How to Write a Cover Letter

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  1. The only reason why companies love to see a cover letter is to see that u actually took the time to do it which shows them that u r serious about the job or w/e ur doing a cover letter for!!

  2. webizads is a cool company they build video resumes post them on their site and send you the link you can send to employers for fifty bucks

  3. hand written cover letter? might as well hand write your resume while you're at it.

    that's not a good idea. Thank you letters? yeah that's appropriate.

  4. Is a long cover letter a bad idea? By long I mean very informative or wordy…it's supposed to get you to the interview, right?

  5. burger without a bun lol
    the turquoise t shirt guy is quite comfortable with the camera and the fish lol πŸ˜€

  6. Lmao why's he in jail ?! This was helpful…I think the 8 seconds thing is a bit scary and ridiculous though, if you need to hire someone take the time out to study the crap.

  7. What if I am just putting out resumes to as many places as possible in hopes of snagging a job? I don't know what to write for the part about "how you found out about the job," since there isn't actually a specific job opening yet. I have a great resume and no cover letter to go with it.

  8. @jreily88 Good point. It is also the case with many businesses today that they will run an automated check on CV's so any spelling or grammar mistakes could cost you the job before they have read your CV.

  9. "the avergae cover letter is in an employer's hands for 8 seconds"…. considering my failing at jobs they must'ev been half a second they opened it, closed it and gone back on facebook…..

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  11. It's getting so bad in this fucking trash heap that even some fast food jobs are making you write cover letters now…

  12. this is a horrible video…it does not help me one trying to apply for a job in a single store business not some big fast food chain..its like 2 guys that work there

  13. alright i learnt smt: you have to make your point clear in 8 seconds!
    but what if you want to work at a pet store and tou have no job experience nor experience handling animals?

  14. If you went to school, talk about the things you studied at school and how they relate to the qualifications that the job you're applying for requires.

  15. I followed all the instructions exactly yet I didn't get the job. Is it because I called my employer Ms. Kaestner, or was it because I mailed him a fish?

  16. I guess I should have paid attention that day we did cover letters and resumes in grade 10 planning class.

  17. "Did you know that your letter will be in their hand for 8 seconds and that they won't give a shit about something you are desperately trying to perfect?" Gotta love the hiring process, am I right?!?

  18. How do I open a cover letter for a multi-purpose application aimed at 2 or 3 different positions at the same company?

  19. A lot of them nowadays are *only* accepting online submissions. They even warn applicants NOT to mail them any paper.

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