”
means 35 Alphabets. “Painti” means thirty five and “Akhar” means
Alphabet or Letter. So, “Painti Akhri” means 35 Alphabets. In Gurmukhi script there is no Upper or Lower
case letters. All the letters have only one form as written
on the table on the right. First three letters of 35 Gurmukhi alphabets
form basis for vowel sounds. We will learn more about how they form the
vowel sounds in upcoming videos. The 35 letters are primary letters in Gurmukhi
script. 6 more letters were added in the script to
accommodate more sounds. The table on the top shows these 6 letters
or Akhars. Gurmukhi Ginti: In Gurmukhi counting means
Ginti. Table on the bottom shows Gurmukhi Ginti from
1 to 20. In the upcoming videos we will learn Ginti
as well. Gurmukhi script has some signs that are used
with the Akhars (the letters) to make unique sounds. These signs or modifiers are known as “Laghan
Matrans”. Name of these signs are “Mukta”, “Kanna”,
“Sihari”, “Bihari”, “Onkar”, “Dulankar”, “Lavan”, “Dulavan”, “Hora”, “Kanura”, “Bindi”, “Tippi”
and “Adhak”. The symbols of these Signs or Matras with
their phonetics are shown on the screen. Matras are used with the Akhars to make different
sounds. In the example shown on the screen, two Akhars
are joined with Matra “Kanna” to make a word “Kaar”. You don’t need to memorize these matras right
now, we will learn these matras in detail in the upcoming videos. Two lessons are dedicated to these matras,
we will practice them with some examples. Let’s understand the course structure I have
planned for you. As we have learnt there are 35 primary letters
in Gurmukhi script. We will learn how to Read, Write and Pronounce
these letters in the batches of 5. So in my next lesson, the lesson number 3,
we will learn first 5 letters of Gurmukhi script. At the end of the lesson number 3, we will
be able to Read, Write and Pronounce first 5 letters or Akhars of Gurmukhi script. Similarly, following lessons – Lesson number
4, Lesson number 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 we will cover the next batches of letters in Painti
Akhri. In lesson number 10, we will learn the other
6 letters that were added to accommodate more sounds in Gurmukhi. We will learn Laghan matrans or sounds from
Mukhta to Adhak in Lesson number 11 and 12. And then we will learn Gurmukhi Ginti or counting
in Lesson number 13 and Lesson number 14. By the end of lesson number 14, you will be
able to read, write and pronounce all the Gurmukhi Akhars means Letters and Ginti
means counting. Lesson number 15 onwards we will learn words
and sentence formation in Punjabi language. Let’s summarize what we have learnt today
in this lesson. We learnt Gurmukhi script is consolidated
and formally declared as a script by 2nd Guru of Sikh Religion – Guru Angad Dev ji. Sikh’s holy scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib
ji is written in Gurmukhi script. Gurmukhi script has 35 letters and it is know
as Painti Akhri. Painti means thirty five and Akhar means letter
or alphabets. Gurmukhi is written from Left to Right. Similar to English language. Letters or Akhars in Gurmukhi script has only
one form. There is no upper case or lower case letters. Sounds in Gurmukhi are called Laghan Matrans. Ginti means counting
We have discussed our course structure as well. In this course we will learn how to read/write
and speak Punjabi. We will first learn Painti Akhri in batches
of 5 akhars or letters in each lesson. Then we will learn sounds, numbers and finally
we will learn the words and sentence formation. Thank you for watching this video. If you like this video and would like to support
me. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Link is on the screen. You can also download my Free Android App
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in the description below. In the next lesson we will learn more about
Gurmukhi script and what it consists of. Till then stay tuned and keep learning Punjabi! 🙂 Thank you!

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