How To Use ClickBank And Make Money For Beginners Part 1

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire
Liberty hope you’re having a great day today wanted to talk to a little bit
today about something a little different normally I do my insights and
motivational stuff right I do that on a daily basis because I truly do believe
that that’s probably one of the more important things you’re going to need in
order to have success you got to have your right mindset you got to be
spiritually right immensely right and you got to be ready for some you know
peaks and valleys right when I think motivation and some insights in regards
to that is extremely important I know it was for me but I want to go a little bit
I live in a different direction today I want to want to answer some questions
that I’ve been getting from some people whether it be messages or you know
emails or via you know messenger and Facebook or whatnot people always asking
me you know John you know how can I make money at home I’m in your program now
this is working out really well but I want to have another form of income I
understand where they’re coming from cuz so did I you don’t want to depend on
just one thing one singular thing now you guys know that I promote the link
that I have in the bottom there the first line in the description at all
times it all the time and the reason I do that is that’s the program that got
me going into digital marketing and affiliate marketing and it taught me
basically everything I know how to start so if you’re interested and you want to
start something new and you want to work be your own boss tomorrow from home
click that link in the first line in the description so you can get started it’s
the best program out there I guarantee it but let’s continue I want to show
people today how you can actually start investigating start learning more about
having another form of income I mean the program that I like you can make pretty
good money with that but like I said there’s peaks and valleys so I want to
show people what I’ve learned about Clickbank now Clickbank is a great
resource tons of tools but I get a lot of questions from people because they
don’t know how to use it there’s a lot of YouTube videos out there where they
explain some things and not others so I’m going to probably do this in a you
know a part series per se right I let people know things about Clickbank and
how it works and today it’s pretty simple and pretty
basic so basically go to clickbank comm the first thing you want to do is start
you want to have your own account right you want to have your own account you
got to give your name address phone number you know all that kind of fun
stuff we’ve all done it before we know what we’re doing as far as that’s
concerned right the only thing that’s a little complicated or different for
clickbank is you have to get your your bank um kind of hooked up to Clickbank
so you can get paid so every time you have an affiliate sale through Clickbank
they will send you the money right to your bank that takes a little bit of
time sometimes it’s two business days sometimes it could be three or four
depending on when you actually sign up and it does take a couple days because
you know how that is these days with direct deposit they want to test it some
of the penny here is on a penny there so you got to wait a little bit for them to
do that but once that’s done you’re all set and ready to go so whatever your
niche is whatever it is you want to you know promote but if you want to sell you
got to figure out what your niche is first right so what you got to do is
this you go to the to Clickbank calm right and the first thing you’re gonna
want to do right if you want to click on marketplace click on marketplace it’s at
the top of the menu screen there it’s right next to your username
knowledgebase partner offers and Martin you have marketplace so you click on
that I’m already on it but I’m clicking on it again anyway and then you got to
click down I see all these categories right here these are all the options and
all categories you have we they have products where you could sell right so
that’s a wide variety of things so whatever you’re interested in and
whatever your interest is if you want to if you’re involved with entertainment if
you like to see things you know movies this that another thing maybe products
that are selling online you can get involved with that now me personally you
know I’m into employment I’m in jobs and working from home and whatnot right so
just for the sake of argument let’s go to employment and jobs right let’s just
click that real quick so we got employment and jobs here and let me see
what is it under it’s under popularity this section right here see there right
there you got popularity and gravity all this other stuff here I really ignore it
it’s really not that important what you want to focus on is popularity and
gravity okay so when you’re looking at something like you know right now
popular legit online jobs it you can view it in mobile that’s whatever that
means you could see people see this on their
phone it’s very easy it’s like responsive so that’s very popular right
now right so that’s that’s a good thing to get into but the gravity right here
my mouse is it’s fourteen point six eight which means there’s been fourteen
I don’t know they figure out 14 and a half affiliate marketers who have
actually had sales and made Commission’s on this stuff now that can be a little
misleading because even though they’ve only made you know there’s been 14
affiliate marketers who’ve made money on this you know how many times they’ve
actually read you know recycled it how many times did they make money on this
that’s only letting you know how many affiliate marketers made money on it so
when that’s popular right now and that’s what’s hitting right now okay now that’s
the popular thing okay so the gravity is not too high yet but it might be so the
thing is you want to go down here check a couple more out stats initial sales
forty four twenty three gravities four point six and I wouldn’t touch that not
right now anyway here we have another one gravity is a
fifty five fifty point five three and that’s what the third fourth one down so
it’s popular and the gravity is huge so gravity that means they have fifty
affiliates 50 separate affiliates who made money on this okay and it’s very
popular now its fourth in line and on Clickbank so I would go for that you
make 108 108 dollars and 24 cents on each sale I mean that’s fantastic but
before I get too far you as you notice here we have it under popular right you
can instead of looking at the popular you can look at gravity right so look
with this writing jobs 2018 what was that just number four under the
popularity menu boom that’s when I would go for right there so people who want to
write at home make jobs you do jobs at home on a write at home and make you
know one hundred eighty seven dollars per sale there’s a program here that
teaches you how to do that where to go and how to do it right so it’s popular
so this means this thing’s hot so gravity you have fifty like we said
before if gravity’s fifty fifty and a half affiliates I don’t know where they
come with that point five three but oh well
so yeah fifty affiliates you’ve already made money on that and who knows how
many times they’ve already made money on that right they
could have one or two of guys maybe four or five guys already made me so it made
ten sales but they don’t count that they just show you how many affiliates
actually made money Commission’s on this problem this time hundreds of them on
this affiliate link so that’s when I would definitely go for now
now employment and jobs if that’s something you’re into you want to give
jobs to people at home and there’s tons of people looking for jobs at home don’t
get me wrong I’m worried like I want to be my own boss so I want for the
business aspect of it but I want to show you one thing before I let you go and
this I want to go back I want to go back and I want to check out health and
fitness now health and fitness is always huge because people are always looking
to get thin right everyone always has weight everyone’s always overweight they
want to they want to get dinner they want to get in better shape
right so Fitness is always like a guaranteed thing right so here every
time you click on the new category it always automatically goes to popular so
you know it’s hot right now right organized use was our first massive
success blah blah blah ninety seven dollars and six cents you could make on
that sale so someone comes to your website or your affiliate link and they
click on it and they purchase it you’re making ninety seven dollars and the
gravity is pretty good it’s eighty five point o2 so that’s not bad you got
eighty five affiliates who already made sales on this thing and who knows like I
said how many times that some of them have reoccurring sales they don’t tell
you that but that’s pretty good and it depends also how many you know total
amount of affiliates I’ve actually tried to sell it you don’t really ever know
that so let me go up to here to gravity and let’s just see what pops up there
the red tea detox okay that is gravity of two hundred and one so two hundred
one affiliates made sales on this that’s huge that’s fantastic actually
so that’s something I would seriously look at now I didn’t see it in the
popularity thing right now so it might not be hot like today or yesterday but
it looks like it’s pretty good right now if someone if they’re sold 201 201
affiliates I might make a webpage for this myself
but let me just tell you a little bit about what’s down here tells you it’s in
English right the offers in English the websites in
English you get paid one time billing so this means they sign up they pay once
here there’s reoccurring billing so there’s there’s something that they’re
signing up for that by the Palio would be a monthly payment okay to keep them
on a program or a system that they want to use to keep their body clean and
cleansed out right just try out one dollar trial offer so that just means
they want your foot in the door so you can give it a shot which is actually a
nice deal when you want to try and give somebody an opportunity to do you know
detox themselves is that if that’s what they’re looking for and let’s pitch plus
that means it was an upsell so that means if someone gets involved with
doing this product or whatever and they they like what they see and they want
more and I think it really works upsell and they’ll usually buy and
mobile hotlink target URL support is supported so that means that basically
this is really mobile responsive as well not only on your desktop but it works on
your mobile as well so that’s pretty much my rundown of Clickbank get an idea
how to work it the things you want to like and let me just click back here
again again real quick here see this is all the categories it blows my mind
self-help software spiritual so if you’re you know you’re a Christian or
you’re Muslim or you’re a Buddhist I’m sure there’s things in here we’re if you
have a website geared toward that stuff you can put stuff on there like put them
in the columns on your website and you can start making sales now I’m going to
expand on this a little bit more in the future but this is my little
introduction to Clickbank for you so people who are new in the game kind of
get an idea a few things get an idea of like how things work but I’m this is
I’ll call this part one right so in part two we’ll go over a little bit more a
few more things in detail look a few affiliate pages and the things they have
to offer like their banners and their links and kind of maybe discounts they
may want to offer and we’ll just keep going on Clickbank and you know learn
about putting blogs up and making a WordPress sites and things like that but
I want to take it slow I want people to kind of get the whole thing one step at
a time cuz I don’t want to overwhelm anybody and a lot of people get
overwhelmed with this stuff and I start panicking oh my god I can’t do this it’s
not that hard you just got to take one the time alright guys this is John
chemistry require liberty I hope this helped you out do you have any questions
about Clickbank or any other with the questions I can you know help you all
would that be great remember my number one rated choice
for working from home…The home-based business Link will be right at the top of the description box and the link is
there and I’ll put a little arrow next to the little link there for you so you and you can
actually click on that and check it out you can see how I started and thousands
of other people started alright guys I hope this helped you out until next time
you take care and remember but God Bless

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