Inspiration for Writers: Naomi Lowinsky Offers Inspiration For Writers

Hi my name is Naomi Ruth Lowinsky I’m a poet
and this is a praise video for Writer’s Relief I don’t know about you when you write but
when I write I go into a trance I go into a cave I climb on that wild horse I was when
I was a little girl and I fly away chasing after wild associations tracking childhood
memories finding out weird relationships between words stressing about stresses listening to
the rhythm and the music of words I do everything that involves the inner realm that involves
my inner life but then in the bad old days before Writer’s Relief I’d crawl out of my
cave and be blinded by the blights of having to deal with poetry business poetry business
involves thousands of magazines thousands of websites all kinds of possibilities figuring
out the names of editors guidelines submission dates it drove me crazy I just couldn’t keep
track of it all and besides which I couldn’t tolerate rejections they felt like they murdered
my soul they took my beautiful little baby that I created and killed it so one day about
5 years ago I decided well maybe I should pay attention to that ad I noticed for years
about Writer’s Relief so I signed up and the first thing they did was to write me a letter
saying that they’d accepted me which I was pleased about and then saying expect to receive
the greatest number of rejections that you’ve ever received in your life and I thought oh
my god can I do this but you know what something magical happened because with Writer’s Relief
as my submission service as my editors as my pals as my help-mates it stopped being
personal when I got rejections it was just the poetry business it was just what happens
and I was able to tolerate all those rejections and I started getting acceptances lots of
acceptances I’ve been signed up for Writer’s Relief for 5 years and I’ve had over 60 poems
accepted it’s truly amazing to me I have to tell you that being a poet is not for sissies
it’s really hard work in the inner world and it’s really hard work in the outer world being
a writer submission service is not for sissies either as I realized after the recent storm
hit the East Coast Sandy hit Hackensack, New Jersey where Writer’s Relief had its headquarters
for many years it blew their roof off they had to move they can’t go back there anymore
and they had to totally change how they do their work and they were able to stay in touch
by e-mail and let us know what was happening they also just recently sent me my newly copy
edited poems ready for submission I think that’s truly remarkable I think they’re truly
remarkable and I highly recommend them thanks

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