How To Write A Resume – Our Top 5 Resume Tips That Will Get You The Interview

64 thoughts on “How To Write A Resume – Our Top 5 Resume Tips That Will Get You The Interview

  1. Thats a really nice video. 🙂 thanks guys..
    P.s- your last tip about professional help- do you guys provide that?

  2. Why are the captions for these videos so often incorrect? The tips are great, but it seems like they're transcribed phonetically?

  3. Hi withsugaront0p, this appears to be a YouTube issue, because the closed captioning is automatic. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

  4. The captions read "you also want to stay away from using any fancy designs and farts".
    However, I believe it is acceptable to fart on your resume and hand it to your prospective manager as long as the smell has dissipated.

  5. Thanks guys I have been job hunting for a long time now. Thank you guys for creating your videos. series. Hope the tips help me get that great job have been searching for. I will let you know how my progress turns out Thanks Again Mr. Alan J. Oakes.

  6. Great tips, as always, Interview Guys! A candidate’s resume is the first impression they make and it’s important that it’s perfect and helps them stand out. I loved your tip on using “power words.” Using words such as “implemented” or “executed” can convey confidence and intelligence to hiring managers. While you mentioned keeping the design simple, it is also good to note that adding color or graphics where appropriate — and depending on your industry — may help you further stand out when applying for specific positions. Taking that risk may be beneficial.  -Ali

  7. I saw the other day you are looking for career advice type videos!. We do those at the CV Guy – if you get a chance do stop by 🙂

  8. OK…  nice contradiction there  guys,   Early in the video you're saying   to not use "fancy fonts, etc.."  and  then you say to tailor the resume to the job you're applying for.. Well here is the contradiction…  IF I am applying for Graphic Design Jobs which require the use of fancy fonts and design, I am in fact going to tailor my resume as such.  Why don't resume professionals ever  think about that ? 

  9. Not sure if it was a contradiction at all PJ Schloemer. 
    Though I definitely see where your perspective is coming from. From my interpretation of what they were saying in regards to "Tailor the Resume to the job you're applying for", may mean that not to put irrelevant jobs like labour work on a resume when you are applying for a graphic design position. 🙂

  10. Hello great stuff here, would u mind taking a look at my resume to give your review & some tips on it please. Thanks & have a blessed day! Ron.

  11. Resume has to have a meaningful and has to be currently  to be communicate if  nessary for example current address and current telephone number ??and no body can get it and no firm can inform us  about the change of the company or industry and offices. why we care putting address of old company that we work and telephone number as well where their telephone numberis not curretly used in the market or office..

  12. this might sounds stupid, so pls bear with me.. i've graduated high school about a year ago and right now i'm in my 8th months of college. i'm interested to apply an interning job, which requires a resume…:/ There's nothing new so far in my college activities, so is it alright if I include my elementary and high school days achievements in my resume?? because i have TONS of those..

  13. That woman behind the counter used every trick in the book these guys wrote and could still only get this crappy job in a doughnut shop. O_O . . .

  14. It's good to get professional help, but what's going to happen when everyone who applies for the same job gets professional help and pays dearly to have their resume keyword and achievement laden? And from experience, a job interview isn't aced until you get an offer and start getting paid. If you aced a job interview, you'd have said job.

  15. Hi Mike and Jeff! Great breakdown of how to write a winning resume. I especially like that you mentioned that your resume is the "first impression".

  16. 1:43 I didn't get the job for a surgeon that I wanted, even though I used your power words. I told them that I execute my patients humanely and that they won't ever feel a thing, but the hospital just called the police. Thanks a lot! >:(

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