How To Write a Movie Script : How to Develop a Protagonist in a Movie Script

Okay, now on your note pad what I want you
to do is turn to a fresh page. We’re going to talk about some of the characters in your
movie. There are two basic lead characters, are your protagonist and your antagonist,
these are your two leading characters. These are the two people the audience is going to
focus on throughout the whole movie, this is what the story is about. These are the
people that we feel with and we either hope or despise. The protagonist is the person
who hopes to achieve something by the end of the story. The antagonist, of course, being
the opposite of that, is the person stopping or blocking the person from achieving their
goals. What is the main goal of our protagonist? What is the main goal is something you have
to answer before you begin to write. And what clever ways will they use to get there? The
opposite of course is what is the methods use by our antagonist to stop him or her.
Just a word about co-stars and supporting actors. I mentioned that there is four to
six people so this is one and this is two of course and you may have characters three
and four who are co-stars. You may have one supporting the protagonist and the other supporting
the antagonist. It’s an idea. They don’t have to do those functions but that is a clear
way to use them. These people help push the story forward and they do that by bringing
in new ideas to both characters. They bring in new ideas. They make them go in different
and they guide them through the story rightly or wrongly. They help them get in or out of
trouble. They pull the character in different directions. Those are the functions of your
co-stars. Or another way of saying co-star maybe supporting characters. However, support
character usually refers to someone of a lesser role than a co-star, not always.

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  2. my teacher said the antaganist doesnt have to be a person like in cinderella it was time
    but you made a movie not me

  3. @tigertails618 This is basically one of the reasons movies suck now. Hollywood continues to regurgitate screenplays in the same format. I think only writers, (like myself) that have the balls to think original will make anything decent. That's why I respect artists like Radiohead that say F you to the scructure of music; they're like: screw the chorus, screw the bridge, let's just create whatever the F we want. That's my approach to film.

  4. His voice is so soothing and calming. It almost puts me to sleep in a good way. It is still hard for me to picture how I'm going to pull writing my script off lol. I have it all in my head but its so hard to get it down on paper in proper hollywood format.

  5. order of videos
    1) Writing Your First Movie Script 2) How to Get started 3) 3 Act Structure 4) Characters 5) Movie Script Length 6) Conflict 7) Protagonist 8) Supporting Characters 9) Story Turns 10) Fire Point 11) Plot and Subplot 12) Dialogue 13) Format Action 14) Format Narrative 15) Format Heading 16) Theme Patterns

  6. I know someone already asked about this before but can you please expert village to upload these videos in sequentially please these is great school right here man thank you for taking your time to share this information

  7. really very helpful. Thank you very much to this person.

    I use theses videos to help my students create their video cv. It totally matches the scenario.

    quite hard to put the 16 sequences in correct order. That's the only problem.

    Thanks again to creator

  8. In my opinion, there's always one. Physically or symbolically. Black and white are protagnism and antagonism. As soon as you raise a question, you're with a conflict. no question, no conflict, well no movie. Grey is the core of a good movie.

    If you have no dilemna, you have no story. The evidence for this fact is that you will not find a movie that can do without it. If you find one, you'll be right

  9. No, there are many movies without them. A "Villain" can be much more than just a person, it can be an environment or something as simple as time. For instance, in the movie Apocalypto, directed by Mel Gibson, sure there was a clear human villain, but the jungle in which he needed to survive could also be referred to as the villain. ~Hope this helps~

  10. Besides acting of course, I am aspiring to write, too. I am currently taking a script writing class at my college and this video helps me realize the important elements in writing a movie script. Yeah, there are some things that I may not agree with, but at least I know that I can take certain bits from this video to help me on whatever creative project I may be working on.

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