HubPages Tutorial – How To Make An Amazing Hub

Hey guys, This is HDVideoTuts with another
tutorial, on How To Create Hubpages, So we’re Going to get started. Go ahead and click “Start
A New Hub”. Go ahead and give your title and awesome title with at least one “KEYWORD”.
The Keyword helps your blog get more recognized. Basically if anyone searches for that keyword
your blog or hub may show up. Now go ahead and basically find a good keyword to put in
your blog. Now go ahead and choose the category that
best fits your needs. Good categories will already be suggested, but if not, you can
go browse categories from this list. But I’m just going to go ahead and select
that. Good formats will already be selected for your; the top one will always be the best
one, but you can chose a custom one. I’m just going to click this, since this is
the best for my needs. You can click Continue. There will be some
tips and tricks here. That are already given as guidelines for you. but you can go ahead
and add your “AWESOME SUBTITLE”(SUMMARY). Make sure its eye catching because this will
attract”Hubbers” to click on your Hub and maybe check it out.
Make sure it has something in there that makes it look interesting. Alright! So first thing
you are going to do is add your introduction over here. Make sure your introduction is not the beginning
of your article. What that means is dont start talking about y— Dont start your article
here. Start talking ABOUT your article here. Basically tell them what this article will
be about. Make sure its no longer than 4 paragraphs because you would want to divide up your hub
so your information is easy to find to your viewers.
Now let me explain this. Click save. Okay, as you can see its way too long. If you are
— information is way too long then one section is going to be hard to find. Its going to
be hard to get to what they need to get to. So, you are going to divide it up by just
getting rid of some, just make it 4 paragraphs that’s all it needs to be. Three to Four paragraphs
and that should do you just fine. As you can see there’s a counter for how many
views you have, I mean how many words you have. Its good to get above 850. 700 is the
bare minimum. You are going to add another subtitle/ Capsule. A capsule is basically
another division for you to add your information. So you are going to go ahead and paste some
more stuff in there. Alright! Make sure your information is nice
and organized and your grammars and everything is fine. You want to add at least 3 Pictures,
that will really help your Hub stay good looking. So, go ahead and click that and go ahead and
upload. I’m just going to choose a photo that I already have, you can go ahead and upload
a photo. Alright make sure it has a source, if you
got it from somewhere and make sure to put a caption in. That’s going to be really important
for your Hub. The caption helps it show up in google images, and you would need all the
views you can get. So its always a good idea to add some audience interaction. Which means
asking them for their opinion, or polls or votes. So go ahead and ask them a question
and then leave two answers in there for them to vote. This will really help your hub stand
out, and really help the readers engage in the content. Make sure to put a small paragraph
in there. Basically explaining why you want them to vote and what reasons you want them
to vote and you know — just make it a little bit compelling. So your viewers don’t feel
left out. Click Save. You can always use tables and stuff, there
are many things you can use, make sure you have three pictures you know, HubPages gives
you a nice layout to start with. But we’re going to go ahead and publish this. So thank you guys for watching, this has been
HDVIDEOTUTS I’ll se you on the next one.

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