How to script a security feature update with Windows 10

Susan Bradley here with a tip on how to
install Windows 10 future updates that the first step that you do is you can go
to the Windows 10 media site and actually download the ISO now a little
preference here if you are already a volume license user you actually have
access through that site to the various different windows 10 versions if you’re
not a volume license user then you have to do a little bit of pre-planning
because the Windows 10 media site only has the ISO for the version that’s
currently out so for example right now given that Windows 10 18:09 is the most
latest version if you go to this page and download the tool it will actually
start to download the 1809 version so a little bit heads up that you have to
plan ahead so if you wanted the 1803 you’d have to
make sure you got it before the 1809 came out once you’ve downloaded that
executable and run it and built an ISO you then extract it out so it’s on a
location somewhere in your network and here’s where the fun starts now
obviously you’ll be doing these scripts from command line but I put them just
here in notepad just so you can see them it’s a little bit easier to see it the
first one here is just how to set it up so that it will install with a what’s
called a quiet installation that when the user comes back in the next morning
they won’t have to do anything they won’t have to wait they won’t see see
that lovely you know please wait I’m getting finished you will actually
complete the installation process if you are familiar with PDQ PDQ deploy that’s
another way that you can deploy the future update again for the script for
that we’ve got some special other options on the back we can even disable
telemetry along the way and finally if you want to see how the install is and
just to see how the installation will go if you’re gonna hit any issues along the
way there’s a way to start the install with a slash compat scan only now these
flags will allow you to not install the windows 1018
but actually test it out so before you get ready to install it you can do it
like a dry run and review what the system says or if you’re gonna have any
blocking issues but there you have it three different ways some scripts to
install the Windows 10 feature update on your timetable

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