Huxley’s Emotional First Year Home Post China Adoption

dear Huxley welcome to your forever family a family that will never give up on you when we first met you last year it was really hard to get to know the real you you guarded your heart fiercely and rightfully so we have no idea all of the things that you’ve been through before we met you and then slowly but surely you started opening up and boy was it amazing your smile could light up the entire room coming home added so many firsts and so many different things to explore exploring life exploring your surroundings exploring literally everything and it was so beautiful and awesome to watch but not every day was perfect we went through lots of ups and downs and experienced some very very hard days but don’t worry we’re not giving up now and we’re not giving up ever because you have a family that loves you and cherishes you more than words can ever express someone to give you kisses and hugs even if you don’t want them a family that will fight for you no matter what and always be there for goodnight snuggles this year you also met some pretty incredible people that love you like crazy grandparents aunts uncles and family members that are absolutely amazing and want to make special memories with you just so you know you got something special kid you danced your own beat you’re not afraid to be you you’re unapologetic like your mom and when you want something you’re not afraid to go for it you also made a best friend in crime your sister Jacob and yes the love is completely reciprocal she talks about you all the time also for once you just get to be a kid no longer having the word orphan attached to your name this year you dance with the ones you love and smiled bigger than ever if only your birth mom could see this video she would be so proud of you and don’t for one minute think you’re not wanted special or love you’re so incredible and we love you so much you really did change this family for the better you also went on some pretty amazing adventures that I could have only wished for when I was your age you’ve traveled to seven states in just one year and I have to admit Disney was a total hit you may not be crazy about sand but you love the ocean and you love the water and it’s amazing to see you explore new and different things your passions include hair food toys and cars including all of the gears and you love to make people laugh well little guy you no longer have to stand alone because you now have a family to do all of those amazing fun things with to share your giggles your memory is your laughter your good times and the bad times we’re here to walk that journey with you and I’m super excited to see what the next year holds for when you turn into a big brother sleep tight and can’t wait for the next year [Music]

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  1. I’m speechless, Myka you’re so beautiful and an a amazing Mommy. Huxley is a very special kid, and his forever family is just as special. I love your entire family ♥️

  2. Love love love this a million times over! I can't even tell you how many times I smiled and how many times my eyes welled up with tears watching this!Absolutely AMAZING!!! ❤❤❤ God bless you and your family!

  3. Realmente esto es tan fenomenal … me encantaria entregar mi corazón como tu … Dios te bendiga realmente eres una mamá maravillosa

  4. i cried when i watched this video. Am chinese. Am so proud of this world have your familly. You Are so kind. Many children suffer a lot after birth in bad situation. Hope we all can help them

  5. I shouldn’t be watching this at 11 weeks pregnant 😭 just subbed this is the cutest thing ever. God bless you guys! 🖤

  6. omg. from tifs channel and I'm exploring your page im in TEARS. this is amazing you're amazing. my boyfriend was adopted from Korea and we plan on adopting also, you have no idea how grateful and loving he'll be when he grows up. he's adorable.

  7. I am adopted and I think there are some amazing people who want to give kids a 2nd chance in life well done to those who have adopted children around the world.

  8. I cried like a baby!! And this was after watching the day you guys picked him up from China. This is so sweet! I think you guys are the best! I now want to adopt, it would be soooo fulfilling!

  9. Myka you’re such an amazing mommy with a pure and sensitive heart. I have a dream to become a mommy like you when I’m all grown up ❤️

  10. I just binge watched your adoption vlogs. I cried I laughed I cried again. Thank you for these vlogs ❣️❣️

  11. Myka, I truly adore your genuine personality. You are an amazing mother to all your children. I am obsessed with you and your family. Huxley is an amazing person. He defines transparent communication of love.

  12. Can I breathe now? I want to give you a hug so badly, Myka! I understand so much of what your heart is saying to your little man, I too am a adoptive Mommy! ( twice) My circumstances are different in that I adopted locally, and had my babies from birth, ( I cut my daughter's chord) both of my babies (1/2 bio siblings) were born positive and addicted, my son, we spent 30 days in NICU with him my daughter 10 days, and special needs babies/ kiddos, well, it is different from babies born with advantages! ( Health care being a BIG one, neither of my babies had a day off prenatal care)
    Domestic or foreign, these babies ARE our babies! They ALL deserve to know, feel, and give live and acceptance, PERIOD! Your letter wasn't just beautiful, Myka, I FELT it! ( I too have written letters to my babies, my son for 7 years and daughter she's 9 mo. She has a couple herself) it's my PRAYER, that one day, God open their little hearts, that when they read these letters, they FEEL them as much as we do as the writers! God created Hux for YOU Myka! He knew YOU needed Hux as much as he would need you! That your family DESERVED this blessing, bumps in the road and all!! I KNOW God gives these special blessings to special families, truly, you guys are special! Think about this ( and I'll shut up😊) before you and Jimmy were born, God looked thru time and saw a little boy that would need a family. He saw you, Jimmy and your gorgeous babies, and He said THAT ONE!!! Of every family in the WORLD, all the Mom's and Dad's, He CHOSE YOU! You may have chosen Huxley, but GOD chose YOU!!! That shows how precious, amazing, special, loving, pretty dang awesome you all are that GOD, not a agency, not a Country but GOD chose you, The Stauffer family! Thank you for sharing this, your family, your hearts and lives and allowing us to be a part from afar! You have shared your blessing, making them ours as well! God bless you, Jimmy, your babies, and keep HIS hand on you all!! Can't wait to meet the new little gift God's given y'all!
    Love, prayers and MANY thanks, Steph in NC!

  13. This made me cry thank you for taking this kid tell him I love him eventhoe I know him from a video tell him that we all love him you guys are going to be the best parents and sister and brother love you all

  14. This video made me cry. Thank you for looking after him. You and all your family members are so amazing 😍

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