IELTS Writing Task 2 VOCABULARY for Band 7+ | Must-know SYNONYMS

how can you demonstrate that you have a
sufficient range of vocabulary for your IELTS writing task 2 today I’m going to
show you four simple ways to avoid word repetition and also I’m gonna give you a
downloadable PDF file with synonyms for 20 most common adjectives used in the
task 2 – ok let’s get started hi there it’s Asiya do you know that lexical
resource weighs 25% of your mark in IELTS writing it means that 1/4 of your
writing score depends on your vocabulary and if you look at the IELTS band descriptors
document you will see that in order to score band 7 in writing you need to
demonstrate a sufficient range of vocabulary it means you need to show you
know enough words to communicate your ideas one of the ways to do so as to
avoid unnecessary word repetition have you ever noticed that you use ser words
over and over again in your essay you can easily spot this mistake yourself if
you read your essay loud now let me show you how to avoid repeating those words instead of writing the same now two
times in a row replace the second occasion with a pronoun imagine you’re
given an example in the USA and it sounds like that mister Adams has become
the youngest CEO of his company mister Adams was promoted when he was just 29
as you can see these sentences don’t sound quite right because words mister
Adams are used twice we need to replace them with a pronoun he but if we just do
that second sentence will read he was
promoted when she was just 29 that sounds lame so we slightly rephrase a
sentence to drop the second he and we get mr. Adams has become the young CEO
of the company he was promoted at the age of 29 non-native speakers often
repeat words and that’s because we tend to write full sentences but in English
you should try to drop any words which are not necessary in the sentence like
in our previous example instead of saying when he was 29 just say at the
age of 29 let me show you another example large cities suffer from
different types of pollution one of the types of pollution is air pollution
again there is no need to mention words of the type of pollution twice in two
sentences we replace it with the pronoun there are types is plural so we can
replace it by either the pronoun of these of those large cities suffer from
different types of pollution one of these is air pollution or you can say
one of those is air pollution when you use a pronoun you refer back to the
original idea and helps to link both sentences together pronounce provide a
smooth transition from previous sentence to the next and that’s a great way not
only to avoid word repetition but also to make us a more cohesive which
improves your coherence and cohesion school instead of repeating around twice you
can use to do so here is an example many people are leaving the villages and the
reason they’re living is a lack of jobs instead of our living we can say they
are doing so many people are leaving their villages and the reason they are
doing so is a lack of jobs as you can see we keep the same tense of the verb
our living is present continuous so we say our doing so and if our sentences
weren’t present perfect we would say have done so many people have left the
villages and the reason they have done so there is a lack of jobs a number of
nouns can replace other nouns let me show you some of them system approach
method solution problem factor you can also use veo
for example way of thinking type of activity kind of form of method or it
will be clearer what I mean if I show you an example many schools use formal
exams to great performance of their students the main benefit of formal
exams is cost effectiveness here we need to replace the words for more exams in
the second sentence what word from the left column
could you use here I would choose a face approach many schools use formal exams
to great performance of their students the main benefit of this approach is
cost-effectiveness now look at the right column a way of type of what words could
we use here Hamo exams are a form of assessment so we could say
the main benefits of this form of assessment is cost-effectiveness here is
another example large corporations successfully use performance bonuses to
motivate that stuff however performance bonuses are too
costly for small companies so how can we replace the words performance balances I
would use method large corporations successfully use performance bonuses to
motivate their stuff however this method is too costly for small companies the
word approach would also suit here this approach is too costly for small
companies so far we’ve been talking about avoiding word repetition in two
consecutive sentences but in general you should not use the same word several
times of many times in your essay even in different paragraphs for example in
one essay you might be talking about a new type of transport a new idea new
information that’s not ideal you should use a different word every time a
synonym the task of learning synonyms is enormous it’s like telling someone
improve your English it’s not really helping if you’re preparing for the
IELTS exam then probably you have limited time and the best thing you can
do in the limited period of time is to learn synonyms for most common words
used in IELTS writing for this video I started with adjectives I went through
lists of most common adjectives used in English and I chose 20 which you’re most
likely to use in your IELTS writing task 2
these rods are really common and you will definitely use at least some of
them in USA then I found synonyms for them and made a PDF list for you to
download I’m going to tell you where to find it in a second but now let’s go
back to our example what adjectives can be used instead of the word new
how about modern type of transport fresh idea and
up-to-date information judging by the day’s phrases one would things that you
have a sufficient range of vocabulary right but even though all those words
are synonyms of the word new can you use them interchangeably let’s say fresh
type of transport or up-to-date idea of this will not each of them has its own
subtle meaning and cases where you can use the word that’s why for my
downloadable document I also included a definition for each word and chose
examples which are relevant for IELTS writing now you can see that we can use
the word modern to talk about present time for example stress is a major
problem of modern life or to talk about the latest technology and materials and
modern computer system up-to-date means including the most recent information
up-to-date equipment or when keeping up to date with the latest developments and
the road fresh means different in a way that adds or replaces something I think
it’s time we tried a fresh approach or a fresh idea I personally find it much
easier to memorize a new word in a phrase for example problems of modern
life or keep up to date with the latest months these are really nice free this
and you couldyou them in your essay directly speaking about the list of
synonyms I’ve been talking about it so much in this video and the link to
download it will be on the screen in just a second this is the first video of
a series about vocabulary for the writing task – if you’d like to see
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for watching me today and if you like this video don’t forget to like it good
luck with your preparation

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