How to Write SEO Content That Ranks in 2019!

27 thoughts on “How to Write SEO Content That Ranks in 2019!

  1. Thanks for watching guys – the bonus material is in the video description and I'll release video #3 in this training series once we hit 2,500 views! Leave a comment below if you have any questions at all because I respond to every single one. Also, are you subscribed? It's important to subscribe right now because you'll get first access to training videos just like this one.

  2. is this completely fresh content or pieces of previous vids patched together? i've watched most of your vids, still relevant i must say but less so if you've watched all others.

  3. What is the course like in its current state? Does it teach LOCAL SEO, or Ecom SEO? If not, please add the Ecom SEO, soon!

  4. GREAT overview.. comprehensive on a topic that, by nature, is hard to quantify.

    Also, strongly agree re originality and differentiating content. Some suggest Ggl might like stock images bc it helps with topical association (as if one image is always used with the same article topic/niche).. Nonsense imo.

  5. New Ranking of best REAL SEOs.

    1.Sam Ho.
    2.Nathan Gotch.
    3.Brian Dean.
    124.Rand Fishken

    *1 and 2 are very close!

  6. I always love your blog post and video because I got a lot of solution of my own question what did I think? ♥

  7. Hi Nathan, would you please take a look at my content to check whether it meets the current SEO standard or not?

  8. it mostly depends on keywords. if you can find low competition keywords that you can rank for then you are good to go for that niche. otherwise google never trusts new websites. Apart from keyword research content should also be longer more than 3000 words. link building is also commodity these days. no one links for free.

  9. This is <3 I just love how genuine and powerful your solutions and you definitely walk the talk! Also thanks for the checklist 🙂

  10. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. This is one of the most helpful videos on this topic. Thank you!
    The point about paying attention to spelling and grammar stood out. I recently read the book 10X Marketing Formula from the founder of Coschedule. He revealed that they don't worry too much with grammar and spelling because it's a 'waste of time' and 'doesn't give 10X results'. I agree with your point about user experience. Value their time. After seeing their method for prioritizing their time over mine, it really turned me off from subscribing to them.

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