Launching My New Personal Brand: The Story of Content Hacker

I’m so excited to share with you guys today
that my new brand, Content Hacker is finally here. It went live on Friday June 28. This is my new personal brand and resource
site dedicated to growth focused content marketers, and it’s really the result of eight years
of a lot of hard work. Learning content marketing and content creation,
and growing my agency Express Writers completely through grassroots content marketing. It also came after writing two books on the
topic, hosting a podcast, speaking on this topic, and of course tons of writing. I’ve written over a thousand blogs in the
past eight years. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this
adventure with you in today’s video. I want to share with you the story behind
content hacker. Growing up when I was 7-8 years old, there
were a couple of discoveries that really stood out to me. The first one was when I was in school in
the early 2000s, and I took my very first reading and writing comprehension test. Taking that test to me was so much fun. It doesn’t even feel like a test. When I got that back, I earned an A+ on it. That started a love for writing and working
with words that has only gone with time. I’ll also never forget the sound of connecting
to a dialing modem to the internet back when I was seven years old in 1998. That was my first experience with internet
and it just blew my mind that we could write an email to someone on the other side of the
US and receive an answer from them in a literally minute. I felt like magic. I was blown away by the power of the internet. And by 12 years old, I learned how to make
money online. I was making up worth of $350 a month by 13
years old. Today, finding an avenue that connects that
connects my love for writing words with the power of the internet and making money through
the internet is like a kid getting to play in a sandbox. It’s a wonder still to me, but I can get online,
craft content in a way that reaches and audience pulls in revenue. And through content creation, earning more
in a month than my family made in an entire year back when I was growing up in the 90s.
Online content for the past eight years it’s been my realm, it’s been the place I love
living with them both a creativity outlet and a full-time living. I even dropped out of college and a nursing
degree back in 2011 at 19 years old to plunge in and follow my dreams and make a life out
of this thing I love called content creation, and I’m so glad I did, and that brings me
today the content hacker. Back in 2011 when I plunged into learning
how to create content, I had an edge and my edge simply was that this was my full-time
living, and if I did my money at it, I was completely broke. So my I built my writing agency Express Writers
with nothing more than $75. Everything I did was so scrappy because I
had no other choice. In 2012 at 20 years old, just months after
starting my agency, I used my revenue to actually escape my desk colt. That’s a story that I’m telling in a new book
that I’m launching soon, so stay tuned for that. To be able to escape, I actually had to buy
a car in cash which I did using my proxies from content writing. I escaped and through a lot of hard work,
I built a life I dreamed of. Express Writers has brought in $4.5 million
in revenue across the last eight years. So I’ve had little choice, but to be a hard-knocks,
bottom-line focused, reality-checking content creator. My success has come from the hard work put
in, there is no luck involved. I’m motivated by results and I love using
data, tools, and constant growth methods to achieve results through content, and it really
helps that I love what I do. When I first heard the term content hacker,
it was from Garrett Moon at CoSchedule, a friend of mine and someone I look up to. He first coined this term in 2014 on the CoSchedule
blog, and he simply defines it as growth-focused content marketer. Today, I can’t think of a better term, the
content hacking to describe my day-to-day lifestyle in content marketing. But here is the thing, my content wasn’t only
successful. In fact, many of my personal essence have
come from the PhD and failure university, and along the way, I see so many other content
marketers making the same mistakes falling into the same pitfalls and their content falling
flat by just fizzling out. Content marketing going no where. I believe this problem is completely fixable
because I’ve seen it happen for myself and many of my clients in Express Writers, and
that’s why it’s time for content hacker. Elite proven content marketing methodologies
are needed more than ever. 40,000 people are searching Google every second. 99% of millennials say ads don’t influence
their buying decision anymore. Content marketing can be the answer to our
problems if we know what we’re doing and we do it strategically. So to wrap up, content hacker it’s really
three things if I were to narrow it down. First, content hacker is your resource for
elite content marketing education, productivity habits, inspiration and guidance in content
marketing. Secondly, content hacker is the community
I wish I had. This is truly what I want to be. I want content hacker to be more than just
me. I want to be a group of people like you focused
on growth just like I was at the beginning and still today. If this is you, I want you to join us. Go visit, sign up to our
list, follow our new social media profiles, and be a part of the evolution that is very
much needed in content marketing. Lastly, content hacker is also my new personal
brand. This is the rock I’m going to stand on, and
yes I’m still running Express Writers. That is my writing agency, the first business
I started. I continue to see it through. Content Hacker is my place, and eventually,
I hope a home for content marketers who need that thrive of elite thinkers that resource
center, and that community to feel a no that they’re on the right track in content. The Content Hacker’s Motto. Crappy, same-old, ugly content is exactly
what we rail against. We will not do not create useless content. We will not push out mediocre content because
it’s a thing to do. Instead, our audience comes first, and we
bet on producing content that our tribe our people will gobble up. We’re constantly researching our audience,
topics, and keywords, testing new ideas, updating our knowledge, and trying new content marketing
tools and methods that work. Metrics mean nothing if they don’t correlate
to real growth. We are the future of content marketing because
in the end, we are the ones working to make the internet better. We’re on a mission to create content that
matters, content that builds trust and connection between audiences and brands. We are content hackers. Join our new community for growth-focused
marketers at Thanks for watching this video, and if you
have it yet, grab your freebie that we developed just for launch day at Content Hacker, it’s
called the Content Hacker Starter Kit. So go to the link in the description. There will be a short link for that freebie. You can grab it right away. I hope to see on YouTube. If you haven’t hit that subscribe button yet. Do that and let me know in the comments what
you think of Content Hacker. I’d love to hear from you, and I’ll see you
around YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Launching My New Personal Brand: The Story of Content Hacker

  1. Love it! And the escaping a cult story is definitely something I want to read! Completely resonate with the motto!

  2. Congratulations Julia:) I love to learn from you. I am your student on the SEO content writer course. And I hope to take the Content Strategy course in the near future. Wish you continued success:)

  3. Hi Julia,

    I am very happy to see you launch your personal brand. I just stumbled on you not more than a week. In that short time I read your first book and I so much loved it. Thank you for being so helpful and just full of integrity.
    I want to start writing and get paid and I'm looking forward to reading your content and contribute to the success of this new project: Content Hacker!


  4. Hi Julia, Glad to see your introduction video for Content Hacker! Congrats again on your personal brand. What an awesome journey you're on.

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