How to Write a Great Resume : Online Resume Tips

Hi! My name is Tina Buechler from Business
Growth Training, and I’m here today on behalf of In this clip, I want
to talk about some final tips and terms of your resume. First thing, always put your
name on both pages of a 2 page resume. If the pages ever become separated, they could
put them back together to know that this page 2 belongs to this page 1. Second thing to
look at is do a very careful editing to make sure there are no spelling mistakes. I have
noticed once, I word processed a resume, we checked it, spelling was perfect, and we had
the telephone number wrong. Make sure you check every single piece of information on
that resume. Not just the spelling, but double check your phone number, double check your
email address. Read from the back of your resume to the front. Reading backward sometimes
prevents you from reading what you want to see, but actually reading what is there. Give
your resume to somebody that you respect, somebody who can read it over and provide
some feedback for you. Every single statement on your resume needs to easily be understood.
If somebody else looks at your resume and doesn’t understand a statement or a comment
that you’ve put on that resume, then there is a good chance the employer won’t understand
it either. You want to go through it and make sure that each and every statement can stand
alone by itself, that put all together it’s congruent, that its consistent. You want to
make certain that you don’t have spelling or grammatical errors. You want to check your
formatting. Have you got nice use of white space? Have you made things consistent? Have
you made all your titles consistent in terms of format and font and those kinds of things?
So we’re looking for just a general how does it look, that it’s appealing, that
we’re centered on our pages. We want to make sure that our content is accurate; we
want to make sure our spelling and grammar is correct, and we want to also make certain
that our identifying information is accurate so that our employer can get a hold of us.
Once you’ve done all those cross references and cross checks, now you’re ready to send
your resume out.

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  1. Could not hear, nor make out your name. Blinking–try to control this. Don't move your eyes all over the place. Look at the camera. Content good.

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