How to overcome Writer’s block

Writer’s block how do you overcome writer’s block When you’re vlogging it’s sometimes helpful to write our script sometimes it’s a lack of ideas sometimes it’s an overabundance of idea. You have too many ideas and you kind of get bunged up and what I do is I write down every single idea or I’ll make a short video quickly to remind myself of what I thought off, then you start to think well I’ve got all these ideas and then this you get overwhelmed with the number of ideas that you’ve got and it can get a bit daunting so what I do. When I used to write on blogs what I used to is to sit down and just start writing and see what came out and it could be a load of rubbish or it could lead to something interesting and I take the same approach with vlogging I’ll start to film something and then throughout the day I’ll add to it and sometimes you get complete randomness it’s just completely random there’s no theme to it or there’s no cohesion to the whole film so you have to try and find a common theme throughout the clips that you’ve got to make it work as a whole story. So writer’s block for me is more like being constipated. You’re full up with ideas and you just want to get them out and sometimes when you look at them it might take weeks to look back over that work and say okay that will work or this will work and then you start to add films from different periods that make sense together. That’s how it works for me so writer’s block is a real thing. Looking at I’m sure we’ve all at that moment where we looked at the blank page and thought. What the hell do we do with this? and it’s quite a common common thing for people that write and any creative really I suppose any person who is in the creative field will have these periods of time where you seem to get blocked and it’s not for want of ideas But it’s. You know coherence and getting the whole thing to hang together so what I do and like I just said I’ll start to write or I’ll start to film and then I’ll maybe go for a walk just for a wander like this today So when I’ve been out for walk or gone somewhere or visited somewhere I’m always filming I’m always filming everywhere I go and you never know what’s going to spark off an idea in your head. It’s always a good idea to have a camera with you or if you are a writer keep a notebook obviously yes it’s a weird situation There goes a lorry There is always the distraction of noise forget about writing forget about vlogging go and do something entirely different with writer’s block you can’t think of new ideas or the ideas you’ve got are not melding together properly if you ever have writers and you are just sort of stumped for ideas. You can’t think straight so let alone writing anything can’t figure out what to do next so So sometimes when you’re blocked just try to distract yourself go and do something entirely different maybe go for a walk

3 thoughts on “How to overcome Writer’s block

  1. +Molometer not quite sure what to say about this one – maybe I have commenter's block, lol! I think it's admirable that you're able to bring out these interesting and numerous vlogs/blogs. All writers seem to have these times when you just don't seem to have inspiration, and when this happens I feel mildly panicky, but it doesn't last long. I think your advice is good, and each day I give my mind a holiday in the evening, and always do something other than writing. But in the morning I'm ready to go again. Please 'splain about the fish! I know they're supposed to add tranquility to your life, but that's quite a gang of them! Nice vid.

  2. I enjoy hearing how other writer's deal with a vacationing or mixed-up muse.
    I tend to get lost with my dogs and then my mind is able to get back to business.
    Loving the comments and how much fun you are having fine tuning your craft.

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