Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview at Toledo

>>Appreciate it. Spencer: Let’s bring in head coach Kalani stake who is joining us in Toledo. Coach, I know this is a very frustrating scenario. You felt like your team made enough plays defensively to win the game, but couldn’t put up enough points. Where did this team ultimately fall short today?>>Well, all three phases. Special teams, offense, defense, we didn’t perform well and coaching as well. That is on me. Our guys played hard and we just didn’t make enough plays. Credit goes to Toledo for making the plays they had to. They just made more plays than we did. That is a concern for me. Spencer: I know the wheel of accountability is a thing and you take credit for the loss as a head coach because that is what you do as a leader. If you look at your staff, criticisms come for play calling or execution. Where is it in terms of execution level where your team needs to be and does that factor into why you did not win this game?>>Of course. That is why we weren’t able to get enough momentum and be consistent. I think the key here is we fete need to be more consistent and finish drives. On defense we need to get guys off the field. That is my job. I have to get that done. The boys are playing hard, you know, and they love playing in front of their fans that made the trip out here. It just wasn’t good enough. Toledo made some really good plays. They played hard. We knew they were going to be a tough team. They played a tight game against sec opponent Kentucky. I thought we had momentum earlier and just weren’t able to, you know, build on it. Then that’s what I have to get done. I think whatever it is, we are going to evaluate everything and make sure we perform better for the game in south Florida. Spencer: The third quarter, Mitchell guadagni and their offense got loose for over 200 yards. What happened to the BYU defense that allowed them to start to find a rhythm?>>I’m going to have to evaluate it. We were breaking down in the run game, run defense. That was uncharacteristic of what we were doing the entire game. They were able to get chunk yards. We made some dumb mistakes as a team, too, that kept drives alive. Where it was, these guys, the players keeping drives alive with penalties and things like that. Whenever we caught a break it seems we were able to shoot ourselves in the foot. Execution is important to me and the guys are giving me their effort. I’ll get it fixed. Spencer: How do you begin to address that, the dumb plays and penalties. How does that get shored up?>>You evaluate all of it. No one is immune from criticism, myself included. I’m looking at the whole Gamet. My decisions to the coaching staff to the players. All of that is being evaluated. We have a bye week. Looks like we have a new quarterback for that week. Spencer: Can you give us an update on Zach’s thumb. What is the status there?>>We don’t know the exact timeline on the injury, but we know that it is looking like right now that Jaren hall will be our quarterback when we go to south Florida. I don’t know the details. We are still evaluating that right now. Spencer: So in two weeks, where do you begin preparation getting Jaren hall ready to go in two weeks?>>He has the right attitude and want to. The desire and passion is there for the game. He is ready for this moment. He stepped in on the last drive and wasn’t afraid of the moment. That is something we can build on. We have to build this offense to structure it so the structure is on his advantages and strengths and away we go. If that means simplifying or changes some scheme things, we’ll do that. Spencer: Aside from the quarterback, what is the number one priority for this team to get better moving forward?>>Stop the run on defense and stay consistent as a team for

8 thoughts on “Kalani Sitake Post Game Interview at Toledo

  1. Holmoe, put your damn team in a conference. Independence has failed miserably. Ever since you pulled that off, you have never beaten Utah. Almost an entire decade of losing to your rival. You call that success?

  2. Wilson needs to stop chucking it to guys that are perfectly covered. Run it like taysom could. Hill should've had like four pics against USC. And like three against Washington, and like three today.
    Otherwise, I love the kid. And he's brilliant at everything else.

  3. With the Toledo good db coverage. Why did Grimes call a pass on 3rd and 4? And zach threw it perfectly covered guy.
    I like zachs aggressiveness. Detmer threw a lot of picks, but he also averaged like 420 yards and 5 touchdowns a game.
    I rate zach so far in his young career as byu's fifth best all time running quarterback.
    I have this:
    Sean covey
    Zach wilson
    Riley nelson.

    So, zach needs to run more or at least chuck it out of bounds in stead of his risky passes that should've been picked off way more than, luckily for byu fans, than they have been.

  4. I feel bad for coach sitake. He's such a loving person that kicks ass as a football coach.
    But his record is pretty shit. Like 500.
    He's had some unlucky shit though. That 4 and 9 year he went through like six quarterbacks. Injuries all around.
    I say extend his contract anyway. Give him his due breathing room. Let him get his 12 million or whatever. Assuming it's a four year contract extension at 2.5 a year? Just kinda guessing at that.
    But anyway, extension his classy genius coaching ass just for things like winning at Tennessee, at 3rd ranked Wisconsin, USC, and others that I forget at the moment.

  5. My point was, I feel bad for sitake because he lost Ty'son last week for the year, and he's without zach for who knows how long. Sad and unlucky.

    And side note shumway has has like three or four key drops the last two games. When he was so brilliant with the opportunities the first three games.

  6. BYU lacks talent and depth. Independence creates a front loaded schedule against superior size, speed and talent where guys get injured. Then BYU loses games they should win. We finish the season beating mediocre teams with our second and third string which give us unrealistic perspective on our depth. Then we do it again the next season.

  7. Sitake always takes credit for the loss and always will but this is not his fault. It's the players mistakes and being gassed from the first four games that turned this game into a loss. Also, I think Jaren Hall looks very promising. That last drive was solid.

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