IELTS Writing | How to Get Band 8 for Your Grammar

Hi there! It’s Asiya. Welcome to my channel!
And the question is: what do IELTS examiners look for to award Band 8?
When it comes to your grammar, you have to use different types of sentences and
other complex grammatical structures. According to IELTS band descriptors, you
have to use a mix of simple and complex sentence forms in order to get Band 6, a variety of complex structures to get Band 7 and a wide range of
structures to get Band 8 or 9. For this video I’ve prepared six types of
English sentences that will help you to get that Band 8 score. But don’t forget:
in order to get a high score for your grammar, your writing has to be complex but it
also has to be accurate. So please pay attention to those commas and other
grammar rules you may well loathe. Let’s get started! first of all let’s talk about the
complex sentences that’s where you use words like well where until although
and so on many countries encourage tourism because it brings economic
growth in this sentence we have an independent clause many countries
encourage tourism and the dependent clause because it brings economic growth
we could put the dependent clause at the beginning of the sentence because
tourism brings economic growth many countries encourage it when the sentence
begins with words like because although when until it means the dependent clause
goes first and we have to put a comma at the end of this dependent clause in the
middle sentence but if the dependent clause is at the end of the sentence
like in the first example we don’t need a comma another type of complex
sentences is called conditional clauses or if clauses it means there is a
conditional sentence and action in the main clause will only happen if the
condition is met it’s easier if you see an example if carbon dioxide emissions
are not curbed comma the climate of the planet will
change significantly please note I use the present simple in the if clause and
the future simple in the main clause there are several types of these
conditional sentences here is another one if diesel cars have not been
subsidized in the UK the air pollution problem would not have reached the
present levels I showed how to use different types of conditioners in my
video called IELTS grammar fix top 5 mistakes and I’m going to link it here
the next type of sentence which is great to use in IELTS writing it’s a relative
clause that’s where you use pronounce who which that and it helps to add extra
information about a person place or thing relative clauses help to make your writing
more fluent and coherent let’s take an example we used earlier and add a
relative close into it many countries which suffer from the loss of
traditional industries encourage tourism because it brings economic growth please
note if the meaning of sentence is clear without the relative clause you have to
put a comma before and after like in this example but if you can’t really
remove the relative clause because the meaning of the sentence will be lost
then you don’t need commas and I have a separate video about how to use
it correctly which is going to be linked just here we talked about the complex
sentences another way to vary your sentence structures is to use compound
sentences that’s when you have two simple sentences and you link them
together with conjunctions such as and but or yet for example here are two
simple sentences many young people cannot afford to pay university fees the
government should take steps to alleviate this problem we could say many
young people cannot afford to pay university fees so the government should
take steps to alleviate this problem it’s a compound sentence we could also
say many young people can’t afford to pay university fees but the government
hasn’t taken any steps to alleviate this problem please note if you have a
compound sentence with linkers such as and but or yet so you need to put a
comma between the clauses however there are some compound sentences where you
have to use a semicolon and if you want to get been seven or eight
or nine for your grammar you have to know where you put a comma and where you put
a semicolon so let’s have a look okay compound sentences with a semicolon
money is not the root of all evil I do not believe the reverse is necessarily
true there is no conjunction no linker that’s
why we use a semicolon have a look at what happens with this sentence if I add
the word however I use a semicolon before the word however and a comma
after that’s because we could split it into two separate sentences and we would
still keep the word however like here and I can give you a list of linking
words to use with the semicolon consequently therefore however
nevertheless thus hence henceforth in fact and here is another example money cannot
buy happiness semicolon nevertheless comma a high
paying job can bring comfort and financial stability now let me show you
a fancy a way of making a complex sentence from two very simple sentences
that’s definitely band 8-9 grammar imagine we have these two very simple
sentences students pay high tuition fees students expect to find a well-paid job
upon graduation what we could say is after paying high tuition fees students
expect to find a well-paid job upon graduation it’s called a participle
phrase basically is just a verb with ing what’s important is that both sentences have
the same subject the students otherwise it wouldn’t work
if one action happened before the other we could use the past form our
simple sentences are the young people have accumulated a large student debt young
people struggle to take out a mortgage or start a family we could say having
accumulated a large student debt young people struggle to take out a mortgage
or start a family so here we need to use having plus the past participle or the
third form of the verbs such as decided or taken you can also use the linkers
such as before after since when while with a participle phrase imagine we have a
complex sentence when the government is considering different options it should
pay attention to their costs you see the subject in both clauses is the
government and we could say when considering different options the
government should pay attention to their costs or before making a decision the
government should consider all of the options all these are great ways to vary
your sentence structure and with the variety of sentences I showed you in
this video you can get band 8 or 9 for your grammar if you use them correctly
so don’t forget to learn how to add a relative clause to any sentence to make
it complex in this video and how to use different types of conditional sentences
in this video thank you for watching me today good luck with your preparation

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  1. The best video ever..thanx heaps mam..!!! Keep blessing us with your most effective dissemination of knowledge… Loving regards mam..

  2. After watching your video do better in task 1 and now i want vid on task 2 with basic vocab . One request from me please reply if you read it

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    But The voice is not clear, so I recommend you to change the mic

  5. Thanks for your videos Asiya! They were extremely helpful whilst preparing for the exam! Got an overall score of 8.0- quite decent for only dedicating 1 day to studying. Greetings from Germany

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  7. Thanks for the tips, Ma'am. I really lack in the grammar department. I scored 6.5 in my last attempt. I think the main reason is that I have not written a variety of sentences. I will try to practice all types you mentioned in the video: coordinating conjunction, subordinating conjunctions, conditional clauses, relative clauses, semicolon, and adverbial particle clause. I have never used the last two types of complex sentences. Another thing I need to improve is that I always miss adding an article in a sentence while writing an essay quickly. 🙂

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  9. Students should be taught academic knowledge so that they can pass exams, and skills such as cooking or dressing should not be taught. To what extent do you agree/disagree?

    This is the Writing Task 2 which I took on July 27 2019.

    Would you mind having a look at my introdctory paragraph for the task and let me know what I wrote was clear and good enough for band 7?

    My introductory paragraph:
    Obviously, shool is the best place to educate learners academic subjects. However, it is said that children should only receive oppotunities to study and focus on the success in academy or passing the exam in schools. They will have chance of learning extra skills from their family and friends. I don't completely agree with this opinion because besides giving academic training, schools should provide learners with other living skills so that they can use them to support their later life after graduation.

    I am looking forward to your reply soon.

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