How to Write Independent Music : How to Distribute Your Music Online

FREDERICK BURCHELL: Hello. My name is Frederick
“Ricky B.” Burchell with B4 Entertainment on behalf of Expert Village, and today we’re
going to talk about producing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing your independent
CD. Now we’re going to talk about digital distribution. Now, digital distribution is
the up and coming thing now and you can digital distribution through many different companies.
A lot of times, people who will distribute your physical CDs, are going to want to do
your digital distribution as well. But personally, I recommend that you try to go directly to
these companies to cut the middleman out. You could also do your digital distribution
online on your own website. You can use things like PayPal and PayLoadz and other things
like that where people can buy the music directly online and get an e-mail and they could download
the song directly and you get 100% of the money. You don’t have to pay no distributor,
you don’t have to actually pay no more manufacturing cost because digital distribution cuts all
that out. So what you want to do is–some people like to use iTunes and all these–there’s
different types of companies where people like to buy their digital distribution from.
But also you could have your digital distribution on your own site or you can go connect with
these companies. Like I said, I recommend you go direct but it’s all up to you, a distributor
who’s distributing your physical CDs because sometimes they want a deal that they gotta
be able to distribute the digital downloads as well.

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