Information Powers Success: Best-Selling Author Jamie Ford

I probably wouldn’t be where I am now, as
an author, without the Public Library. You know, my first novelHotel on the
Corner of Bitter and Sweet”, it was a sleeper hit, it’s done really well, it was a big bestseller, it’s available in 35 languages but it really began
downstairs in this library at this writers group that met here. I also did a
lot of the research here in this building and this place was my go-to at
that time in my career I needed a ton of reference materials on WWII, on the
Japanese internment, on Asian culture. I actually had one of those library books
out so long, I kept renewing it and renewing it and renewing it, that I just bought it
from the library because I needed that book, that I actually bought it with my
my late fees. There’s an interesting concept in our society, it’s the idea of
a third place. The first and second places in our lives tend to be home and
work and as individuals we sort of search for another place and the public
library serves that function in a huge capacity because this is where people
who won’t have internet access, they can come here and do a resume, they can come here and check out a book on job interview techniques. It’s a repository
of knowledge in our community that’s free and available to anyone. There’s
really very few excuses for not being able to better yourself or your position
in life, in our economy, because the answers are here and there are
librarians who will help you find those answers and so I think it’s vitally
important that we keep these spaces available, we keep them open and we
sustain them for the betterment and health and well-being of the society
that surrounds them. Best of all, I met my wife at the public
library and you can’t do that on a Kindle.

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  1. Jamie Ford, thanks for Writhing & Video: my ten year Old Grandaughter ( Camile) have LEWIS and Clark Library , Helen MT AS OUR special Place to GO TO, ETC. THOUGH, Libraries figure prominently in our lives; I discovered WW2 issues of TIME (esp) ,LIFE, AND LOOK, SAT EVE POST ( ?) in Stacks Of PURDUE UNIVERSE MAIN LIBRARIES the 1960’s when I was in Pharmacy School, and first two years of ARMY ROTC….. INTERESTINGLY, MY grandparents, had a separate Building( Library personal) for their Back issues of Magazines and Books from CHURCH AND Their Nursing Home Business (1950-60s)…..

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