Judy Blume Teaches Writing | Official Trailer | MasterClass

If you ask me, are
you a writer Judy? I’ll say no, but I’m
a great rewriter. I hope that in
sharing with you what I’ve learned over
50 years of writing, that it will help you
find your way as a writer. When you’re writing
for kids, we’re not an adult telling a
story about being a kid. We are that kid. As a 12-year-old, I was
obsessed by the idea of growing breasts and getting my period. But there was no place
that I could read about it. When I started to write, I
was determined to be honest. So I’m going to share with you
the practical side of writing. Process, story, voice, editing,
dialogue, and character. There’s nothing more
important than character. You’re living with
these people for years. You had better feel for them. Do some exercises. Have your character
write a letter to you. The first draft is
pure torture for me. I hate every second of it. I have a messy
mind, and my writing is a process of
cleaning up the mess. Then slowly, making a story. I will be able to
show that to you. I got a particularly
nasty review once. And it got to me. And I took my typewriter, and I
held it over this arroyo, and I was going to throw it in. I thought, I cannot
do this anymore. And then this little
voice went off in my head. Wait. You’re going to let this one
review stop you from writing? That’s crazy. That’s one opinion. I enjoy finding and
supporting new writers. And this is a chance for
me to reach more of you. I always ask myself,
why would anyone write if they didn’t have to? I mean it’s so hard. So this is for all of you
who feel that you have to. I’m Judy Blume and this is my MasterClass.

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