How to Submit Your Paper to the Online Writing Center

This video will walk you through how to
submit a paper to the online Writing Center. From the Estrella Mountain home page, the
fastest way to access the online writing center is to scroll to the bottom of the
page and click on the tutoring link. From there you have entered the main tutoring
resources for the campus. We are going to click on the Online Writing Center link under
related resources. On this log-in screen, you’ll enter your MEID, and password. Once
you are logged in you will select the semester to receive your schedule, and
then you will choose the class where your paper is assigned. You will attach
your paper, and please make sure that your paper is submitted in a doc. or docx
file format, otherwise we will not be able to open review your paper. In this box
please type or paste your paper’s assignment instructions, or describe your assignment.
Finally, select your paper’s due date and then choose up to three areas where you
would like the tutor to concentrate. Finally hit “submit paper.” submissions are
usually returned within 24 hours; however, they can be longer on weekends, holidays, or
busy times of the semester such as during midterms and finals. So please
make sure that you allow yourself time to submit the paper and receive the
feedback in order to revise it before submitting your final draft. A
confirmation that your paper has been successfully submitted will be emailed
to your school email account. When your paper has been critiqued, the critique will
also be emailed to your school email account.

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