How to Write An Email That Builds Trust and Gets Opened

Well, hey there it’s your favorite content marketer Julia McCoy in today’s video I’m really excited to cover with you a Critical content type the email I’m going to show you how you can create one that will nurture and build Real trust with your audience and how to create the ones that elicit action and encourage your reader to take next steps Ready, let’s get into it So as I was preparing this topic and getting ready to talk to you about trust-building high converting emails I thought what better than to actually show you my email marketing software and the emails I’ve written that have worked Tremendously well for us and you can apply this style and how I wrote them to almost every industry So that’s what we’re gonna do I’m gonna take you to my computer and show you my email marketing software and walk you through some of our best performing emails Ready, let’s do this So I use convertkit it starts around $29 a month for a thousand subscribers And I highly recommend it if you’re considering email marketing And you want a software that’s super easy to use. Now. There are other alternatives like active campaign campaign monitor MailChimp so convertkit starts around $29 a month Check out the link in the description. That is my affiliate link full disclosure. But if you use that link, you’re helping support me So I can continue to create cool free information like this. So this is a tool I personally use I can tell you it works and what you’re looking at right now is actually my account in convertkit Ok, so there are two main types of emails I like to send I call them the blog and video share or the useful email and The promotion share or the sales email So 80% of the time I’m sending useful content to my list and 20% or less of the time I’m sending promotional sales emails that have an offer attached now I find that promotional emails work best when they’re sent to a segmented audience and in Sequential order that means a one-off offer that you send to your list while that can drive results it doesn’t work as well as if you segment your list and Target the right offer to them at the right time Now, I’m not an expert at this. So keep that in mind a lot of this is just learning as I go So what you’re looking at here are all the emails I sent you can see that I send them on a regular basis, right? They’re spread apart by a few dates My role is at least one useful email a week and I usually send more than that. So whenever I send videos this is what an informational or useful email looks like I keep it really short and I’ll include an image to the video and then a link now for my blog content I don’t include images it seems to work Better whatever. I keep my content super light and that just means not a ton of links not a ton of images So over time, you know emails have grown to masses There are so many emails that are sent out by marketers on a regular basis So you really don’t have a lot of time to get and hold the attention of your audience So that’s why experts like brian. Dean. Joanna. We’ve I see them sending shorter and shorter emails So it seems like our shorter emails are doing well as well So this is what a useful email looks like and what I do to keep these super super simple I’ll give you a little secret. I actually pull the intro of my blog the first Six or seven sentences? Copy it just like this and that is my email guys seriously, that’s my email so It takes no time at all to plug it in add a link and a little footer and then this little PS Which I like to add to relevant blogs I keep it out if it’s really not relevant But I’ll add a PS to our services or one of the courses I teach as long as it relates to the topic Right here in my useful piece of content. So something like this out of five thousand four hundred subscribers It got 75 clicks and the open rate was almost well fourteen percent so that’s pretty good for an email to get 75 people clicking on our link for us and All lists are different. If you’re building yours organically from the start. You’re probably going to see better results Over time you want to clean up your email. You want to just delete people that aren’t even reading it I found we did that a few months ago and our open rate skyrocketed. It was as bad as 5% Now it’s as high as like 14 Percent, I’m here 21 percent. So what you’re seeing here? I’ll just walk you through some more techniques that we use This is Ray sending something to people that do not click and you can actually do that in convertkit by resending To the people that haven’t opened it. So here’s what you can do. Click on the broadcast resend Tuan opens You can edit the content and then just hit schedule and it’ll actually send your email to everyone that didn’t open it the first time now disclosure or PSA be really careful about this technique Because you can actually turn off people. I don’t use it very often whenever I’ve used it in the past We had people actually emailing us that said I already got this email. Why are you sending it to me again? So convertkit actually wasn’t all that smart And it was sending us email to people that had already opened it So you want to be really careful with features like that in an email software? Okay, so Here’s an example of something that leads to an offer so I’m sending out a free master class and the master class is simply a sign up page where you can sign up and get a video delivered straight to your email and then once you’re in Once you put your email there you immediately get the free video and then you get enrolled in a sequence and the sequence Actually upsells on an offer So that’s really important. It’s actually getting more results from your offers Make sure you don’t just send an offer make sure you send something like a free training and then enroll them in and offer Sequence that they can easily opt out of if they don’t want it So Here’s another example Let’s do an offer so here’s another example of an offer and I’ve noticed that our open rates can really Increase or decrease based on the time the email is sent So for us our list responds really well on a Tuesday morning, that’s because that’s when we send out new write blog post That’s simply conditioned through Consistency. So if you give your list a time to expect a new blog guess what they’re gonna expect it on a regular basis, so That’s one factor to consider with consistency with a useful email when it comes to the sales email I’ve noticed that Saturday and Sunday nights do really well for open rates on offers So this is what an offer email looks like. It’s just really really simple we try to be really straightforward with our offers So a link to it There’s another link and here’s a third link and we had this little thing if you don’t want to hear from us anymore You can actually click here and what this does is as soon as they click This is just a really simple page. We set up on our site as Soon as they click on that there is a little trigger in the Automation section that unenrolled or that adds everyone that clicks on this to a tag and then what we can do whenever we send a prop broadcast is we can actually let me find a Draft broadcast, okay So what you can do is mashing none of and then we got our tag right here not interested in the course So that tag is Auto populating everyone that clicks on that link and that’s just a really good way to not annoy people That still want to hear from you about your blogs your videos your useful content and they might buy down the road So it’s not like you’re deleting leads by no means you’re actually catering to what your leads want So that’s an overview of how we send emails I’m not going to go into super advanced stuff like sequences Because what we’re talking about is how to write these emails in a good way. So remember short and sweet for informative videos Keep it super light If you do use an image try to you only use one and with offers definitely experiment experiment on times to send Try to segment your list try to tag people in your email software and Only send your offers to people that are actually interested So remember sales emails 20% of the time and send your useful emails a lot more often And remember consistency is key when you’re sending content You really want to send something to your list at least once a week and continue to build it over time you know how to write a useful email that all comes down to keeping things short sweet and Simple because people don’t really have a lot of time to go through a long email anymore. They have a very short amount of time So you want to get them interested and then give them whatever you want to give them right away And remember lead magnets are such a great way to build your list. We have consistent growth Organically now every single day. Look at this on March 5th. We had 26 new subscribers Because of our lead magnets we create really good lead magnets and we put them on our site on a regular basis so that’s a really good way to build your list over time and then it all comes down to Segmenting targeting the right people with the right offer consistency and value over being too salesy Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I hope that you’ll subscribe leave me a comment Tell me what you thought all that good stuff because I love hearing from you. It makes my day seriously It makes my day when I get to hear from a YouTube viewer So let me know what you thought in the comments and I hope to see you around

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