IRC & Physiatry; Optimizing Post-Acute Care

A physiatrist is basically a physician who manages function or optimizes function. So, we are experts in Neurological,
Orthopedic, Rheumatology… Anybody who has any disability or any condition that
prevents them from being their true self, we help. A physiatrist is a medical doctor that understands what your rehab team is doing and can help
direct the rehab team. What IRC does, is we’re able
to staff a specialist in rehab, which is the physiatrist who is dedicated
solely to your facility. Our doctors aren’t running clinic on the side,
they’re not dedicated to a hospital, they’re solely dedicated to the skilled
nursing facility, and that does make us unique in this space. There’s going to be a lot of pressure for the facilities to reduce the length of stay and to optimize their
care. So with us being involved with their Medicare meeting, which is the team
meeting, with talking to the therapists on a daily basis, the primary care team…. we kind of act as a quarterback for the team and kind of guiding the care, from
the time they get in, to the time they go home. We’re in the buildings several times a
week, we’re fighting that same battle that
they’re fighting with getting patients the proper level of care in an
environment that we have to be worried about reimbursement as well. I mean we
have to keep these buildings alive and thriving, so they can provide this great
patient care. We come in and we don’t try to apply one
philosophy to every building. Every building is a little bit different. Us as physiatrist can help in various different ways and that’s what we look
to do.. is customize our program and what our physician provides, for your particular building. When skilled nursing facilities are now expected to outperform themselves on a higher acuity patient than they’ve ever seen before,
they need more eyes and ears, they need subspecialty… and physiatrists are
perfectly primed, because their a specialist in rehab. The facilities really rely on you for being able to help them with decreasing their readmission rates, helping them with reimbursements. Just generally your presence there is such a huge part of their patients well-being and their
ability to return home safely. We’ll be constantly pushing the team, as we do today, to make sure they (our patients) can get home safely. IRC has a very compassionate and direct approach. They’re very accessible and
their bedside manner is outstanding. The physiatrists with this group really
augment and make a pivotal impact in our patient care. Because anything that is a minor barrier or hurdle, they get to the bottom of and help us seek, and find the
answers in a much more quick, and effective manner. In today’s day and age, facilities feel
more and more pressure to operate.. And today’s world is value-based medicine. I think any facility would benefit by having a partner who’s an expert in
value-based medicine, and that’s what IRC is.

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