IELTS Academic Writing Practice Test

Hi I’m Eliot, the IELTS expert from
Magoosh, and in this video we have for you a full length academic IELTS writing
test okay so I’m gonna describe a little bit about what you can expect in this
video how its formatted and how to use it to your greatest advantage as you’re
trying to to practice for the actual test okay so let’s think about what’s in
the video first well you’re gonna have two tasks just like on the academic
IELTS writing section task one is going to be a 150 word report basically that
you’re going to to write about some visuals that you see and we’ve put we’re
going to put those visuals for you on the screen okay so you can see them in
the video and you’re also going to notice a timer they’re counting down
with 20 minutes because that’s the suggested amount of time that you should
take to write your task one response on the academic IELTS task 2 then after 20
minutes will come up on the screen you’ll have a prompt that you’ll see in
the video and again there will be a timer this time for 40 minutes and you
should try to write a least 250 word essay to the prompt that you see on the
screen there okay so in total it’s an hour long exam just like the real
academic IELTS with those timers there to help you to manage your time as you
go through now when you finish your when you finish your own essays you can
follow the link that you see in the description box below there and that
will take you to some sample responses for task 1 and task 2 these are good
examples that would be successful essays for the IELTS writing section and you
can use them to compare your own writing to see what ideas are there how would
they were organized the kind of vocabulary that were used in the samples
compare those things to your own to get a sense of what you could do to improve
or change in your own writing after you’ve attempted to after you’ve
attempted to write these essays okay so go ahead when you’re ready
sure you have a full hour to do this okay so that you can do it just like on
the real exam yeah full sixty minutes where you’re going to be uninterrupted
and you can just write to practice like you’ll have to do an exam day I also
recommend that you that you don’t type your answers on the computer that you
get some paper and some pencil and get a pencil and just write your answers out
because that’s what you’ll need to do again on the on the actual exam so the
timing element there with with the countdown going on the screen and your
handwritten responses are an important piece of your practice as you’re as
you’re preparing for the writing section and that’s what we’re trying to help you
with in this video you you you you

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