How to Post Your Impact Plan on Gallup Online

Adrienne Hamcke Wicker here from the Thriving Workplace Initiative showing you how to post your impact planon Gallup online. So, start by logging in to Gallup and when you get to the main
landing page click on “Q12 Impact Plans.” From here, make sure that your name is
selected in the MY UNITS box and that SPRING 2019 is included in the report period. And, then press ADD NEW. Here you come to the “Item detail” page. Here’s where you
will enter in the information about your impact plan. You can free type into these
boxes. I have chosen to create a Microsoft Word document so that I can
copy and paste more quickly. So, in our team conversation we decided that we
wanted to work on Q11, “In the last six months, someone at work
has talked to me about my progress.” We decided that we wanted to increase the
mean of that item. We also could have chosen to increase the “Percent 5” or the
number of people who strongly agree, but we selected the mean. Over here, I’m going to input what the current mean on that item is. So, we want to give a title to
our impact plan and what we decided was that we wanted to “Prioritize our monthly
professional progress and development sessions.” We call these CLOC Days, so that’s our title. Now you can choose two types for what kind of action it is.
It’s either a STRENGTH action or an OPPORTUNITY action. For us, this is a
strength action meaning that this is working on something that we are already
working well on and we want to tweak it and make it better. An OPPORTUNITY action, on the other hand, would be something that needs some improvement or you would like to boost the score or boost people’s experience with that item. So,
for us, this is a strength item. What we said we’d do — we said that at our upcoming CLOC day in October we would talk about the organizational
initiatives and demands that are impacting our ability to prioritize
these; we wanted to reassert our commitment to professional progress and development; and, we want to determine some strategies for aligning our
organizational demands so that we can reestablish these monthly
meetings. I’ll put that here. And then, this is what success would look like. Well for us, we decided that would mean we would be returning to having these monthly
sessions in the calendar year 2020; the focus would be on enhancing our
individual and collective capacity for doing outstanding work; we would
strengthen as a team; and, these would enrich our personal and professional
lives. We decided that we wanted these sessions to be monthly. And then, who
would be involved? Well, of course, all of us are going to be involved in
determining the topics and designing and facilitating the sessions, but in
addition I want to indicate that Theresa is going to help with some scheduling
and that I would provide some overall coordination and management. So our start date is going to be at that meeting in October. Let me get that in. And, then our end date will be at the end of calendar year 2020. That’ it! You’ll notice down here
there’s a section called “follow-up.” This is where you can return to your impact
plan and indicate progress that you’ve made. But for now, I’m just going to press
“save and exit” and this takes me to a summary page that has all the
information that I need a glance. When the plan was created; if it had been
modified ;when it’s due; the item we selected; who wrote it; what the title is;
(and if you click on this link it’ll take you back to that detail page); whether
it’s a strength or opportunity action; how complete it is; and whether you’re
focusing on improving the mean or the percent strongly agree. That’s it. That’s
how you input your impact plan. You’ll notice you can have many of these going.
We suggest that you work on one thing at a time to increase your opportunity for success. That’s it. Please take advantage of this
tool and, as always ,thank you for all you do at the University of Maryland.

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