How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

100 thoughts on “How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

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  2. Loved all, esp the last one. This is called "non-doership" from an Eastern Spirituality point of view (i.e. we are not the "doers"). It's so great to realize this, and this is what makes us crazy – if we think it's all up to us!

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  6. That tip about getting your ideas out first and then editing later is one I just heard in the last advice video, so it looks like something that a lot of professional writers are saying. Editing is my problem because when I go to write I end up stressing out about not getting it perfect. It's so difficult to remember I can always edit and may have inspiration later on that I haven't thought of yet. Thanks for posting!

  7. Question on content:  Relationship stuff?   Spiritual sharings?  Let me guess, we never know what will be a hot topic (Brene Brown comes to mind)..but I am totally new and almost paralyzed on which subject to pick.  I have written sci-fi, and articles on "Why Men are Great"…but never blogged.   Feedback would be most welcome.

  8. One way I do to write content fast is to extract excerpts from primary sources on a specific topic and rewrite/tweak them in my own words (i.e. adding subheads, and bullet points).

  9. all good things come in nine steps. the ninth step is to write in Google Docs and there in the menu 'extra' you can click on typing with your voice. Then just start talking to your computer. I writes down what you speak out in words. It speeds up the writing proces twice as fast. You will have to do some more correcting but you will still be twice as fast.

  10. It is true, about being a vessel. write on the moment that you are 'lightning struck', the moment that you have an epiphany. the moment that you have a hole in your head through which cosmic information comes through. This in information is in fact 'beyond' you, for you are the vessel. that moment is a bit like a trance state, while 'normally' you would have to write from your human intellect, which sadly takes hours and hours. When you are lightning struck you will write it all down in five minutes. Because you write 'out of the mental box'.
    But keep in mind: because it is 'beyond' you it can probably sometimes be 'beyond' other peoples 'mental box'.

  11. "Be the vessel and not the source" definitely resonated with. I've actually watched this video before, but I've had to re-watch it for the points to actually sink in.

  12. Thank you for the wonderful vlog. One of your tips that spoke most to me was having a calendar schedule of ideas. All of the tips were helpful though

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  15. Really great advice. Thank you. Have a notebook full… time to schedule content and start putting ideas and pen to paper… or rather fingers to keyboard 🙂

  16. Hey great job on the video the information you throughout is something I can also use on my blog.

  17. Don't write and edit at the same time is genius, and the part you said to put all the thoughts down as you write and visit later to edit is awesomely practical and delivers best results. Thank you.

  18. Good way to explain writing … While searching for the same I landed up at Tutorials and tips provided are really helpful.

  19. Marie…… you are radiating beauty inside out through my screen. Keep it coming. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😄🙏🙏🐬🐬🐬

  20. So many great tips! I will now remember to create content before editing, give myself a time block, and write as a vessel and not the source. Thank you!

  21. Stumbled upon this video from googling the question. Tbh, I wasn't expecting it to be fun and sexy, on top of really good advice. Subscribed!

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