How To Play Superheroes on Guitar By The Script ★ EASY! ★ “How To” “Superheroes” “The Script”

Good day, YouTube! Jase.
In this week’s guitar lesson, we’re gonna learn how to play Superheroes on guitar by
The Script. Hi, guys! Welcome back. Jase. Ah. This week,
we’re gonna learn Superheroes by The Script. Umm… the reason being is because Christina
um… put in a request in the Riptide Tutorial so we’re gonna learn it this week. Umm…
just quickly… So I hope you’re gonna enjoy it… enjoy it Christina. And just quickly,
if you click the link below, umm… you can get the chords and follow along, you can put
that in your song book or upload to your iPad, which is what I do. Ahh. And If you want a
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Okay, guys, let’s learn the song. Umm… Now, I’ve got the capo in fret one. You
can take the capo off if the keys suits you better open or you can put that capo higher
up if it suits your voice and it carries you to find that sweet spot.
So, let’s get through the first beat of the song which is the ahh… verse.
So, that’s G, D, Bm, A. And we go G, D, Asus4, A.
So, we’ve got G… What we do is tap in my finger there, look
at the chords chart, you’ll get it there as well. G, D, Bm. Now, you can make it a
more [inaudible] if you think it sounds better by taking your pinky off. Generally, we play
the B there, Bm sorry. Then to the A. You can play the A like this… But I generally
bar it. Okay, so that’s the beat. G, D, Bm, A. Next strumming it goes G, D, Asus4.
But I generally play it. That’s up to you how you play it.
So that’s that umm… the verse and pretty much the chorus. Now, I just wanna show you
something different you can do for the Bm if you find bar chord’s a bit difficult.
So you go G, D, or you can do this… So that’s the Bm substitute. So it goes… how to play Superheroes on guitar So that’s it. Now, another thing you can
do a variety of the A chord is you can play the Asus4, you can go…
Like that… Just two fingers… So, that’s pretty much the verse and chorus.
Okay, let’s do the pre-chorus. It’s a simple um… little thing, it’s you can
say it’s D where I put … it’s really D with the third in the base. F# in the base…
so you’re going… all down strokes. So it’s D with F# in the base. And I put my
thumb if ever you play it like that if you like. So, umm… D, F# in the base, G, A then
into the chorus… So that’s D, with F# in the base, G… A…
then, again… Okay, let’s talk about the bridge coz it’s
a little bit different. There’s two – there’s almost two bridges, two past the bridge, the
first one is the same as the verse and chorus. The second one has a different baseline so
that – you play the same chords but you’re playing a different base notes so it would
go G… Alright.
Then you’re going D… With F# in the base then you’re playing
Bm as normal back to A… Then you’re going to D with F# in the base, back to G, and this
is all normal, Asus4… A… So playing the G, right, you can take that
finger off… it goes… Nice sound… different change to the song…
Let’s do another version… umm… And I like to do a version up here so I’ve said
[inaudible] Because it’s portable, you can change quite
quickly the capo to match whoever you’re accompanying or what suits your voice the
best. So you’re always trying to get that sweet spot of the song in your voice, so you
will just change the capo up or down to sort of get that. Ah… When a capo is too far
down, you can’t go much further that way so a lot of capo suits the songs up here,
a lot. Here’s the version of same song umm… that
you can play using that… this method. We’ve got a C, G, Am, D, C, G, D…
That’s it. So I’ll bring that in… so this is the chords now, the capo’s in this
fret here, right. The eighth fret but you can put that to wherever you want. Now it’s
a C with this two notes down here. You keep that constant. So we’ve got a C. Then we’ve
got a G, leave the notes there. Leave the notes there. Am. See that… then the D…
We’ve got a C… to the G… to the Asus4… to the D.
Okay, guys, that’s it. That’s all the bit you need to know to learn that song, Ah…
again, just use your capo to what suits your – the sweet spot of your voice, um… if
you got something out of this video, umm… I appreciate it if you ‘Like’. Ah, and
if you want lessons like this every week, umm… Just subscribe coz I do it every week.
Ah… and Christina, I hope you enjoy this video. Ah, And everyone else, thank you so
much for staying so long, I really appreciate it and I’ll see you next time. how to play Superheroes on guitar

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