How To Make Money Online By Writing An Article In PAKISTAN

Assalam O Alekum Friends ☺ Do you know that,
By writing a Simple Article You can Earn Money Online ⇝ What exactly is an Article? ✍⌨ The most important Question here is:
What is an Article? ✍⌨ The Combination of Words and Sentences When used in Groups, forms an Article.✎ A unique Article is formed with the help of Tense! ツ There is No Need to Worry! If you do not have command on the Tenses of Past, Present or Future. Even then, You can earn Money writing articles by using a Unique & Secret Method! ツ It’ll help you to write a great Article that can be sold in the Market! Moreover, I will also guide you step–by-step about How you will sell it in the Online Market. in order to become a Top-Rated Seller!! So.. Let’s get started! First of All..
I’ll show you some proofs of the people who are working on this Online They are providing this exact same service & How much they are earning from it. For Example:
This here, is an account Of, Minahil Ahmad. Who’s working from Pakistan,
& she started this account in 2016 & Recently, about 3 hours ago.. She had delivered an order. So, here She offers these three services. There are three type of packages that you can offer
BASIC, STANDARD & PREMIUM She’s also offering these three packages In these packages, She writes an article & she can charge a maximum of 195$ per article. Then, Here is another account Which is created by HarrysGill
Who’s also from Pakistan. & this account was created in November 2015. & Here has completed an order about an hour ago So.. Here charges a minimum of 5$ for writing an Article. You can check out his account.
I’m sharing this live proof with you About How people are Earning Money just by writing Articles. Here is the third account, Which is another live proof for you.
She is also from Pakistan. Her name: Iqra Hussain. So, She created account in 2017 & She also completed a delivery about an hour ago She charges a maximum of 25$
and a minimum of 5$ She writes one article consisting of 500 words and delivers it under 24 hours then, last account here is a Top-Rated Seller. I’m showing a Top-Rated Seller’s account What does He charges at maximum and at minimum He charges a “minimum” of 150$ for writing an Article..
& a maximum of 500$ 500$ is approximately more than
50,000 Pakistani Rupees. This is only the amount of writing just One Article. Now, I will show you the secret. If someone has a good grip on Grammar or someone has a good command on sentences then He can easily earn a
decent amount by witing a neat article. But! If someone don’t have these skills? No Grammatical Command? Not a professional in Tenses? Then I’ll show you what that person needs to do: For example, Suppose I’ve got an order of writing article & I have to write an Article about SEO. What first I will do is:
Google about SEO articles and here which ever article that I find: I will copy it After I have copied it.. I know a website here
(whose link is given in description) Just paste the article here.. then, there is a captcha here. Enter the words in it. and click on “spin” What it does is that the article remains same but the wording gets a little changed. Some words change into their Synonyms So this is a very great trick if
you don’t know how to write articles. You can just copy articles from Google and paste here..
The article spins a bit.. It’s wording changes a little bit.. & it will convert into a good article of about
200 words, 250 words or 1000 words. It is an amazing trick.. I have personally used it! As a student I also used it
for copying my assignments ✌ ヅ But it is also very important for online work. It is a really useful tool From here you can copy the article or even save it. So Friends! if You Liked this ViDeO 〠 Please do comment about the video ❤ & if you have any quesstion Related to Online Earning You can feel free to Contact Us through our Facebook Page & Youtube Channel. Watch How to Earn Money by playing GTA Vice City Game! Their Monthly Earning is 2.1K!! Graphic Designing has so many aspects by which you can Earn Money Online… People are earning 250$ or 2.5 Lac Pakistani Rupees for creating just One Logo

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