How to Make Money Online : How to Find Work-At-Home Jobs Online

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada and I am a
software developer. In this video I’ll show you how to find work at home jobs on line.
A great advantage of working on line is that you are not limited to work for a local company.
You could earn good money as a freelance worker for companies from all around the world. Companies
benefit too because they might have small, seasonal or one time projects that do not
require them to hire someone. Sometimes companies require just a few hours of a highly specialized
professional to solve their needs. A great website where you can find work at home opportunities
is In this website companies post projects that they need professionals
to complete. Freelancers can then provide and estimated fee to perform the job. If you
are interested in becoming a freelance professional on this website, you will start gaining a
reputation for each project that your work on. I will give you a quick overview on how
the website works. The first thing that you need to do is look for available projects.
You can filter the projects by category. For example, accounting, legal, programming, writing,
etcetera. We will filter them to view only programming projects. For each available project
you have a title that works as a link for a page describing the project in more depth,
a sub category, a project phase that has five different stages starting on planning and
finishing on the review of the completed project. A bidding end, this is the time that the project
is available for professionals to provide a proposal for the work. Then you have the
number of bids that the project has received. Each bid represents a professional submitting
a proposal to the company. Finally, the budget is the amount of money the company intends
to spend on the project. When you click on the link you will see the stage that the project
is in. A detailed explanation of the work needed and a navigation menu where you can
see the bid history, public project discussions and a section for providing reviews for companies
and freelancers. I am Luis Estrada and I’ve just showed you how to make money with your

16 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online : How to Find Work-At-Home Jobs Online

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