How To Make Money Daily With Textbroker

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire Liberty thanks for joining me today I’m glad you could spend some time with
me here today and I have something I want to show you it and obviously you
can see it yourself it’s called Tex broker Tex broker is a program that you
have online it’s a business it’s work from home and you could if you’re a
writer if you like writing even like writing a little bit you can make money
writing for other people and big companies like eBay and staples and JC
Penney’s and insurance companies there’s people out there who are looking for
writers to do things for them online and this is the place you want to go so if
you’re looking to be an author in any kind of way okay if you want to be an
author for yourself this is still if you want to be an author and make money this
is a great way to get experienced to get your feet wet to get your you know to
get your foot in the door and make money doing it and I think this is phenomenal
I joined this not too long ago and unlike a lot of other YouTube videos I’m
going to show you the back office of this whole thing and will show you how
it works and I’m going to tell you the real skinny on how much money you really
can expect to make as far as working here especially if you’re new or you’re
green and writing how much you can expect to make there’s been other
YouTube videos out there that have told people you can make $200 a day doing
this and it’s easy its peasy I got this way you could do it and it’s all
nonsense you can’t make $200 a day until you’re super experienced I have a lot of
talent have a good reputation on this site you’re not going to make a
full-time living doing this okay but you can make some good extra side money in
the beginning later on after you have an experience and you’re doing this foil
yes you can make a full-time living doing it but it’s going to take a while
it’s gonna take a little bit effort on your part and you have to prove yourself
to the people of text broker and the customers that they supply you but
anyway let’s get forward and start talking and showing a cup so I’m showing
you a couple things now I want to show you see there’s some of the companies
that you could be working for there’s some of the customers or some of the
clientele that you would be working for which is pretty phenomenal actually so
they have a good reputation they’re known for paying on time you have plenty
of support any time I’ve asked a question of anyone I’ve always gotten a
response back the way you would do it if you wanted to sign up for this okay
right you want to write content right what you would have to do
is you’d sign up with the company you see free client registration that’s for
the client I want to write my right content so you would go here free off
the registration right my client order content an author to earn money or earn
money writing content right you click on here excuse me
right all your basic information our paypal email address and that’s how you
would get paid this is actually really really simple folks you can sign up with
this thing in no time but I do have to warn you it’s not like this is something
a lot of other youtubes miss to youtube videos miss you sign up the form you
register with the company you’re not in yet what you’re going to end up doing
okay after they even approve your PayPal account or being square with the money
they’re gonna send you an email and an email link and you have to click on it
they’re gonna ask you a question they’re gonna ask you a question about and
they’re gonna want you to write like a little word about like maybe 200 words
300 words about something they want to judge and test your ability to write and
how accurate you are how coherent it is how’s your grammar how’s your spelling
you know do you have complete thoughts and sentences that sort of thing they
wanted see where they would put you on the ranking as far as 1 to 5 as far as
how they rank people and authors when they’re coming into their business so
this is really simple signing up is simple it’s free which is phenomenal –
there’s no membership fees or anything like that so you have to worry about
it’s totally free whatever you work for them you know whatever you give them
they pay you and that’s it it’s a simple transaction you’re a contractor working
for them and you’d have to take care of your own taxes and whatnot but it’s a
really really really awesome thing so there’s your registration right you
would make up your password here have you are their privacy pause in terms of
conditions of course you’re going to say yes because you want to get involved and
here it tells you you have any you know anything of expertise that you’re any
hobbies anything because they’ll geared those articles towards what your
preferences are things that you’re good at or any you know how that goes right
so that’s that’s how the registration goes that’s pretty easy so let me go
back here what I want to do now is let me go back to here I want to go down and
show you this the payment this is where the nuts and
bolts are and this is what everyone really wants to know that other stuff is
just kind of like you know there’s they’re selling you stuff they’re kind
of telling you what the benefits are this that and the other thing but the
bottom line is you come in here because you want to make money you want to be a
better writer so I’m just gonna show you that stuff because that’s what everybody
you want what everybody really wants to know so when you send them that little
article that you’re gonna write for them it’s 200-300 words they’re gonna email
you back probably a week later and they’re gonna give you a rating okay
it’s gonna be two three four or five stars now just a heads up I don’t care
if you’re right for the New York Times or The Washington Post or you know the
American Standard or any magazine or anything you’re gonna get a four star
rating to begin with you’re never gonna get a five to get a five star rating you
got to be work at them with them for a while and you have to have like a
reputation with them the customers have to give you five star ratings then
eventually you get to be a five star author in there you know and they’re a
bank of authors so that’s when you start making some serious cash right right now
I’m ranked as a four star so being a four star that’s as high as you can get
until you have actually proven yourself or in a couple articles yadda yadda
yadda so right now I could get paid one point four cents per word and that’s
what I would get paid right now open orders that’s generally what you’re
gonna do to start off at first I’m going to show you where that is in the
back-office direct orders that’s after you get
familiar with certain customers they see your writings they like what you do
they’re gonna go directly to you you won’t be picking off a list anymore if
things that you’d like to write they’re gonna come to you and say Jon you know
we need you to write this for us because we like your work we know what to expect
we know you’re gonna do we’re gonna pay you a dollar seventy eight cents a word
woohoo that’s great more money right and a team work about one and a half cent
you can make and a team order basically is this if you have a four thousand word
article okay and there’s subsections of that four thousand word article and that
customer needs that like tomorrow okay you’re gonna do that in a day or half a
day what you do is you’re gonna conglomerated a whole bunch of other
people and they’re gonna get certain sub sections of that article you’ll get a
part of it and you’re gonna get paid that amount of money what you see on the
screen there one and a half cents and the / s of the authors are probably get
paid the same – so that’s how a team order works
and let me see down here average pay for a four star that’s me so like we saw up
at the top it’s four point four cents one point four cents per word which is
in bad direct order three to five cents that’s pretty good and team word or two
to five cents okay that’s the averages now nothing exact okay let’s bump this
up you got a thousand word article oh I want to show you something cuz all the
YouTube videos or telling you talk about Tex broker they say you can make two
hundred dollars a day now you would have to do that and I’m a fourth star I’m
author not everyone’s gonna give to be a four star author when they’re starting
to paying how well you’re right four star offer okay now I’m gonna bump this
up to four thousand there we go four thousand words right so I would make
fifty six dollars on a four thousand word article right now if you want to
make two hundred dollars a day right you’re gonna have to do what four
articles so I would be expected to write for four thousand word articles a day
now I’m not a speed demon okay and I’m very particular and very picky I’m very
detailed about how things sound punctuation you know how how everything
works and to a four thousand word article to me would take a lot of effort
now I think most people would feel that way unless you’re unless you are that
author or that you know writer from The Wall Street Journal New York Times or
someone of that caliber where you can bang something out that fast and have
something coherent and you know because you know how to where to put everything
and how things should be worded really quick and all that kind of stuff maybe
you could do four of those a day most people can and that’s where a lot of the
other YouTube’s who are promoting text broker are telling you that you could do
and they even tell you well there’s another little secret about going into
Google and using a Google app and just talking the words out that only works so
far – I’ve tried it believe me you could talk all you want till you’re blue in
the face you still gotta go through everything you have to physically check
it you have to read it again you have to make sure make sense you have to make
sure your punctuation is right you’re not going to get that by just talking
into the microphone and having spewing out words anything going to happen
you’re not and if you do do that you submit it to one of these customers
they’re gonna laugh at you and say get this guy out of here he’s a joke so it’s
going to take now what I do want to show you what is
plausible if you get to this level if you become a five-star boom you got $200
a day baby one four thousand word article a day and you can get there now
if you can actually write four thousand word articles a day what a day right
your coherent you know your grammar your English your your spelling everything is
cohesive it makes sense the paragraphs are right the language is right
everything’s great right that means you have experience people
know you you’re getting direct orders you know and and you just have to do one
a day and focus on that from you know however long it takes you to write that
you can make two hundred two hundred dollars a day easy nuke work Monday
through next Sunday so you can make a lot of money doing that and that’s for
the potential lies that’s what the youtubers aren’t telling you that that
that’s true that’s really that’s that’s realistic
that’s that’s what you’re looking at okay so I wanted to clarify that I
wanted to make that clear okay but it is possible to make that kind of money but
it does take effort it does take time it does take energy but you can get there
if you work at it how long it takes you to get to be a five-star author that’s
up to you and the company and your customers that’s something they really
can’t promise you or tell you now what I want to do this one I’m not logged in
but I got another tab open here and it is open now this is the back office of
where if you’re starting off in text broker where you would get your your
orders from and this is what choose one of the following categories here to all
the categories you could write for right here’s the total amount of customers
looking for different things in each category which is a lot and
here’s what you’re capable of doing if you’re a two-star right now look at this
two stars have nothing available to do right now so that is the problem with
being a two-star author there the jobs are not that great right there you know
now there have been times like in the last week I’ve seen a cup quite a few
jobs there so they’re just not there right now now three stars now you’re
starting to bump things up a little bit you can do these now and four star
here’s what I have a bill available to me right now with the pay that I that
would be looking for now if I wanted to go under business and we do three star
work think I could do that actually if I
click on this here I might be able to let’s see yes I can but I just can’t get
paid what my normal fee would be because it’s a not as difficult a job in the
eyes of text broker so let’s take a look here business business business let’s
see there was three jobs there I could do okay
Morristown New Jersey content furniture insurance a Content tattoo shop that’s
interesting so let’s take a look at this one what you would be doing in text
broker is you would be looking at this the order ID number client title
choosing category deadline you only get a day to do it word count four to five
hundred words not too bad possible earnings five sixty if you do
407 dollars if you do 500 words client ID again oh client ID for order ID and
client ID okay my note that’s personal for me count down from the time that
you’re actually looking at the screen to nine thirty one to accept this order
that’s nonsense if you want to just go back and come back again it starts over
ten minutes or whatever it started off at dear author and then it tells you
everything that you need to know about this this article that they want they
give you example pages right here which is really great and if you have
any questions right you want to say you want to write this article you could
always go to help down here right you have your name email blah blah
blah blah and you can actually send a message to a support person and I think
actually if I’m not mistaken there should be a connection here somewhere I
found it no that’s not it there is a way I think if you talk to support no I’m
wrong if you talk to support they will find out any answers that you need
clarification on or you’re not sure about so yeah there’s no direct link
between you and the customer unless you unless the support person there gives
you that connection but I don’t think they like to do that they like to have
the they be the media the the meaty area so they know exactly everything that’s
going on but that’s the lowdown folks I mean this is pretty simple and if you
want the job you just said I want to write this article boom I’m not going
because they don’t want this article and you’re good to go you write the article
you submit it to get it approved by text broker text broker submits it if they
like it and they give it to the customer then the customer looks at it see if
they like if they have any changes they give it back to you you make the changes
and so on and so forth so you can make $200 a day on text broker that’s the
bottom line but you’re not going to do it right in the beginning if you’re
going to be in a two three or four star author then if you do that they’re gonna
bump you up to five and that’s where you can start making some serious Mulla some
serious cash folks but listen I hope this helped you out if you have any
questions or comments if you’ve used text broker before if you if you’ve ever
had any thoughts about maybe not doing it because you wasn’t sure about it if
you’ve tried it and you liked it let me know I hope this helps you out if
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