Kindle Creators: Five Authors Describe their Self-Publishing Experience

35 thoughts on “Kindle Creators: Five Authors Describe their Self-Publishing Experience

  1. If you enjoy writing, you can indeed profit from kindle self-publishing and cash in on the ever-growing trend of e-book publishing.

  2. The Kindle self-publishing scheme, to me, is brilliant. I'm a student, writing a bunch of short stories. It's brilliant.

  3. quiero hacerme rico escribiendo libros para Kindle, principalmente haciendo outsourcing de modo que pueda escalar el negocio y asi hacer mucho dinero… en dolares… eso es lo que quiero

  4. I'm 14 and I can't wait to finish my book and send it to amazon! They take so much stress out of writing!

  5. Trust me. Kdp is hard work. I've got 4 short stories up and haven't made a penny. Look me up. Robert Atkins. My stories are: The one for me (thicker than water) A cursed life for me part 1 & 2 (thicker than water) My first friend part 1

  6. So I'll have to basically reduce my royalty to 35%. Meaning I'll be earning much less. How am I supposed to make money and a name by doing that? I spent hours and hours for what exactly?

  7. I'll self publish my first novel and then all the following novels I will publish them the traditional way because by then I'll be heard of and have a name!

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  9. You still have to be able to write, of course. But Amazon's self-publishing platform is revolutionizing the world of publishing. The guy interviewed in the video is right — the only parties needed are the author and the readers. (I would add to that, that some authors require an editor and proofreader as well, if they don't have really strong grammar and punctuation skills. But that's another story.) If an author has a great story to tell, and remarkable storytelling abilities, why shouldn't he or she skip the middleman and take her book straight to the readers? Let the readers decide if a book should be successful or not. 

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  12. This is great advice for Authors! I've just self-published a book about dealing with various bias related obstacles, ' Nuthology Pser 400 Bias Index: And the Secret Capsule Of Talents” I will definitely be taking these tips in account. Keep up the fantastic job!

  13. The Best Short Story You'll Read This Year: 'The Little Molecule' – You'll pee your pants, it's so good. Just go to and type in the title. Easy peasy. 😀

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  15. This video isn't helping. You could be the best writer in the world but if no one shows you how to get people to buy the darn thing then oh frickin well.

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  20. Amazon,
    I'm writing you here because it is, or is near, impossible to send you a feedback message.
    Myself and many others find the Special Offers on the Kindle to be helpful – often buying books there. But lately many of the books are semi-porn smut fiction. As for my family I know those ads are not based on our reading history. Please taylor the ads to our reading habits. We don't want to see offensive smut fiction. I am considering switching to a different eReader as your ads are so repulsive.
    Kevin Carpenter – Dec 2017

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